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KTVU published on Tuesday several segments on Nancy Pelosi’s rise in politics, and a technical malfunction occurred as the reporter asked the House Minority Leader one of several softball questions.

Maybe it was God, maybe it was a stunned producer who fainted and hit the machine, but just as Ken Wayne asked, “Do you think you’re holy?” the production went awry.


A weatherman delivering the weather report appeared on the screen as Pelosi answered, “I hope so. I try to be.”

She was still audible as maps and forecasts were shown.

During the interview, the House Minority Leader said she prays for President Trump.

Another softball question from Wayne?

“The little girl in Baltimore who wanted to serve — done a pretty good job?” he asked, referring to her hometown.

Pelosi answered her desire to “do her part” stems from “her faith” more so than the Democratic Party.

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