PART II of III — Even having a child was a political calculation for Hillary Clinton, one of Bill Clinton’s former lovers says — and it’s those types of actions that she believes should give every woman pause before making Hillary the first female president.

Miller, who had a three-month affair with then Gov. Bill Clinton in 1983, recently shared with The American Mirror some of the intimate secrets Bill told her, including that even having a child was a political calculation for the current Democratic front runner for president.

“She had several abortions before she had Chelsea and it was only because Bill convinced her that if they were ever going to move up in politics that they had to have a child because that is what the political analysts had said,” Miller says.

“They’ve gotta see her as a human. They have to see her — I think in society they always say, ‘If you were a mother, you can’t be half bad. There has to be some love or gentleness or compassion within in you birth a child,’ but that’s not true.

“There’s some pretty bad mothers. I had one,” Miller says. She said her mother had abused her for years.

Referring to Clinton again, Miller tells The American Mirror, “She is a Gloria Steinem kind of feminist. If you’ve ever seen picture or heard Gloria Steinem, just a cold, conniving bitch. That’s just it.

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“And they don’t care about anyone but themselves. That’s what most feminists are all about. It’s about themselves,” according to Miller.

“And most of them don’t link men, incidentally. They only use men for income (and) appearance.

“Hillary could never had made it to Washington, DC without Bill. He was the song and dance routine. He’s the one that played the sax and he could laugh and joke and talk and Hillary can’t do that.

“She can’t put on her black nightie and run around and she can’t play the sax,” Miller says, referring to her previous claim that, during their trysts, Bill Clinton would wear Miller’s nightie and play his instrument.

“I’m sure if she is a lesbian it’s not fun,” Miller says frankly.

When she was asked about where she heard Hillary Clinton was a lesbian, she responded, “Bill told me!

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“Because I said why do you think she is so cold?” recalling her conversation with Bill. “Why do you think she is so uninterested in kissing and holding and just being close physically?

“He said that when she was in college that she and some girls experimented and she liked it. And that’s when the big feminist movement was moving forward and lesbianism was hot.

“It was more vogue for a woman to have a female partner than to have a male partner,” Miller says.

“She’s been an imposter all these years and yet even my own daughter said, ‘But mother, she deserves it. She’s worked for it.’

“I’ve worked for a lot of things in my life that I didn’t get. I worked to be Miss America,” the former Miss Arkansas says. “I wasn’t awarded Miss America. But did I want to go out and end other people’s lives and mistreat them because of it? No, you can’t do that.”

Coming soon: Sally Miller’s warning to women who get in Hillary Clinton’s way.

  • Jerry Shelton

    HRC is a cold and calculating person, that will stop at nothing to advance her own power or position.

    • Hillary “Screech” Clinton


  • Noneya

    It makes a lot more sense when you consider her standing by under all of Bills shall we say trysts.

    • Blah Blah

      Bill Clinton got Loretta her first government job too.

      • KevTuck

        Arkansas all over again.

  • Noneya

    What you’d also have to consider is that the mainstream media knows all about Hillary in this regard and is willing to cover it all up just to get her elected. The corruption in Washington is epic.

    • Hillary “Screech” Clinton


  • 12 tribes israel

    Bill Clinton was a Rhodes scholar and lost it for rape

    • Hillary “Screech” Clinton


      • Disqus Dan

        No, I don’t think YOU rate that high

  • Tia Holcomb

    What’s wrong with this idiot? She’s had an affair with a married man now she’s spilling the beans. Lady don’t you know by now that men will say anything to get in your p##&&. You are disgraceful.

    • Art Granda


      • KevTuck

        That was a second hand quote from Gennifer Flowers.

    • Otis T Cribblecobble

      Wrong again Skippy.

    • KevTuck

      According to the article, Bill was already dancing around in her pants….playing the sax.

  • Norinos

    Too many truths that are completely believable regarding the Clintons have been coming to light since 1993. Their number one ally in all these lies are themselves, because that is all that matters to them. Themselves. These are not Americans, these are the manifestations of evil.

    • Hillary “Screech” Clinton

      Da Prez

      • KevTuck

  • MammaBare

    This horrendous “woman” is one of the few people who genuinely scare me. I am very honestly terrified of what agendas this monster has up her sleeve.

  • realplan

    With Chelsea they threw away the baby and kept the afterbirth..

    • Hillary “Screech” Clinton


      • Disqus Dan

        Got tired of being outed as a tranny, so you “Transformed”

        We all know who you are zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        • Blah Blah

          You may be right, Dan.

          • Disqus Dan


            You can tell by how brain dead the comments are

  • Norinos

    with reckless arms we embrace everything promised.

  • Blah Blah

    Planned Parenthood bribes democrats with money from baby parts!

    Here is a list:

  • Blah Blah


    It’s a documentary created by Clinton insider and whistleblower, Larry Nichols.
    It’s about the Clintons involvement in drugs, rape, murder, corruption and pedophilia!

  • Blah Blah
  • Mithrandir

    CHELSEA WAS CONCEIVED / BORN to increase Bill’s chances at public office.

