PART II of III — Even having a child was a political calculation for Hillary Clinton, one of Bill Clinton’s former lovers says — and it’s those types of actions that she believes should give every woman pause before making Hillary the first female president.

Miller, who had a three-month affair with then Gov. Bill Clinton in 1983, recently shared with The American Mirror some of the intimate secrets Bill told her, including that even having a child was a political calculation for the current Democratic front runner for president.

“She had several abortions before she had Chelsea and it was only because Bill convinced her that if they were ever going to move up in politics that they had to have a child because that is what the political analysts had said,” Miller says.

“They’ve gotta see her as a human. They have to see her — I think in society they always say, ‘If you were a mother, you can’t be half bad. There has to be some love or gentleness or compassion within in you birth a child,’ but that’s not true.

“There’s some pretty bad mothers. I had one,” Miller says. She said her mother had abused her for years.

Referring to Clinton again, Miller tells The American Mirror, “She is a Gloria Steinem kind of feminist. If you’ve ever seen picture or heard Gloria Steinem, just a cold, conniving bitch. That’s just it.

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“And they don’t care about anyone but themselves. That’s what most feminists are all about. It’s about themselves,” according to Miller.

“And most of them don’t link men, incidentally. They only use men for income (and) appearance.

“Hillary could never had made it to Washington, DC without Bill. He was the song and dance routine. He’s the one that played the sax and he could laugh and joke and talk and Hillary can’t do that.

“She can’t put on her black nightie and run around and she can’t play the sax,” Miller says, referring to her previous claim that, during their trysts, Bill Clinton would wear Miller’s nightie and play his instrument.

“I’m sure if she is a lesbian it’s not fun,” Miller says frankly.

When she was asked about where she heard Hillary Clinton was a lesbian, she responded, “Bill told me!

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“Because I said why do you think she is so cold?” recalling her conversation with Bill. “Why do you think she is so uninterested in kissing and holding and just being close physically?

“He said that when she was in college that she and some girls experimented and she liked it. And that’s when the big feminist movement was moving forward and lesbianism was hot.

“It was more vogue for a woman to have a female partner than to have a male partner,” Miller says.

“She’s been an imposter all these years and yet even my own daughter said, ‘But mother, she deserves it. She’s worked for it.’

“I’ve worked for a lot of things in my life that I didn’t get. I worked to be Miss America,” the former Miss Arkansas says. “I wasn’t awarded Miss America. But did I want to go out and end other people’s lives and mistreat them because of it? No, you can’t do that.”

Coming soon: Sally Miller’s warning to women who get in Hillary Clinton’s way.

  • georgieporgie12

    She’s kind of a moral criminal, too, in that she got pregnant by another man while she was married to Bill. This goes beyond mere sex outside the marriage in that it produced a child. Chelsea is not Bill’s biological child, she is the child of the Webster Hubble, Hillary’s former boss at the law firm where she worked.

  • Betty Covington Whitesell

    Too many people vote for her because she is a female or because they are democrats they don’t ha e sense to look into her back ground
    Just like they voted for Obama because he was half black. Neither have any substantive back ground that shows they care about any one but themselves

  • John Knebels

    And people actually believe this person despite her constant inability to look in the camera. First sign of a lie is looking to your left or right when answering a question. My personal take from this? This Ms. Miller is a sad, pathetic character aching to be important.

    • Circa53

      What a Moron..

  • susan miller


  • samfried


    Bill Clinton’s misuse of Arkansas state police assigned to his security detail when he was governor didn’t stop at procuring mistresses, WorldNetDaily has learned. He also allegedly had them keep track of his extramarital scoring.

    After troopers picked him up from trysts with various Arkansas women, Clinton allegedly would rate their performance in bed, giving points for certain sex acts. He had troopers keep a record, say informed sources.

    Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, allegedly enlisted the troopers to chauffeur her to secret meetings with
    the late Vincent Foster, her law partner at the time, at a resort hotel about 50 miles north of Little Rock, Ark., sources say.

    Records of the trips, along with the sexual rating system, are contained in several boxes recently returned to the state police by former Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s office, say sources familiar with the records. The documents were subpoenaed in 1995 as part of the Whitewater investigation.

    “The documents relate not only to Clinton state troopers dropping him off and picking him up from his late-night sexual rendezvous with women, but also to the ratings system,” said a source familiar with the contents of the boxes.

    “They’d sit down and go over it [the rating system], and make little notes and put them in a box,” he said.

    The boxes, which contain hundreds of other documents, were found stashed in the attic of a home used by Chelsea Clinton’s nanny. The home is on the grounds of the governor’s mansion in Little Rock.

    Other notes stored in the boxes allegedly record secret meetings between Hillary Clinton and Foster.

    “State troopers delivered Hillary to meet with Vince Foster,” said the source, who requested his name be withheld. “The meetings were clandestine and took place when Bill Clinton was out of the state, whichwas often.”

    At least one note allegedly documents a meeting between the two at the Red Apple Inn golf and tennis resort in Heber Springs, Ark., a remote town about an hour’s drive north of Little Rock.

    Attempts to reach former President Clinton and Sen. Clinton for comment were unsuccessful.

    Starr in February 1995 subpoenaed all trooper documents generated by Clinton’s security detail.

    Col. John Bailey, who was the director of the Arkansas state police at the time, ordered officers, who were not part of Clinton’s detail, to search for the documents. They found the boxes in the attic and turned them over to Starr’s investigators.

    Starr returned 11 boxes on May 10, prompting the editor of the Arkansas Times and a former FBI agent to file Freedom of Information requests to see the documents.

    But the state police refused to make the records (save a small, 90-page portion) public, arguing they are the governor’s working papers and therefore exempt from FOIA requests. And they’ve turned the boxes over to John R. Tisdale, Bill Clinton’s lawyer in Little Rock.

    The boxes of documents stored by the former troopers are “embarrassing to both Clinton and the state police,” a source said

  • Linda Flora

    Bill’s affairs make a lot of sense. He really had no choice. The abortion thing is a personal decision. I will leave that one alone. Chelsea used as a pawn, that is a new one. It just goes to show it’s all a shame and crooked. Time for the Clinton’s to move on & enjoy being Grand Parents. xoxo

  • Her being a lesbian doesn’t really bother me, I don’t care which way you swing. What bothers me more is that she’s a horrible lying corrupt evil witch.

  • Mr. Manfredgensenden

    THIS is what Trump should be talking about, since she is so willing to dredge up HIS past indiscretions.