Hillary Clinton is talking smack about Bernie Sanders, and she’ll be releasing a new book soon with her daughter, Chelsea.

Those are the highlights of a recent sit down with Page Six gossip columnist Cindy Adams, who marveled at how the former first lady “looked marvelous” when they met for fruit, a bagel and an “off-the-record” chat about politics.

“About the conga line for president. No good words about no good Bernie Sanders,” Adams wrote. “Stuff like: Anyone overtaking him in a district considered his, he’ll burn the place down.”

The criticism comes about two weeks after Clinton slammed male candidates running in the 2020 Democratic primary as “not likeable.”

“There have already been all these stories about them, ‘Are they likeable enough?’ For heaven’s sakes, that is such a sexist question. And yet it is asked all the time,” Clinton complained at a Columbia University talk. “And you look at these guys who are running and some of them I can tell you from personal experience are not likeable.”

She was most likely referring to Sanders or Joe Biden.

Since her humiliating defeat to Donald Trump in the 2016 election, Obama’s former secretary of state has spent the last three years offering excuses for the loss, first with a book and later through a sparsely attended nationwide speaking tour, “An Evening with the Clintons.”

The former first couple have also courted the spotlight at a time when a crowded field of Democrats are scrambling for attention, often with loaded language that suggests Hillary hasn’t given up on her dream of becoming president.

Hillary Clinton has also declined to endorse a 2020 candidate, further fueling speculation of a third run, while seemingly positioning herself as an elder stateswoman.

“She acknowledges Kamala Harris’ ability, calls non-winner Elizabeth Warren ‘smart as a whip,’ likes Montana’s newest newie, Gov. Steve Bullock, and says each dwarf (my word, not hers) asked her advice,” Adams wrote.

Clinton is reminiscing about her glory days, refining her public image, and connecting conversations to how her experiences fit into the impeachment movement taking over the Democratic Party.

Adams wrote:

Quote: “I remember when politics used to be fun.” And: “Russia will always meddle in our political system.”

She looked marvelous. Hair perfect. Makeup perfect. Outfit perfect. Carried only her phone. Three-piece, navy Akris pantsuit, matching rhinestone-studded Jimmy Choo pumps. Gold bracelet. No earrings.

Slim. “I’m dieting. I’m trying. I take walks. I’m working out.” …

Over cream cheese schmear, she recalled her 1974 lawyer days when she was working on a Nixon memo describing exactly “what’s an impeachable event.”

And for those who haven’t had enough, Clinton will release a new book with her daughter, Chelsea in October through Simon & Schuster titled “Book of Gutsy Women.”

“A compendium of Earth’s big-name females starting from B.C. – before computers – such as France’s Marie Antoinette, radium’s Marie Curie, and from back when only boobs flashed their boobs and nobody could spell Kardashian,” Adams wrote. “The book favors such first ladies as Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford and Barbara Bush, yet somehow neglects to include Nancy Reagan.”

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