Bill Clinton had a larger audience in Riviera Beach, Florida Monday, courtesy of Palm Beach County taxpayers.

A producer for my radio show, Bethany Bowra, was on hand at the event at the Port of Palm Beach Cruise Terminal and provided this account:

I was standing on the corner outside the Bill Clinton event in Riviera Beach, Florida, on Monday, when a school bus labeled “Palm Beach County District Schools #0253” pulled in filled with students wearing band uniforms and cheerleading outfits.Β 

The kids got off the bus at the front of the event with their instruments and the bus left, only to return a few moments later with another bus load of students. The band played outside the event before it began, then moved inside and continued to play while the crowd waited for the event to begin.

The students seemed excited and eager to be a part of the event.Β  They were smiling and enjoyed the incredibly loud music they got to play inside the small venue.

Following the former President’s speech, they even started a chant of “we want Bill!” to encourage him to come back out and sign more autographs.

They were certainly a spectacle– 99% of other attendees were old enough to be my grandparents.

Did taxpayers subsidize the Clinton rally? Is this policy for the Palm Beach County School District — or just for the employees’ preferred candidates?

Bill Clinton FL event badgeAfter all, this wasn’t just an event with a former president.

It was intended to court voters for Hillary Clinton — the candidate endorsed by the teachers unions.

This Volunteer Staff badge clearly shows it was a sanctioned campaign event.

I’ve reached out to Dr. Linda Cartlidge, Principal, Suncoast Community High School; Dr. Camille Coleman, Area 4 Superintendent, The School District of Palm Beach County; and Dr. Robert Avossa, Superintendent, The School District of Palm Beach County, for answers.

So far none of them have gotten back to me. I’ll update this if they do.

UPDATE 12:32 p.m.: A response from Kathy Burstein, Media Relations Specialist for the School District of Palm Beach County:

The School District of Palm Beach County, by policy, does not allow students to perform at political events or rallies. This should not have happened, and it won’t happen again. We are looking into this.Β 

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  • andrewwhitehead

    I trust that the Clinton campaign had a staffer on hand with rolled up newspaper in hand…to swat Ol’leg humper Bill on the nose whenever he got too close to those young ladies. “Down Bill!” “Bad Bill!”

  • Mommyofthreeboys

    I hope parents and taxpayers end up at the next school board meeting.

  • MarvLS1

    Next time it’ll be to the polls to get 12-17 year olds to elect Hillary. Liberals are child abusers.

  • masseywho

    Come on ..the school district didn’t know. Who signed these 2 buses of kids out of school…and if not during school hours…what can I say..permission slips..paying for the gas/bus drivers. Another BS excuse.

  • Nuff_said2

    It’s a white privledge/BLM kinds place. It never would have happened with a Republican candidate

  • Jds Offgrid

    School district translation…. pffffttt. We b lookin into it.. ok we done..

  • Glitchus

    Democrats always break the rules, it’s who they are, cheaters.

  • danshays

    Dems have been doing this for decades!
    The fact that it made ANY news outlet shows progress.

  • Shadowpaw

    And who paid for the bus ride? George Soros?

  • phillies210

    God forbid these Millennials stay in the classroom and actually learn something.

  • redwolf6911

    The school is only going to investigate, because they got caught.

  • ADF

    Can anyone say misappropriation of school funds. Let’s see who gets fired for this.

    • Susan Vue

      Hi I am here to support the Clintons because that’s what common core told me to do.

  • 1CEO

    Riviera Beach…..aka GHETTO

  • Penny Dog

    Hillary for Prison 2016

  • donnieboy64

    smart. women now run the world. embrace the suck fellas.

  • wasitsomethingisaid

    I wonder if Bill got cel numbers from the cheerleaders?

  • Robert Slaughter

    This is why I vote against ALL bonds and spending for schools. Continued criminal abuse of taxpayers money.

