Suspected Baton Rouge cop killer Gavin Long — aka Cosmo Setepenra — seems to have established a motive for his rampage on social media.

The most graphic example is a photo posted June 7th of someone shooting into the driver’s seat of police car, which he retweeted using the name @ConvosWithCosmo:

“They gone be mad when niggas start doing this,” the caption read.

He also posted statistics of the apparent number of officer-involved shooting deaths — and the supposed lack of charges:

He wished Muslims a “Happy Ramadan 2016”:

  • “What’s wrong with you people…..”

    What’s wrong with US…..? Have you not been paying attention these last eight long and brutal years, or, are you just another obedient lapdog lickspittle without so much as two active brain cells to rub together.

  • Trump2016


  • The FBI has long sponsored racist organizations and promptly assassinated anyone preaching Unity (Dr. MLK Jr., Seth Rich DNC). WAKE UP !!!

  • Trump2016

    Blacks used to be more family oriented and civilized back in the 60’s up to the 80’s everything went down hill with all this glorifying black on black crime thug culture rap music etc and these hollywood leftist liberals glorifying this and having whitey feeling guilty,

    • The FBI sponsored and promoted: Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, La Raza & The KKK since the 1960s (recently formed LGBTQZ & Feminazis). Any tool of Divide & Conquer is a tool of Divide & Rule. Win Win for the Mega Greedy, Mega Rich.

  • LLinLa

    “HAPPY RAMADAN 2016 to all my Muslim brothers and sisters (nearly 2
    billion) around the world. Love your culture & principles!” Then why are so many fleeing away from Islamic territories and why are so many Islamists killing others?

    • Since 1945, thank Exxon, Chevron, Conoco, BP, Shell (sponsors of GM, Ford, Dodge), for our continuous Petroleum Wars in the middle east. Year after year we pour $24bil. into their 23 countries in aid, then we go there and bomb every piece of infrastructure, including hospitals. Do you think they have a reason to leave ?
      Most terrorist organizations are sponsored, armed & indoctrinated by the West or Eastern “civilized” nations, for the purpose of By-Proxy War. An Army with no country that can strike anywhere for purposes given by the backers. Do you think they have reasons to hate the world ?

      • Where’s the cat?

        Uhhh,huhh… Sure, time for your Xanax. You seem to have a problem with oil. Okay, then come up with something better. Or would you just rather beeotch about it?

  • Yet, we’ve seen Bush Jr. dance in the funeral proceeding at the church. While nobody else is moving.

    • Curly Bill

      Yeah, it’s Bush’s fault.

      Congratulations. As a D-Party voter you have blood on your hands for: Dallas, Baton Rouge, Orlando, Nice, San Bernardino, Paris (x2), etc., etc., etc.

    • Where’s the cat?

      “HATE BUSH” stomp, stomp, stomp. “HATE BUSH” stomp, stomp, stomp. “HATE BUSH” kick the cat. “HATE BUSH” scream unintelligible gibberish at the neighbors. Bush derangement syndrome is strong with this one. Bush isn’t president rat, hasn’t been for a while now… Time to catch up, or not.

      • Kick the dog, I hate all middle men mafia enforcers equally, nothing but scapegoat puppets for the Rich to use to suppress the Masses.

  • winomaster

    Beneath all the current discontent expressed by black organizers, is what I believe to be an undeniable truth: If you were to, by some means, create a separation of the two races in America, you would quickly see black society plunge into chaos and extreme poverty. They would not prosper when freed of the heavy hand of white domination. Even if they needed to make no effort to provide for their own defense, they would not be able on their own efforts to make a prosperous life for themselves. I don’t think even a majority of blacks would deny this. They see each other up close on a daily basis and see their shortcomings as well as anyone else.

    The current discontent relates to their desire to negotiate a better deal than they currently enjoy in America. Their rational is that they are descended from a noble African people, that they built this country with their free labor, and we have been unjustly enriched by their labors. Others might point out that the wealth they created in the south was effectively destroyed in the civil war fought to liberate them. No one has presented them with a bill for all the deaths and treasure expended in their liberation. Nor has anyone presented them with a bill for all the social subsidies expended in their behalf over the past 150 years. Reparations, don’t hold your breath.

