Hillary Clinton’s base of support appears to have hit its high watermark eight years ago.

Hillary Clinton Eau Claire yawnThe election results from the California and New Jersey primaries are just the latest examples of the contraction of enthusiasm her campaign seems to be experiencing.

With 94.4% of precincts reporting, Clinton won 1,841,285 votes in California on Tuesday, compared to Bernie Sanders’s 1,416,742, Politico reports.

That’s nearly a 30% drop in total support from 2008, when she received 2,608,184 votes, or 51.47%. (Barack Obama got 2,186,662 votes or 43.16%.)

The results weren’t much better in New Jersey. While Clinton won the state — as she did in 2008 — she saw a decline in support there, too.

On Tuesday, Clinton received 542,656 votes, or 63.35% of the ballots cast compared to Sanders’s 315,194 votes, according to the Politico totals.

That’s a 13% decline in support from her 2008 turnout, when she received 613,500 votes — or 53.76% of the total votes, compared to 501,374 ballots cast for Obama.

  • gustafus

    Clinton is no better than Bush… they are made from the same cloth. Romney, Cheney, Rahm… these are monsters…

    The revolution on the left has failed. The revolution on the right prevailed. You may not like their choice… but he’s THEIR outsider.

    Bernie and Trump fought the same enemies… using different tools.

    The left isn’t finished cleaning house…. and by the way,…. Obama should be in that list of scoundrels.

    He was hand picked… outfitted and sold as a REFORMER.. when he was a lawn jockey for Wall St.

    A vote for O was date rape…. the left just got bamboozled …AGAIN

  • Bingo

    BREAKING NEWS! ! Ohio governor John Kasich says he won’t endorse the Donald. Which means that the buffoon is gonna get his arse whipped in Ohio in the general. #Vote Democrat 4 Life

    • maxovrdriv

      Kasich is more in line with the dems anyway what did you expect.

      • Bingo

        Say what you want kasich is the popular governor of Ohio. The Donald would be wise to seek his endorsement. Wise up. #Vote Democrat 4 Life

        • maxovrdriv

          Why on earth would I vote democrat. I did for 30 years and finally woke up to the BS and the brain washing from the media. I have watched the liberal policies for 50 years drive this country lower and lower, more govt handouts, lower education test scores, medical prices going sky high, the VA system in shambles, no thanks, I want no part of this democratic party. Might have stomached JFK, but then again he would be a republican today.

          • Bingo

            According to Gallup and fox news polls king Obama’s job approval rating sits comfortably above 50 % compared to gdubya’s dismal 22 % approval rating at the same point of his presidency. Sorry dude, but a majority of the American people think we were worse off when a Redumblican was in the White House. Smarten up.

          • maxovrdriv

            That is an amazing analogy. You take a presidents approval rating and then use that to talk about the direction and opinion of the country.

            http://www.gallup.com/poll/116500/presidential-approval-ratings-george-bush.aspx Gallup poll bush 2001-2009 avg was 49%

            http://www.gallup.com/poll/116479/barack-obama-presidential-job-approval.aspx Gallup poll 09- present 47%

            Rasmussen poll direction of country in wrong direction 66%
            when he took office it was 63% wrong and that was in the midst of the recession so he has managed to come out of the recession with the worst record of any president in history (not ONE year of GDP growth of at least 3%, simply amazing since reagan was hitting 7% after the big recession) .

            So no the majority don’t think we are worse off now and if you cared to look at actual numbers like labor participation rate and things like that you would know we are not better off. Oh yea, king obama took a 9 trillion dollar deficit and managed to turn it into 20 trillion, had more soldiers killed in Afghanistan that did Bush, increased the food stamp hand outs by 25,000,000 people and only a democrat could say things have improved. But then again, more debt, higher taxes and more people on welfare for a democrat is a good thing, so I can see why you think like you do.

          • Bingo

            You can try and twist the numbers all ya want . The facts still stands that king Obama’s job approval rating sits comfortably at 53%. Ronald Reagan the guy that Redumblicans crap their pants over was also at 50 % during his final year in office and his party retained the presidency. #Vote Democrat 4 Life

          • maxovrdriv

            What does the prove, and your numbers are wrong if you would look at the links I provided. There are more stupid dems to worship him like you. I notice you did not respond to any of the facts on how bad the economy is or the real numbers behind it. It is nice to look at a touchy feeling number but those of us in the business world that sign the front of paychecks know differently as opposed to those on the govt. dime. How many food stamps do you get each month?

          • Bingo

            ‘Yawn ” another right wing loon online claiming he has a lot of money. You’re nothing more than a trailer park dwelling Nascar watching buffoon. You haven’t the slightest idea of what it takes to rum a company. When you get like me an own an Aston Martin I’ll value your opinion then. Until then shut your hole. Bye, bye. #Vote Democrat 4 Life

          • maxovrdriv

            Sorry but I have “rum” a company since I was 32. And I now know for sure you are a typical left wing know it all, that knows nothing by virtue of the fact you have started in with the name calling and inability to respond with facts and rebut a claim made against you. I doubt you own a 74 chevy vega and are probably on a library computer as you were not smart enough to purchase one yourself. But, having had the chance to come back with substance instead of the usual left wing name calling I am done with you. But nice try. I will take this thread to our Tuesday meeting and share with my staff and have a good laugh. You guys entertain and don’t even realize what you are doing, simply amazing.

  • Colin McCann

    Overall turnout for the liberals in both states is down. Add them up. She may have still beat Trump.

  • Colin McCann

    Liberals use far more drugs than conservatives. Distorts the mind if used enough.

  • miquel95929

    You don;t know how CA votes- these are the early votes as of Tues nite. Mail in Ballots can still be recieved until tomorrow(Fri 6/10). Then all these votes will be counted over the next 30 days- after that you can compare w/2008. Just an FYI the CA SOS shows Hillary 1,944,696 to Bernie 1,505,055

  • another_engineer

    Did you ever think that a sitting president would endorse someone for the presidency that is under criminal investigation ?