Lafayette’s Kevin Smith spent three years building a Civil War display in the front yard of his North Georgia home, a homage complete with life-sized mannequins set up to depict different battles fought locally.

civilwarpresentation“It’s history and it’s heritage and it’s not hate,” Smith told WRCB. “A presentation. Because I’ve tried to put the display around town so our tourists can see the history and draw tourism down here.”

But the city’s Housing Authority served Smith with a notice Thursday that contends officials received complaints and requests that Smith call the office.

“I have had complaints about the mannequins and Confederate flag. Sorry but they have to go,” the notice read.

It did not detail who made the alleged complaints or cite any specific safety or code violations.

Regardless, Smith said he doesn’t plan on removing the display he’s worked so hard to perfect.

“I’m standing my ground. This is a part of our history,” said Smith, who donned the same Civil War regalia as his front yard soldiers. “It is to educate so we don’t fight another war.”

WRCB reports that “based on the notice he was provided, it’s not clear when the display must be removed or what action the Housing Authority plans to take if it is not.”

The incident in Georgia is the latest in a widespread movement to remove all traces of the Old South from public display that seemingly began after a racially motivated church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina last summer. The accused gunman, 21-year-old Dylann Roof, liked to pose with the Confederate flag on Facebook.

It prompted state officials to remove the Confederate Flag from the capitol, and ignited calls to remove the symbol from public displays across the country, a movement that’s devolved to now include renaming of schools and other public spaces dedicated to Civil War heroes, presidents, or anything or anyone remotely connected to the antebellum south.

KevinSmithMost recently, public schools have banned students from displaying the Confederate flag on their vehicles, and the U.S. House last month voted to remove the flags from cemeteries run by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Last week, in the lead up to the June 17 anniversary of the Charleston shooting, South Carolina lawmakers voted to remove a Confederate flag from a Citadel chapel and relocate it to a museum, The State reports.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said she supports removing the symbol from some public spaces, but does not support the broader effort to remove all references to the Old South.

The Confederate flag is a “flying, living, breathing, representative symbol,” Haley told the news site. “You can’t have that representation there and have children drive by and think they don’t belong.”

“If you start to go back in history for South Carolina, you’d be replacing every street sign, every building. … Our goal is not to erase history,” she said. “Our goal is to make sure every child felt welcome at State House grounds.”

  • DL

    This is just too easy.

    Our communist aggressors can be brought into deployment by a farcical display.

    That will be useful.

    • JD Brown

      You doubt our resourcefulness. In this instance, we’ve actually infiltrated the ostensibly Republican town government of Lafayette, GA, a small town in Northern Georgia and convinced them to antagonize a pensioner in public housing. First, this public housing resident’s lawn; Next, Lafayette will delay putting up Christmas lights on the street lamps until two weeks after Thanksgiving! Then, the world! Muahhahaha!!!

      Seriously, though. “Our communist agressors?” You can’t be serious.

  • Paul Crouch

    I have no dog in this fight….. but it seems like we’re all supposed to forget that the Civil War ever happened. Well, if everyone is so “sensitive”… as to get rid of the confederate flag, then why
    not rename all the confederate states, so as to get a fresh start… and not think that places like
    “Georgia” “Alabama” “Mississippi” “Tennessee” ever existed in the first place.

    • Buster000

      The leftists are trying very hard to do just that very thing.

      • alinla56

        Too late.

        We have already re-named that swamp of hate “fly-over” country.

  • Quilviov

    Once more, conservatives want to protect hate. After all, that’s Trump’s slogan, make America hate again. Nes flash, hate is not protected speech. In point of fact, hate is used to silence it ::) ers of differing opinions. On that basis alone, it doesn’t fall under the first amendment.


      People who express incorrect opinions of hate need to be silenced and thrown in jail or fined

    • Femghazi

      Coming from those who silence people based on their beliefs, rich, you sick fuc!

  • I support Mr. Smith for the reasons he gave, history and heritage.

    • Bingo

      Fuk you and anyone else that supports that piece of shite flag which is a symbol of hate. You all deserve to get your arses whipped. #Vote Democrat 4 Life

      • Femghazi

        I fucing love the Confederate flag, the British flag, the American flag and all other European country flags throughout history, screw you, screw your vile filthy beliefs.

  • Em_ptySkin

    I’d put them on my roof.

  • J_Biggs

    Isis also believes in destroying historical monuments that it disagrees with.

  • Alan Parker

    It’s time for the 1st Amendment to protect every US citizen who wants to celebrate and display their pride in their race, religion, region, and anchestry.

    • Bingo

      You or anyone else that supports that piece of shite flag deserves to get their arse whipped.

      • wcplace

        Lets get together so you can get it done, I will meet you half way from where ever you are!

        • Bingo

          You’d be better off tussling with a grizzly bear than me numbnuts. Stay in your place. #Vote Democrat 4 Life

          • wcplace

            What a yellow belly coward, typical DEMONIC RAT!

