Hillary Clinton’s not a gracious winner.

Hillary bad hair dayDespite besting Bernie Sanders in Nevada over the weekend and being seemingly poised to trample him in South Carolina, Hillary is nonetheless on the attack against the 74-year-old socialist senator.

In her latest campaign email, she’s now accusing her opponent of effectively undermining victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Deeming them “real differences” with Sanders, she writes:

In 2007, Senator Ted Kennedy made a valiant effort to pass immigration reform — I stood with him and voted for that bill. Senator Sanders voted against it.

This week, families from Sandy Hook are in court suing the manufacturer of the gun that killed their children, challenging the law that gives gun-makers legal immunity. I voted against that law. Senator Sanders voted for it.

And right now, Senator Sanders is running a campaign based largely on a single issue — but I don’t think we’re a single-issue country. We need a president who will break down the barriers facing all Americans, from economic inequality to systemic racism, sexism, and homophobia.

“I’m going to keep fighting my heart out to win every vote,” she ends.

Sanders, meanwhile, is throwing limp-wristed punches in return.

During a recent campaign rally, he shushed the audience when they jeered the mention of her name.

“No, no, no,” he said repeatedly when the crowd reacted negatively to her name.

“I respect Secretary Clinton. We can have differences,” he said.

  • Gotta love Hilly’s adaptation of General Sherman’s ‘scorched earth policy’, pushing the enemy into the sea, whilst the flames of destruction lap at their feet.

    Is Hilly REALLY that dumb?! Does she not see the pent-up (albeit, idiotic), sentiments of the Bernie brethren? That a whole lot of dem’s who have flocked to him, are now systematically being dissed & insulted, as she savages ‘ol Bernie with whatever nonsense she & her campaign cut-throats can concoct?!

    Does ‘ol Hilly think that by-gones-will-be-by-gones, and all the lefties will just kiss and make-up after she accepts her ‘nomination crown’. ALL of Bernie’s followers will just meekly join her army, continuing her scorched earth strategy, only then, agin’ the entire country?!

    We’re lovin’ the stage show of smoke ‘n mirrors, except she runs the risk of making a whole lotta lefty voters disappear, come election day. So, Hilly, KEEP IT UP!!

  • Jack Gil

    Hillary is disguising.

  • Jim Quinn

    Only a CUNT would use the death of children to further her political goal, but wait she is a liberal, still a cunt but a liberal.

  • Ben FrankIin

    Sanders supporters are nothing but a pack of gun loving, woman hating racists.

    • J_Biggs

      Mashable???? LOLOLOLOL

      • Ben FrankIin

        Many other sources will tell you the same. Sanders supporters are scum.

    • Daniel Haney

      Please, next reference the Onion…..LMAO!!!

  • SS

    Someone please lock this piece of trash up!

  • Raymond Beck

    Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, bankers, international corporations, Arab companies are Hillary’s core supporters. They want her to trash Bernie, because Bernie supports American workers, not corporate profits. It’s the widest divide ever between two candidates motivations. Hillary’s misleading rhetoric is a distraction from her readiness to sell out American workers to Arabs & banks, the way she sold out 4 Americans in Benghazi to Muslims.

    • Ben FrankIin

      At some point, Bernie is going to have to answer for the overt sexism of many if not most of his supporters. There is no place in our political discourse for sexism.

      • J_Biggs

        Oh brother, is that all you have? Prosecute the witch.

      • Daniel Haney

        And, hopefully, Hillary will need to answer for the 1700 plus CLASSIFIED emails on her illegal home-brew server…..
        What choices the DNC has forced upon you all.

  • Fooledbyu
  • Ross Templar

    Stop calling Mrs. Clinton “secretary” because it insults John Kerry.

  • Just Another Guy

    Yet she can’t remember if she’s lied or if she will lie….OK, then.
    Lie must mean something different in LiberalLand(tm).

  • FL_Stingray

    What a completely moronic thing to say.
    More amazing id that anyone actually believes her swill

  • J_Biggs

    Hitler E. Clinton….. What, her worry?

  • GeoS7148

    RE: “In 2007, Senator Ted Kennedy made a valiant effort to pass immigration reform — I stood with him and voted for that bill. Senator Sanders voted against it.”
    Sanders was right!…Kennedy’s Immigration “reform” created today’s immigration crisis…

  • Peleus

    Why punish the manufacture of the gun and not the person using the gun. Based on that if someone swung a door open to fast and bumped someone, do you sue the owner of the house, the manufacture of the door and / or the house? Sorry but that is just dumb, got to punish the people that commit the crime.
    Before what’s her name gets on high horse, she needs to answer for Benghazi to the families and the American people. So when the call comes in at 3:00AM we now know what she will do and that is not who I want in charge for the sake of the kids that take up arms in our name.

  • TodaysRant

    This is disgusting. Exploiting a tragedy for her own personal gain yet again.

    • TodaysRant … what’s worse is that FACT there weren’t any dead children at Sandy Hook … It was and still is a GUN-GRAB FALSE FLAG! Search it yourself ….

  • robb32

    pretty low ass crass campaigning on dead children, but nothing should surprise me with Hitlary

  • Brian washere

    I’m a gun grabbing c–t….


    Wait, the parents of the Sandy Hook “shooting” are suing the gun makers? If someone throws boiling hot coffee in your face, would they sue Folgers?? These people are idiots.

  • Silvertone

    What Sandy Hook victims? Where?

  • CalGunOwner

    So Hillary wants Americans to be able to sue Ford and GM if a terrorist uses one of their SUV’s for a car bomb.
    She’s just another paid for progressive politician of the Association of lawyers coalition.

  • tjb357452

    Bernie entered the Democrat Coronation as the socialist nag. This is a role he’s owned for decades, and it has a core following that occasionally reaches double digits. Like now. Bernie was astounded that he went as far he did, and then he became terrified that real people were actually taking him seriously. He knew Hillary would exact revenge for his impudence, so he ran a weasel campaign. A “me too” effort against the Queen, atop a jackass that turned left in ever tightening circles. Hillary co-opted Bernie’s message, and Bernie surrendered. The Democrats should be proud of having such vibrant Presidential Candidates rising to the top of their ticket. There’s no way a Republican is going to win the Presidency when faced with this sort of crushing competence.

    • djbaluta

      Socialism is a failed political system.

  • Markus Allen

    One would have to be an idiot to think Sandy Hook happened. Way too much evidence pointing at it not happening than it did.l It’s freaking blatantly obvious. I’ve never witnessed so much ignorance with humanity in this country. Do we need to start over and allow history to repeat itself? That’s where were headed if sheeple don’t wake up. We need to learn HOW to respect people who has a different opinion. If an individual does not think anyone died in Sandy Hook that is their right. It is NOT disrespectful to dead children. However, dismantling the constitution, making laws to restrict the citizens on firearms to be less equal to our govt,if they were to turn on us or we had an invasion from another country

  • Pete Smith

    Newtown “families” sue Bushmaster, since fake shooter used fictional AR-15: http://bit.ly/1TfUbMw