Time analysis compiled by a university political researcher finds frontrunner Donald Trump dominated last night’s Republican presidential debate, that is, if you don’t count the moderators.

Donald Trump Fox debateFox News debate moderators allowed Trump speak the most of all the candidates, clocking in at 10 minutes, 32 seconds of air time.

Former Gov. Jeb Bush — stationed in the #2 podium due to his polling — came in a relative distant second, with 8 minutes 31 seconds.

The third-highest polling candidate — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — came in 9th place, being heard just over half of Trump’s time.

All told, the 10 candidates at the 9pm debate spoke “a total of one hour, eight minutes, and 49 seconds …”

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According to Smart Politics, “an equal distribution of speaking time would have been six minutes and 52 seconds per candidate.”

Dr. Eric J. Ostermeier, research associate at the Humphrey School’s Center for the Study of Politics and Governance at the University of Minnesota, created this breakdown:


According to Ostermeier, Walker’s relative lack of air time was his own doing. He “gave responses of less than 40 seconds six times and never exceeded 48 seconds for any of his remarks.”

The analysis notes Fox moderators Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier spoke for 31 minutes and 53 seconds of the roughly two-hour broadcast, or 31.7% of the time.

  • Salvius Marcellus

    What we need is a presidential candidate that can one walk all over the Clinton machine and 2 implement policies which will bring this country back from the brink of irrelevance , while Trump might not be a text book candidate or have the “political pedigree” he has the guts and the vision and the fortitude to carry them out. The only other candidate who could win is bush and heaven knows that he would finish the job W. started USA would end up a 3 rd world hell hole after he opens the gates to the rest of the barbarians and sells what is left of our collective soul to the highest corporate bidder.

    • Beedogz

      Others besides Trump can win. Clinton is not that tough to defeat. She is more vulnerable now than she was in 2008 due to malfeasance at State Department and Clinton Foundation scam being exposed. Also, Bill Cosby has been exposed and Bill Clinton may be next. Hillary the enabler of Bill’s sexual molestations is vulnerable right alongside Bill.

      In 2008 a previously little known Community Agitator and first term Senator that voted present 80% of the time beat Hillary. Most of the current crop of Republican candidates are far better equipped to compete with Hillary than Obama was. Also far better choices than old man RINO McCain was. Obama was incumbent in 2012 and had the advantage there.

      Hillary may not even make it to the Dem candidacy. She may lose a security clearance capability before then.

      If one lesson should be learned it is that the old school GOP needs to stop shoving unwanted RINO middle roaders down our unwilling throats. Any of our more conservative candidates can energize the base.

      • NCConservative40


  • Joey B.

    THIS REMINDS ME OF ALL THE WISEGUYS IN THE LAST ELECTION WHO BET ME ON ELECTION NIGHT THAT OBAMA WOULD LOSE. They were betting the whole way and said NO WAY Obama would win again. And yet It was so easy to predict. This one is even more predictable so far. TRUMP AIN”T IT FOLKS> Hate to tell you. You can figure it out now or when he hands the election over to Hillary. Its the difference between being NAIVE or just plain IGNORANT. Take your pic.

    • Juan Iguana

      imagine that – i’m still trying to imagine you as “smart”.

    • Juan Iguana

      Hey Joey. When are you going to grow up and just be Joe?

      • Joey B.

        Probably the same time you admit your birth name is JUANITA.

        • Juan Iguana

          so you WILL change it when you grow up?

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Perhaps there was a collaboration of sorts between Fox and Trump? He said he gives money away freely and expects something in return, so maybe he really was expecting that first question, before anyone else brought it up! I did not appreciate some of the questions, but others thought they were tough ones–Megyn Kelly has not impressed me ever since she was so rude to Dr. James Dobson and his wife during an interview. Perhaps she is very intelligent, but came across in the debate as more about herself than the candidates.

    • NCConservative40

      I would not rule out anything at this point.

  • Sbadge697

    But, people love hearing what the politicians have to say…errrr…I think…worked for that peice of trash in OUR WH, now!

  • Platypus Addicus

    Trump will make Faux News pay for their perfidy. They and the GOP RINO machine are really going to regret gutter-sniping Trump and turning a “debate” into a reality show worthy of Jerry Springer and his ilk.

    They did the same thing to Buchanan and then to Ron Paul. Three strikes and you are out.

    For the GOP, this is the beginning of the END.