    I can’t remember if it was for att. general of Arkansas, or Governor, but *PREGNANT WIFE ALERT was the only reason she had Chelsea.

    • Obama uses a dead mans ssn

      Hillary had 2 abortions

  • Jedediah

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the first woman president was a strong, effective leader instead
    of a money grubbing, treasonous sccuumhhagg whose claim to fame is
    her marriage to a disgraced and impeached slluutt who was disbarred
    in his home state for his lack of ethics? Bill & Hillary’s
    most successful endeavor is the creation of the Clinton Crime Family
    Foundation, with an overhead rate of 87%, whose primary purpose is to
    sell access and influence to America’s enemies for money.

  • Obama uses a dead mans ssn

    Hillary was in bed with Huma during Benghazi

    • Disqus Dan

      Obama was putting on make-up

  • Mithrandir

    Make America Rape Again.

  • vickir1kingskid

    While I have many issues with Hillary including thinking that she has lied just about every time she opens her mouth and feel that if she were anyone else she would already be in jail and would never want to see her as President, I don’t think that this woman should be judging or talking about her. Her character is already in question since she apparently had no problems having an affair with a married man! That doesn’t speak well for her character nor the fact that she is using the media to talk about the wife of the man she had the affair with! Just saying!

    • Obama uses a dead mans ssn

      Bill and Hillary have seen other people for the past 35 years. Their marriage is fake.

    • 1776

      Most of Miller’s commentary is factual. The judgments she rendered are obvious. The thing that is out of bounds is publicizing pillow talk, notwithstanding that in this case, such betrayal serves the greater good.

      • Flippy Hambone

        the Snowden Rule?

  • Blah Blah

    Professor Says: Warmonger Hillary Clinton Architect of Syria, New Cold War

    “Jeffrey Sachs, a world-renowned professor of economics, has authored a column in which he attacks presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton for her ties to the military industrial complex. Sachs, a senior UN advisor, bestselling author, and syndicated columnist, said Clinton’s decisions as Senator and as Secretary of State have put the US in danger and led to an unending state of conflict.”

    “Going forward in time, Sachs calls Clinton’s ‘record as Secretary of State is among the most militaristic, and disastrous, of modern US history.'”

    Read more:

    Hillary Clinton = The New Hitler

  • blakeNaustin

    I have no doubt that Hillary would murder a child and that she is a sexual deviant. Why does the Democrat party support her as their darling? Corrupt to the core. Hillary for prison 2016.

  • Big Giant Head

    I like cookies.

    • Blah Blah

      You look like Hillarys girlfriend.

      • Big Giant Head

        Give me a kiss sailor

  • John M.

    Kardashian and Clintons – Two American Nightmare Stories.

  • Obama uses a dead mans ssn

    Hillary and Huma are dating

  • ET


    In a bizarre twist, Bill Cosby claims Bill and Hillary Clinton drugged and raped him.

    Cosby issued the following statement to the media:
    “A few years ago, perhaps in 2007, after visiting with Bill and Hillary at their mansion in Chappaqua, they offered me an after dinner drink after which I have no recollection of anything until awakening in the basement 12 hours later with a splitting headache, an aching jaw, nude from the waist down and bleeding from my rectum.”

    • Obama uses a dead mans ssn

      Huma runs blue emu oil all over Hillary

      • Disqus Dan

        Mixed with Preparation H to reduce wrinkles

      • ET

        Given that Huma only changes Hillary’s Depends Adult Diaper only once a month, that stuff would pretty quickly turn into Brown Emu Oil.

  • Blah Blah
  • ET

    Food for Thought for the Terminally Stupid in the United States:
    (Everyday I Vomit a Little in My Mouth)
    (What Difference At This Point Does It Make?)
    As she sinks in the political polls
    And stinks from all her secret holes
    Huma Abedine stuck to her face
    Like a can of Tuna and Secret Victoria’s lace
    Ambassador Stevens murdered in place
    A 16 inch bayonete protruds from his face
    Bernie Sanders streaking up from the back
    Surfing the brown streak left by Hillary’s
    Gaping 70 year old incontinent crack
    The Rodham Olde Bagge senses her demise
    To the post of POTUS she will not arise
    And Commie Bernie, too, will face his demise
    When it unfolds that the huge smelly load
    In his Depends Adult Diaper
    Cannot be held in the fold
    Of the Bolshevik Snake Den
    Overflowing with dimwitted and old
    Slithering in feces right to the end
    While Hillary Rotten and Billie Bob
    Will do 30 years in the Federal Pen
    For all the self dealing, rape, pillage and plunder
    They’ve perpetrated since 2010
    By the Clinton Global Money Laundering Fund
    And Sexual Massage Parlor
    But what of Benghazi???
    What does it matter!!!!!!
    And Billie Bob on Jeff Epstein’s Orgy Island
    Spreading misery and squalor
    Teenage sex slaves whose privates they plundered
    While tearing the United States racially asunder
    No regard for any is it any wonder?
    High Treason a raging
    These two incontinent Olde Bagges a aging
    All things are worse now
    Then they were prior
    The world made ugly and worse
    On the Clinton Gang’s pyre.

