Hillary for America campaign chairman John Podesta is feeling the heat over personal emails released by WikiLeaks that expose his political corruption and collusion, and it’s clear the public isn’t interested in his excuses.

Podesta appeared on CNN yesterday in an attempt to explain away the countless scandals exposed by hackers who broke into his Gmail account. But as he tried his best to blame the Russians, the crowd at the live segment obviously couldn’t have cared less about what Podesta had to say and repeatedly shouted over him.

“Podesta! We got your emails, Podesta!” one man yelled in a recording of the interview posted to Real Clear Politics. “We have your emails, Podesta!”

The live shot was captured in Las Vegas hours before the third and final presidential debate, and the crowd was packed with Trump supporters flashing “Trump-Pence” and “Make America Great Again” signs as they mocked Clinton’s chairman.

“Do you believe the Russian government hacked your email?” Wolf Blitzer asked Podesta.

“Yes, that’s what I believe,” he responded.

“Podesta, we’re reading, Podesta!” another man shouted.

“They’re dribbing them out because they want … Donald … because the Russians are intervening in this election on behalf of Donald Trump because Donald Trump has been someone who has basically taken every position Vladimir Putin has as opposed to the bipartisan group of, uh, um, both sides of the aisle that thought what the issues of the United States,” Podesta stumbled, clearly flustered by the hecklers.

“We got your emails, Podesta!” another Trump supporter yelled.

“Podesta is a liar!” another shouted.

Blitzer repeated asked Podesta whether any of the released emails, and specifically the damning transcripts of Hillary Clinton’s secret speeches to her Wall Street donors, have been doctored in any way, but the chairman dodged and weaved as the insults and taunting piled on.

“Have any of the emails or transcripts that have been released been doctored, or are they accurate?” Blitzer asked.

“I’m only going to say this, Wolf, when this first came out it came out with a lie from Julian Assange saying when he first released these that I was a co-owner of the Podesta group. Factually, completely untrue,” Podesta replied, avoiding the question.

Blitzer tried again.

“Are the transcripts of speeches before Goldman Sachs. Are they accurate?” he asked.

“What I would say to that, Wolf, is we’re not going to get into that …,” Podesta said before droning on about Dodd/Frank and accountability on Wall Street.

“We have your emails, Podesta!” the taunting continued.


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