    • Iben_Hadd

      Good to see “Faux News’ pay, heaven knows all Trumph pays for is politicians!

    • Toxic Avenger 1

      You’re right. I’ve noticed Fox going left for some time now. I wondered if I was crazy. But it’s confirmed now.

      • NCConservative40

        They’re establishment. There’s a distinction there. Their job was to destroy Trump and pave the way for Bush. Who thinks they acheived their goal?

  • Iben_Hadd

    ..”Megyn Kelly is an ambush artist!” There I said it again! A liberal in lingerie!
    I don’t remember that being said when she took the Bomber from Chicago apart a few months ago.
    I don’t need another Republican candidate for president who can’t stand
    to a little lady pistol fire as I have had to endure for the past 20 years.
    Trumph That Bucko!

    • Beedogz

      Candy Crowley light.

      • Iben_Hadd

        Candy who, none of the Candies I know of are light.

  • Truth_Hurts_Progressives

    I couldn’t watch five minutes of those Fox empty heads! Talk about a bunch of ignorant jerks! No one wants opinions from the losers who work at Fox News during a presidential debate!!!

    • Juan Iguana

      you realize you’re true colors are showing, right?

      • Truth_Hurts_Progressives

        !ouy wercS

    • Juan Iguana

      while i have immense respect for the heroes on both sides of our nation’s great family feud, i question the timeliness of your rather flaunt-full Avatar.

      • Truth_Hurts_Progressives

        And your opinion matters because???

        • Juan Iguana

          because you look damn silly. hey, i’m just trying to help you here – it’s clear you’re trying to over-compensate for some short….coming…or maybe just a small…….ego.

          • Truth_Hurts_Progressives

            I guess you’re too dense or narcissistic to understand my last post. Translation: YOUR OPINION DOES NOT MATTER.

          • Juan Iguana

            it must matter to you

          • Truth_Hurts_Progressives

            GFY, troll.

          • Juan Iguana

            oh, it truly must matter to you

    • Carol Hadenough

      Yeah, “fair and balanced” my a$$…!

  • Skitz00

    FOX’s debate design was putrid. Each candidate was asked questions that were tailored to their individual past. Who cares? So Trump answers a question about what he said about Rosie O’Donnell and Cruz answers a question about what he said about Mitch McConnell. What did we learn?

    I want to see all the candidates answer the same questions–about the major national issues of the day. And I don’t want to see it all on one stage at the same time like some perverse cattle call. Interview each candidate privately, ask them all about the same issues, in the same order. When finished start broadcasting the interviews in 15-20 minute segments, 3 or 4 per hour for 1 or 2 hours per night, consecutively until all the candidate interviews have been shown.

    Save the real “debate” format for when the field is down to just a few.

    • Iben_Hadd

      Fox has already done the interviews some (Hannity) were for a full hour.

  • Mike Court

    Donald Trump is nothing But a Bully and if he were to become the POTUS he would bully the Wrong world Leader and Boom America is History

  • Linja

    Completely agree. She lost me.

  • Toxic Avenger 1

    Trump: Scares the hell out of the opposition exposes Fox News as traitors to America
    Bush: Grand Pappy on a porch rocker sipping lemonade
    Paul: Zany Curly Crazy Man
    Huckabee:Fiery candidate who speaks truth but looks like Gomer Pyle
    Christie: Left behind in 2006, Has still not returned.
    Walker: Mr. Robot with all the right answers-too slick
    Carson: Respectful man of God out of his league swimming with the sharks
    Cruz: Trump without the bluster-possible back up?
    Kasich: Great for Ohio, needs to stay there.
    Rubio: impressive but needs more seasoning.

    Brett Bair- Shame on you, I thought you were a journalist.
    Megyn Kelly-Turncoat extraordinaire
    Chris Wallace: Mr. Smirk Face
    Fox News is now known as Zuckerberg puppet media puppet

    • Truth_Hurts_Progressives

      Perfect analysis.

  • Tony Whitehead

    I didn’t care for Megyn Kelly, but consider this.
    Every question asked was vetted by Fox News’ fellow anchors, producers and management. No wonder Charles Krauthammer loved the questions. He probably wrote them.

    The American people were subjected to a reality show, not a debate.

  • Roy Patterson

    This whole called Debate was setup for one reason, TRASH DONALD TRUMP. As far as I am concerned, Trump won the Debate. It looks like Fox news and News Corp. have went to the dark side and supporting Hillary. DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2016

  • NCConservative40

    It was the Hunger Games. I cringed when all of the tributes (candidates) were forced at the beginning to stand before the Capitol’s elite (anchors Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier). Just so awkward.