    • Obama uses a dead mans ssn

      Old meat flaps

    • Blah Blah

      Vulgar but I laughed, +1.

      • ET

        But Kiplingesque.

  • Admiral Stubing

    “There’s some pretty bad mothers.”

    Like Shaft.

    • Flippy Hambone

      shut your mouth…

  • ET


    Send monetary contributions to:
    “The Clinton Global Money Laundering Foundation and Massage Parlor”


  • Anne

    Well…this is what you get with the Clintoon’s…drip…drip…drip…the secrets and the scandals come out drip by drip. Are you ready for 4 or 8 years of this America??? It will be non-stop. This country cannot take this BS at this time…there is too much at stake…

  • Arkansas Pervert

    Hillary Clit-on 2016!!!

  • leader4hru

    Impossible: Could you even imagine Hillary breastfeeding Chelsea.

  • turtlemelons

    killing babies before they’re born is bananas. Hillary needs her head checked

  • agk76

    The fact that Hillary did not have a son to screw up is proof of God’s mercy.

    • KevTuck

      selective abortions?

  • Arkansas Pervert

    Bill put his Dick in me, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOSE IT MAKE!!!!!

  • Richard

    The Clintons are an amoral, corrupt, despicable, disgusting couple. It would be a disgrace and an outrage to allow those two pigs to be in the White House again. I cannot believe that most democrats would allow that to happen. If so, we are doomed as a Nation.

  • Arkansas Pervert

    The first Vagina.

  • Sniffachoo

    Secular relativists will vote for Death Row murderers if they see their personal ideology in them. So, that’s why Hillary’s crimes don’t even bother them a little bit. Much of our country is either on the dole, or too poor or too rich to worry about ethics. The rich want a president with close personal relationships to big banking. The poor just want more programs and the best socialist they can find. The thinking moralists realize that the dark side is getting larger every time they vote, so they’re just about ready to urinate on a spark plug, if they thought it would put an honest, hardworking, transparent, and respected person in the White House.

  • Sam Di Gangi

    This may explain why Sanders DESTROYED her over the weekend. Bernie and The Easter Bunny showed up….Mrs. C did NOT. She got egged.

    • Blah Blah

      Bernie schlonged her!

      • Sam Di Gangi


      • 4nik8liberals

        That hasn’t happened in decades. She prefers tuna taco.

  • Rotorblade

    Bill Clinton molested and abused many women.
    Hillary Clinton ran “Bimbo Eruptions” to destroy the personal lives of those same women.

    These are well known facts.

    Knowing this and still supporting the Clintons is immoral.

  • Yougetalife

    Hillary will be President. What have you done besides running your lying punk mouth.

    • Blah Blah

      You again?
      You even admitted you are not American and you are a George Soros paid shill…

    • Flippy Hambone

      Hillary will be President – of the prison laundry…

    • Jim Peachy

      President of the “Womyn’s Cell Block Committee” at Leavenworth

  • Yougetalife

    None of you morons have done anything to compare to her.

    • Blah Blah

      You are right, none of us have destroyed Libya and aborted all of our kids. We also aren’t the wife of a serial RAPIST.

    • sammy4231

      I have never introduced PC to the American people.
      And, I served my country without dereliction that got 4 people killed.
      And, I never oversaw secret talks between Iran and Kerry that, when brought into the light, gave Theofascists $150 billion.

      • Rotorblade

        Also, I would bet…

        You never…

        Attempted to destroy the women your husband abused.
        Were a fired-for-corruption and failed lawyer.
        Only got where you are by riding the coattails of powerful men.
        Were against gay-marriage before you were for it.
        Compromised national security by mishandling classified information.

    • argh32

      Right on! I have honor and morals. And I have never traded cattle futures!

    • Flippy Hambone

      i never committed one felony, let alone dozens

  • Blah Blah

    Breaking News: Hillary responds to these allegations!

  • Tom

    Hillary is an abortion, when she isn’t munching carpet with Huma…………………………………

  • David

    this is pure crap

  • st8kout1 .


  • st8kout1 .


  • st8kout1 .


  • Laerton Mai


    • argh32

      Lesbian monster! Lol

  • AvalS

    This woman’s pushing for attention and you gave it to her. It happens that I have met Gloria Steniem and found her to be extremely pleasant and not at all like Miller states. She, unless she got into Mrs. Clinton’s medical records, wouldn’t know what she avows to. Really, it shows the woman has to be with extreme bad mental health, especially to be flaunting an unsavory past whether true or not. Pathetic. Women like this are pathetic.

    • Rotorblade

      Bill Clinton had an affair with Miller.

      Is he pathetic too?

    • Blah Blah

      Nice try shill.

      Ultra feminist Gloria Steinem was a CIA agent and her job was to infiltrate the feminist movement so the government could control them.

      Gloria Steinem Discussing Her Time in the CIA

  • st8kout1 .

    The Clintons wrote the book on insincerity.

    • argh32

      And cattle futures trading, lol.