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Hollywood producer Jason Blum decided to vent his frustrations about President Trump at the Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and the audience returned the favor by booing him off stage.

Blum was accepting an award when his speech devolved into a lecture about the direction of the country that took direct aim at the president. The crowd didn’t take kindly to the remarks, and weren’t shy about expressing its disapproval.

“The great thing about this country is you can like Trump, but I don’t have to … I don’t like him,” Bloom said. “You can boo all you want, that’s the great thing about America.

“As you can see from this auditorium we have seen the end of civil discourse,” he said. “We have a president who calls the press the enemy of the people. Thanks to our president, anti-Semitism is on the rise in the United States.”

Seconds later, Beverly Hills Pawn cast member Yossi Dina approached the stage and attempted to usher Bloom away from the podium with the crowd’s overwhelming approval, which prompted event security to step in, Vanity Fair reports.

“Now I’m being physically removed, which is why Trump is not the right guy for us,” Blum said as the room exploded into applause.

The festival, sponsored by the Adelson Foundation charity launched by Trump supporting billionaire Sheldon Adelson, later sided with Blum and alleged the audience was out of line, BPR reports.

“We in no way condone violence but do wholeheartedly support dialogue that allows people to share ideas and viewpoints in a respectful way,” Meir Fenigstein, the festival’s founder, wrote in a prepared statement. “Sadly, some audience members at last night’s opening greatly lacked that respect and turned an evening of celebration and recognition into something else.”

Fenigstein said “this is the first time we have ever experienced anything like this” and stressed that Blum wasn’t removed by the festival for speaking against Trump but rather ushered back stage by security for his own protection amid the pandemonium.

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Blum later sent out his full speech through a very long series of Twitter posts about surging nationalism, dog whistle politics, rampant anti-Semitism, hate speech, and bigotry gone mainstream.

Many of the Jewish folks at the festival, as well as those involved in the tragic Tree of Life Synagogue shooting and others around the country, have a decidedly different take on the president, who has been a strong ally of Israel throughout his tenure.

When CNN attempted to question Tree of Life Synagogue Rabbi Jeffrey Myers over whether Trump was welcome to visit to mourn those who lost their lives in last month’s shooting, Myers didn’t hesitate.

“The President of the United States is always welcome,” he said.

The shooting was committed by an anti-Semite who reportedly hates President Trump for his pro-Israel policies.

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Trump made history in 2017 when he became the first sitting U.S. president to visit Jerusalem’s Western Wall, and he later shocked many on the left by relocating the U.S. embassy to the city from Tel Aviv.

Trump obviously understands and respects the Jewish people, and many were more than happy to defend their president and film festival’s audience online.

“Apparently you Hollywood celebs are so massively egotistical and self absorbed you think everyone wants and needs to hear your opinion no matter the venue or subject,” James Hayes posted to Twitter. “If it’s not politics it’s gender/race.. Stop pushing your BS views on the public at every opportunity.”

“#Israelis love President #Trump,” David Ha’ivri tweeted. “To hijack an Israeli film festival as a podium to aggressively bash Trump is totally unappropriate. The spontaneous response of the audience is no surprise.”

Ha’ivri posted a video of Yossi Dana discussing Blum’s stunt after the event, as well.

“Respect to Yossi Dana, who tried to force Hollywood producer Jason Blum off the stage for aggressively bashing President #Trump at #Israeli film festival in LA,” Ha’ivri tweeted.  “Q: ‘Some say that you should have punched him’. A: ‘No, I don’t think that is the way, I am a man of peace’.”

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