  • Seriously

    Surely that can’t be legal… but then again, 5th graders performed songs about Dear Obama…

  • Floordoc808

    This would be hilarious if America’s future wasn’t at risk.

  • Jack Frost

    School Board Spokesweasel… “Oops! We got caught! No problem, won’t happen again!”

  • Cathy

    Palm each The most liberal county in Fl and one of the many dem counties Gore wanted a recount in and not in all counties

  • Prelusive007

    More leftwingnuts displaying their lack of ethics and acting like they have no boundaries. If a school bused anyone to a Conservative rally, there would be major heII to pay in the media. This is the kind of thing that the left wing is proud of that plsses off the other half of the country. Out ethics and conniving BS the left is known for.

  • steve phillips

    Like sending your daughter to see Bill Cosby !

    • dieter

      like sending your daughter to see Bill Clinton…I mean, which is worse?

  • mar999

    So its against policy, who has received a written reprimand for this nonsense? Democrats!

  • Timebomb

    This rally was for Bill to scout out new invites to the Island club.

  • jd

    The DNC has no morals at all!

  • brownbreadandale4

    A response from Kathy Burstein, Media Relations Specialist for the School District of Palm Beach County:

    “The School District of Palm Beach County, by policy, does not allow students to perform at political events or rallies. This should not have happened, and it won’t happen again. We are looking into this.”

    IT IS BETTER TO BEG FORGIVENESS THAN ASK FOR PERMISSION! THEY CONSTANTLY ERR FOR DEMOCRATS AND CLINTON!!! Then, they are “sorry” (it will NEVER happen again). Then, it happens again. And again. And again. Until the CORRUPT DEMOCRAT HAG IS ELECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Listen up kids, I don’t have any clear answers, just some random thoughts.
    The school is Suncoast High School, a magnet school in the Palm Beach County School system.
    How this happened, I dunno. I disagree with it.
    That being said the school is great, an island of excellence in education and achievement in a sea of garbage of Democratic Palm Beach County. It is a mixed race school, but works as it should. I have one son that graduated from there an one who is a Senior. To quote my oldest when asked about “locals” fighting at school, he responded that they don’t fight because they’ll get expelled and end up at their local school which is like San Quentin on a good day.
    The programs are great with no political BS from what I’ve seen in the last 7 years. In fact, some are refreshingly Conservative with teachers espousing hard work for reward and achievement. In most programs at the school, it’s an 18 hour day for 9 months. Seriously, multiple alumni report that MIT and Harvard are easier. no “chit”.
    As for the Principle? I think she is a good “lefty”. She may have erred in this instance (then again, she may have been conned by Bill Clinton and the Pedophile Mayor of Riviera Beach, but in the end she has held up the hard work for achievement values of the school, values she had to clean up after the “lefty” administrators almost destroyed the place with a previous “affirmative action” Principle. (The old P. holdouts are still guidance counselors and fvcking worthless)
    I vote conservative Republican in this “give me free stuff” democratic cesspool of Palm Beach County.
    It may have been an oversight, but I’d cut the P some slack.
    P.S. My Senior son didn’t know anything about the rally. It was Senior Skip Day. He laughed his arse off about attending, πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • dieter

      If it’s a public school then every text book is full of imbedded Leftist ideology and the teachers are steering the kids to Leftist viewpoints…you can bet your house on it.

      • Fvcking spare me. Did You read what I posted? I was willing to “bet my house” ($900K value) to send my kids to private school until I found out they were worse leftie’s than the public schools.
        I’m on the same side, there isn’t any “betting the house on it”.
        I’ve been “loaded for bear” at any sign of left wingy idiots. I have been pleasantly surprised.

    • K-Storm

      She previously spent $12,000 without authorization on a teacher’s funeral. For that, she supposedly went to extensive training on proper care of school funds. Looks like the training failed.

    • dieter

      A good Lefty is like a good Commie. You sound like a seminar Dem internet poster.