  • theycallmebob

    At the very least, this disproves the Fox claim that they are “fair and balanced”.

  • dbt3481

    This is why I turn the TV off. Even Fox has become a mere pipeline for the establishment. No, it is time to revolt against the establishment. They have made a mess that we may never recover from and then they assume to tell me wha tot think or do?

    I don’t watch any TV news. I read about 25 to 100 web sites a week, need I do more to be informed?

    • Carol Hadenough

      Just make sure the DRUDGE REPORT is one of your sources for news. Also BREITBART (which can be accessed on the Drudge Report).

  • Andrew Bashe

    facts fox moderators took up 30 minutes so who wants to do the math

  • Denise Contreras

    gave Trump more time cause Fox wanted to show how stupid Trump really
    is. They don’t need to talk to Cruz because they know where Cruz stands
    they showed how Trump is really stupid so I am glad they did give him
    the time to show his true colors.
    The more a person talks the more you see their true colors, so it was a good thing what Fox did

  • Larry Rappaport

    I like what Trump was saying but I wanted to hear more as well as from the others. What I learned is FOX is not the network I want anything else to do with setting aside this giddy little school girl who dug up an issue we had put to bed, this ridiculous war on women. If we want this type of PC BS moving forward we’ll simply tune in to MSNBC, CNN and read the NYT. FOX FAILS so let’s make sure they feel it in viewership of which I’m no longer one. With a performance like this who needs progressives?

  • That entire Fox Fiasco was to deflate/destroy the Donald ….. and like all other MARXhu Akbar illusions, delusions and damned lies: IT FAILED!

    Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
    Aku Press, LLC.
    The Akurians
    BLOCKED by MARXIST Hostmonster, Bluehost,
    Google, Yahoo, Comcast, AOL, Earthlink, spamhaus,
    Composite Blocking List, spamcop, and spamexperts;
    ‘join their lists’ and they won’t block you!
    Akurians will NOT pay their EXTORTION!

  • Turn Hearts

    It appears that Fox and the establishment Republicans are out to destroy Trump even as his ratings climb higher after each “mistake”, criticism or insult they try to throw at him. It looks like he will have to run as an independent in the end.

  • Herbert Dunwash

    This debate was BS. I lost all respect for Megyn Kelly. I’m really surprised she didn’t ask the candidates what underwear they preferred, boxer or brief.

  • rayg

    I would like to see a further breakdown of the time split between the three moderators.

  • Rebel With A Cause

    Yeah keep listening to people like Kelly end up with another Bush or Clinton this country can’t survive anymore of those types.

  • jefballard

    Megyn Kelly was there to promote Megyn Kelly

  • Guest

    Fire Megyn Kelly.

  • tirebiter53

    Fire Megyn Kelly. Americans don’t like putting your ego above the honest hard working people of this country. FOX is no longer a valid news agency after the shameful way the executives allowed thier main anchor to walk the plank in the Republican debate. If you want your country back from the Libs then don’t include Megyn Kelly she showed her cards and now she is worthless and unwatchable. Put FOX NEWS on your do not watch list. The self-acclaimed fair and balanced reporting has been proven false at last!!! Advertisers drop the Kelly File now because they misrepresent the truth. It is a pity when the only news that was telling the truth, now relies on sensationalism rather than tell the people of this country how you are so big that you want to slur such a great man. What is the purpose? You want to elect Jeb, Hillary which one is it? I don’t think FOX News will make it past the election slinging mud at the leading and most promising candidate.

  • Auto Motive

    Megan Kelly is a hack and wanted to embarrass MR Trump and it back fired. She loaded her questions thinking she would be relevant with a large audience to see Mr Trump fail. She proved once again Fox is not a news station but a ratings entertainment station owned by ultra conservatives that set the tone and programming like Russian and Iran TV. She would be excellent on Entertainment tonight and should look to make a change now that 24 million viewers have seen such a flop in trying to bait a Presidential hopeful. She has 0 credibility as Fox once again proves its so balanced????? She was told to make Trump look like a fool by her bosses since they do not want him to succeed as a GOP contender. A commission should be formed by DEMS to investigate this like the GOP did in Bengazi.

  • Chic Magnet Bailey

    Did they ask who was pimping Meggan? LOL!!