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There’s a problem with failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s support for the “Me Too” movement, and his name is Tariq Ramadan.

The radical Islamic scholar, one of two with terrorist ties that Clinton personally vouched for as President Obama’s Secretary of State, is among the latest to be accused of rape in what’s become a worldwide epidemic of women accusing powerful men of sexual misconduct.

According to the Swiss news site, The Local:

Two Muslim women have accused Ramadan, a 55-year-old Oxford University professor whose grandfather founded Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood movement, of rape. …

Henda Ayari, a 41-year-old feminist activist who previously practised an ultra-conservative brand of Islam, claims Ramadan raped her in Paris in 2012.

Another woman, a 40-year-old disabled Muslim convert going by the alias “Christelle”, claimed he raped and beat her in the southeastern city of Lyon in 2009.

Between the two alleged rapes, Secretary of State Clinton approved special exemptions for Ramadan and South African sociologist Adam Habib to enter the United States as part of the Obama administration’s “effort to pursue a better relationship with Muslim communities,” Judicial Watch reports.

The State Department had previously denied their visas for years over national security risks. Ramadan, whose grandfather founded the Muslim Brotherhood, openly supports terrorist groups like Hamas, works for the government of Iran, and donates to terrorist causes, according to the news site.

Clinton’s special waiver allowed him to tour New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Detroit, and Washington in 2010.

Ramadan, a married father of four and influential academic with a large social media following, was arrested in Paris in early February and denied bail.

His attorneys allege the two victims are conspiring against him, though “a source close to the investigation told (The Local) two more women had testified anonymously against him and could file formal complaints.”

There’s more.

“A respected Swiss newspaper, Tribune de Genève, has also reported that Ramadan seduced and had sexual relations with teenage girls at a Geneva school where he once taught. The women say Ramadan told them they were special before having sex with them in the back of his car,” Judicial Watch reports. “One of the women was 14 at the time and the others were 15 to 18 years old. They say Ramadan used his authority as their teacher to seduce them.”

Oxford University put Ramadan on leave last fall when accusations surfaced.

As Ramadan sat in jail in France, Clinton was busy professing her support for the #raiseyourvoice, “Me Too,” “Time’s Up,” movement at “The MAKERS Conference,” a celebration of leftist feminists hyper-focused on fighting bad men, The American Mirror reports.

Clinton livestreamed into the Los Angeles event from New York, and she struggled throughout her talk to hold back the uncontrollable coughing that plagued her failed 2016 presidential campaign.

“I pledge to continue to speak out. I pledge to never give up …,” Clinton said as her voice trailed off and she began to cough into her hand.

“I will do everything I can …,” she tried again, taking a swig of water.

Clinton tried to play it off, but continued to choke back a cough, repeatedly stopping to clear her throat.

“To keep my voice, number one – to advance the rights and opportunities of women,” she said in a horse rasp as the audience laughed. “In the midst of this snowstorm … stay on the frontlines of democracy.”

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