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Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was met with “furious protest” in Dublin, Ireland Friday as she received an honorary degree for her “contribution to society,” The Journal reports.

The former first lady and Secretary of State was one of five folks who received honorary doctorates from Trinity College Dublin, but apparently the only one who was called out as a “warmonger.”

In one video posted online, some attending the festivities shouted “warmongers not welcome,” while others greeted Clinton with protest signs outside the event.

“She advocated a war in Iraq which cost half a million lives, led the bombing of Libya which left a chaotic vacuum behind that has been filled by a return to human slavery, and promoted and facilitated a coup in Honduras which led to the murder of many progressive, female political activists,” Councillor Eilis Ryan of The Workers’ Party told The Journal.

“Promoting war should be reason enough to deny her this honour,” Ryan said.

Numerous protesters toting signs that read “Lock Her Up,” and “#ClintonBodyCount” gathered outside the building, where they chanted “Clinton, out, out, out,” Express reports.

Other signs read “blood on your hands,” and “no honor in war,” according to Goss.ie, which posted numerous pictures from Clinton’s visit.

“Clinton has done nothing to progress the causes of women, she has abused the label of feminist in order to further her own agenda, and I think women involved in politics have a responsibility to reject that,” Ryan told the Express.

Other locals protesting Clinton included the Irish Anti-War Movement and the TCD Students for Justice in Palestine, according to The Journal.

Clinton touted the 1998 Good Friday agreement during her speech at Trinity. The agreement brought peace after decades of violence in Ireland, and Clinton likened it to the current situation with Brexit.

Much like the 2016 election, Clinton can’t seem to accept the Brexit results even as lawmakers work out the details of leaving the European Union.

“As the Brexit debate rages on, I continue to believe in the value of the European Union, and of a Europe that is whole, free and at peace,” she said.

“No matter the outcome of these discussions, Brexit should not be allowed to undermine the peace that people voted, fought and even died for.”

Clinton also discussed losing the presidential election, of course.

“Now, a lot has happened since I was last in Ireland,” she said. “I became a grandmother twice over, which is just about the greatest thing in the world. And you may have heard, I ran for president. That didn’t exactly work out how I had hoped.”

And while many locals weren’t exactly thrilled about Clinton’s newest honor, Latin professor Anna Chahoud had nothing but glowing things to say about her.

“Almost 66 million people have given her their vote of confidence, sharing her belief that a true democracy is a society in which everyone is equally valued as a human being, from infancy to old age, irrespective of gender, status or nationality; it is a society in which women have the power to effect a transformative change towards development, justice, and peace,” she said.

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