      • I guess you didn’t read what I posted while you fondled yourself over the latest Drudge headline. Go Fvck yourself mate. I tried to explain a local Republican view, yet received your 2″ dick response.
        Feel free to arrange a secure conversation where I can convey my home address where we can arrange an appointment to educate your emasculated arse about the benefits of the 2nd Amendment.
        Feel free to breakaway from your favorite kiddie porn website for a response.

        • dieter

          wow, what a sick leftist you are…and of course you jump in with penile imagery…typical of a Dem…and threats of physical violence, nice touch for an Obama worshipper

          • Not really sport.
            You seem to fit in nicely with the clueless Dems I have to live aound, That is a simple inability to read. What Lib or Dem would quote the 2nd?
            FYI, what social degenerate has 3800+ posts on Disqus?
            Are you some disabled dude who is 400 lbs overweight? A social misfit who can’t get a date even when waving 2 $100 bills? Seriously. As a Conservative Republican, I just tried to give a local view, a view on a situation I even admit I am not totally happy with, yet I get your BS in return including the insult of being a “Dem”
            The offer was stated you pussy. Make the arrangements.

          • dieter

            again quick with the aggressive, threatening language, leftists always like to make false accusations about others being this or that to distract attention from their own questionable behavior …you seem to have trouble with rage…and the way you try to pretend being conservative by getting all bowed up is very suggestive…and looking up how many posts, seems a bit obsessed to me, I really couldn’t care less about you…try to get some help with you tendency to rage

          • Aggressive, threatening language?
            I guess calling someone a pussy today qualifies. My apologies. There seem to be opportunities available in the Palm Beach County School system when the Bernie campaign shuts down.
            Just for review:
            I stated I wasn’t happy with the political game of the original story.
            I stated I will be voicing my disapproval about it with the school, the board and the county.
            I provided some background to the school in order to explain that it was surprisingly not all bad, even to me given my conservative views.
            Your weren’t happy with that. Fair enough, but you couldn’t resist crying for some Midol.
            I understand, some have sensitive body parts. I remain supportive for whatever challenges your transformation. πŸ˜‰ in the future.

            GO REPUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K-Storm

    The principal of the school, Linda Cartlidge, previously spent $12,000 of school funds on a teacher’s funeral. The school board VP accused her of having a “brain fart.” Clearly, this principal doesn’t respect the concept of public funds. She should be required to refund the entire cost of the trip from her own pocket.

    • I remember the debate, but not the facts. The issue didn’t bother me as a right wing, 99% Republican voting history parent of students at the school. I’d describe the event as a command decision to support the family ideals of the school. It makes great fodder for the debate, but seriously, as someone who thinks Hilary should go to prison, Al Gore is an idiot this county and Sanders is 100% Commie, I don’t have a problem with what happened.
      Again, I am against what happened at the Clinton rally, and will voice my strenuous objections, but in the case of this school, achievement through hard work and sacrifice are ideals carried out by this school. Not your typical lefty school.
      Now my daughters PBC school was another matter. The “gangland” bussed in culture made it well known in 2008 that no negative comments about the dear leader Barack Hussein Obama would be tolerated whatsoever.
      3 kids, all three Republicans. Who would have thought in Palm Beach County πŸ˜‰

  • Sam Di Gangi

    NO one WANTS Mrs. Clinton in office. NO ONE at all.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    This is a disgusting way to waste tax payers money and involved must go to prison for stealing from American tax payers for the rest of their lives.

  • Dems: Choosing between a commie and a criminal… How appropriate.

  • john doe

    Ahhh the eager brainwashed young of this country. Take back your schools. Break the NEA and it’s ilk. . Stop the unions from buying every politician in the democrap party.Eliminate the Dept of Ed at the fed level or our country will soon be a 3rd worlder Is that what you libs really want?? Socialism always fails and hurts the lower income hardest.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    “This shouldn’t happen and it won’t happen again”.