    If modern america were ever freed of the burden of black society, say by their deportation to their homeland, it would trigger an unprecedented economic expansion. What we spend for policing and social services could be cut to a tiny fraction of current expenses.

    • Mac-101

      But look at ALL the major cities in the USA which have majority Black Democrat leadership! Are they not to be envied? LOL!

  • Aperke

    It’s warms my heart to know that thing is burning in hell.

  • Curly Bill

    So I guess Twitter only censors SOME kinds of hate speech, right?

  • That New Democrat Party brand just keeps finding new cliff ledges to roll over and down into after it hits rock bottom.

  • The Abominable Dr. Phibes

    What a reprehensible human being this person was.

    • And those who fueled his hatred — 0bama, Lynch, Sharpton, Holder, “Rev” Jackson… and not to let white race-baiters off the hook, also LA governor John Bel Edwards. I knew we’d be better off with the whoremonger Vitter, but the voters went with the lowlife “conservative” Dimocrat Edwards, and this is what we get.

  • Mac-101

    Any person of any color or persuasion who is lower to upper middle class who votes for a DONKEY or RINO is a self hatin imbecile! The Globalist are out to destroy us ALL and turn America into a 3rd world hole for their NWO slave plantation!
    . for US Senate, Kentucky, 2020, Ditch da Mitch
    No BANKSTER, PoliTick, Judge or Crony Corporate Fascist too Big to JAIL or Impeach!

  • Colt

    Another piece of muslim garbage.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Blacks can’t be racist…Holder said so.

  • Let’s not forget Dim Governor John Bel Edwards, who called in the “Justice” Department to investigate the incident with the late child molester Sterling; he’s got blood on his hands now, too — proving once more that even a low-life whoremonger (Vitter) is even better than a Dimocrat.

  • Mork and Mindy

    I’m watching the live update from the Sheriff, BR Chief of Police and State Police. ( The details are horrific. These men died protecting all of us here in Baton Rouge. I will never forget their sacrifices. My heart aches for their families.

  • socialismstinks

    love those principles…don’t you?

  • Stick

    Registered Democrat I presume.

  • Timebomb

    The police did the community a favor when the officer who did actually put him down did it from over 100 yards with a single shot, dead.
    Thank you officer for keeping us safe from these animals.

  • linda

    The Democrat Party has done more harm to the Black community than anybody outside of the Muslim slave traders who are still in biz today in Africa, selling human beings like they have been doing since 660 AD

    The bigot, racist evil LBJ (who said his welfare program will keep NEE GROWS in the DNC for “decades”” is the person who started all your Black lives problems.

    The media has cleverly used false propaganda and spin to make us think the RNC is the major stumbling block in Black folk “gettin ahead”.

    So the media and the DNC are 100% guilty for Black poverty, lack of fathers at home, lack of jobs (mostly given to Mexicans and Chinese,( thanks tree huggers!)

    Let us repeat that again: the MEDIA and the DNC are 100% guilty for creating the state in which the average Black American finds themselves in.

    and, who would believe a Black POTUS would lead the charge !!!! to keep Black folk out of jobs, dependent on the govt, and tell Black folk to “put on your robe and slippers and get to work!”

  • AntiqueJenkum

    He was a recent Muslim convert… If the United States had its OWN “mainstream-media” then it would become common-knowledge… Unfortunately the entire mainstream-media conglomerate’s globalist monopoly is playing many nations against each other, and they will be okay EITHER WAY (even if America dies, it will be nothing more than some “awesome breaking news story” for them)…

  • Proud Conservative

    At least THIS cockroach is DEAD

  • aquarian
  • Patty Fanning

    <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be940p:….,

  • rocky Maglio

    This guy Gavin Long has big balls and lots of courage. I do not know many people to go up against the police even when the police are wrong mainly because the police will lie and make you the bad guy. Gavin is good but Micah Johnson is bad ass. He got 12 and 5 died. I heard he had 3 head shots. I heard he only fired at 1 Baton Rouge cop and when the others pulled their guns he was only defending himself.

  • St8kout

    The Klan with a tan.

  • Marie Taylor

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  • Mary Blakely

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