    What Kathy Burstein meant is “We should not have been caught and we won’t be caught again”.

  • MoIIy_Pitcher

    Hey kids!
    When the aging, angry Democrats are wheelchaired up to the podium to say “Spread the wealth!”… They mean YOURS, Chumps.

    • Funkenstein βœ“FUnK verified

      ok right winger

      • MoIIy_Pitcher

        The political spectrum is not right wing and left wing. The political spectrum is 0% government to 100% government…and the left wing live on both extreme fringes of it.

        • Funkenstein βœ“FUnK verified

          ok right wing troll

          • MoIIy_Pitcher

            Your political training forces you to make everything about me when faced with uncomfortable truth that makes your hero politicians look bad.
            Nobody cares what some booger eating juvenile schoolyard zombie thinks about them

          • Funkenstein βœ“FUnK verified

            try again, you look like an idiot

          • MoIIy_Pitcher

            I love how you bothered with that comma!

          • Funkenstein βœ“FUnK verified

            awwww, how nice!

          • MoIIy_Pitcher

            Ok brain dead zombie tool

          • Funkenstein βœ“FUnK verified


  • MoIIy_Pitcher

    These are the same people who are convinced there’s some rule written somewhere that says the football team can say a prayer before the big game… or that their old lady should be Appointed Food Czar and tell these kids what they can and cannot eat

  • Daniel Scalf

    Nothing Luke disobeying the law and forcing law abiding tax paying citizens to subsidize your campaign .If Donald Trump or Ted Cruz did this they would be charged. .The School Board should fire whoever authorized it.

    • Cm

      The taxpayers of the school district need to show up and prove they have had enough or this will never end

  • Mike Gilmer

    This is what happens when you send your puppies to be educated by pigs,
    at pig run schools where pig values are forced on your puppies. Never
    send your puppies to be educated by pigs. (Animal Farm reference)

  • iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Put nothing past libs, socialists, communist and progressives.

  • pinouye

    I bet NOTHING happens…just another way the Clintons circumvent rules/laws that are in place.

  • pinouye

    The Clintons NEVER make a mistake…they always know exactly what they are doing…even if it means breaking the law. It is the CLINTON WAY.

    • Churyl Minne

      It’s the DEMOCRATic tradition…

  • cleo48

    The administrators that approved this need to be identified and fired on the spot.

    • Ash

      They will all get raises in their last 5 years so they get 100K Retirement checks with 0 risk.

  • Yannick Erst

    Somebody needs to be fired for this.

    • Ash

      This is why students are stupid and teachers retire at 52 with full benefits.

      • Cm

        A full benefit teacher retirement might make student loan payments

      • Yannick Erst

        Exactly. It is time for taxpayers to shut down this scam.

  • galocke

    Ever wonder why public school districts need a “Media Relations Specialist”?

    • Funkenstein βœ“FUnK verified


  • locha

    They look like pimps.

  • Viking Rule

    INDOCTRINATION. Period. The Nazi’s did this with their school children. Can’t believe Democrats don’t see anything wrong with this… oh wait, yes I can. They’re Democrats. Modern Nazi party.

  • ~~~β™₯β™₯Baby Dollβ™₯β™₯~~~

    Hillary is corrupt, lies, cheats, murdered Americans in Benghazi they coddle her, while she lines her pockets with wall street monies.

    Hillary knew about all the horrible crimes her serial rapist/ped0phile husband bill was doing, because she “HELPED” him cover them up!

    #WassermanSchultzNeedsToResign #HillaryForPrison2016

  • Golfendude




    • Cm

      Trillions of dollars spent, millions of Americans incarcerated and Trump believes the only reason the drug war has never worked is because he wasn’t running it.
      Don’t vote for the D&R gang. Vote for any other party

  • jcd0101

    i thought this was illegqal ?
    or is it only for conservatives that get busted ?

  • OldOllie

    Somebody needs to go to prison for this.