          • wcplace

            What a Chicken, no reply, all blow and no show!

          • Femghazi

            Troll! When you get beat up by your favorite liberal cause, don’t cry, just die!

  • Bingo

    Anyone that supports that piece of shite flag which is a symbol of hate,deserves to get their arse whipped. #Vote Democrat 4 Life

    • alinla56

      Exactly what most true American believe.

      Thank you, Bingo.

      NOW…brace for some serious name calling from the haters here.

      • Bingo

        Thank you friend. I know that the right wing loons on this page are gonna attack me but I’m used to it.

      • Femghazi

        Wow, true Americans believe beating up people is righteous due to the flag they fly? Nice tolerance there…

        It is a war, of that there is no doubt. Screw you!

        • alinla56

          You do NOT understand the distinction between “beating someone” and “Beating someone up,” do you?

          The idiot redneck in Georgia was not violently assaulted, he was told that his racist display was against the rules he had agreed to as a Section 8 Welfare recipient…so either IT goes or HE goes.

          See how civilized people behave? Now…go fornicate with yourself, sir.

          • Femghazi

            You are dumb. This was the line you responded to.

            “Anyone that supports that piece of shite flag which is a symbol of hate,deserves to get their arse whipped.”

            To which you responded.

            “Exactly what most true American believe.”

            Yeah, thanks for playing.

    • wcplace

      Democrats are DEMONIC RATS that are damned by God and are minions of Satan!

      • alinla56

        Better that than a RepubliClown, right?

        • wcplace


  • Mary Ann M

    The use of the term Housing Authority indicates this is federally funded housing. Did you know how ignant u must be? Congrats.

    • wcplace

      It is surprising, Democrats usually are very informed about Federal housing since most of them live on the government dole!

      • alinla56

        ..or so your hatful delusional narrative says.

        • JD Brown

          I’m appreciating the visual of the delusional narrative full of hats, I’m assuming mostly top hats.

          Seriously though, what is he talking about? What would his comment that most Democrats live in public housing have to do with Mr. Smith’s lawn decorations on his public housing lawn?

          • alinla56

            Like many on the Right is attempting to marginalize and decanting voice by suggesting we are all on the dole. It is a lie of course, WHat what other argument can you make?

        • wcplace

          The truth WILL set you free!

          • alinla56

            SO you stand by your claim that “most” people who vote Democratic live on the government dole? You can’t support that “truth” with any evidence or whatever. Like GW Bush, you just know it in ya’ gut…cause it feeds into the narrative you have latched on to…and you ain’t letting go. .

          • wcplace

            I saw it every day during my forty plus years as a Deputy Sheriff, it it hard to refute personal eyewitness testimony!

      • JD Brown

        “It is surprising, Democrats usually are very informed about Federal housing since most of them live on the government dole!”

        I’m trying to figure out how what you wrote isn’t a complete non sequitur and I’m coming up empty.

        Mary Ann points out that Mr. Smith, our article’s historically themed scarecrow accumulating hero lives in public housing. I think she thinks we ought to take from that fact that the housing authority action is permissible.

        You point out surprise. At what? I have no clue. The only statement that Mary Ann makes is that Mr. Smith lives in public housing. That statement can’t be the source of your surprise because “Democrats usually are very informed about Federal housing since most of them live on the government dole!” I don’t believe you think Mr. Smith is a Democrat.

        Maybe you’re saying she is wrong about this being public housing, which is surprising because (1) she must know an awful lot about public housing because (2) she must be a Democrat who lives in public housing because (3) all Democrats live in public housing because (4) only a Democrat would question the outrage at asking Mr. Smith to clean his lawn? The fact remains that he does live in public housing. I guess that is this is still the most charitable assumption, but in the future, please assume that folks reading your comments can’t read your mind.

  • carpkiller

    Its obama ,behind this all the way from the shooting . It was all planned.

    • JD Brown

      Conspiracy theory time!!!

      Obama not only personally manipulated the media to play up the Charleston church shooting to get TPP passed (or whatever crackpot explanation you’re putting forward), but also personally met with the Benedict Arnold hate group members who convinced Dylan Roof to do what he did.

      The news must be much more fun in your reality.

      • carpkiller


  • doc holiday

    1000 years from now they will be as they were 1000 years ago.

  • Tin Man

    It took him three years to build THAT?

  • Piper Michael

    The First amendment is pretty clear.
    The second amendment is even clearer, unless, you happen to be a Socialist… er… democrat.
    No offense to old style democrats, but, you guys need to clean house…
    Come to think of it, so do the republicans…
    The Last Trump of God, metaphorically, now blows in the whirlwind of perfidy sewn by The Elite and their political correctness. The wind is blowing and the message from the whirlwind is clear;

  • rick

    The American Flag stands for my shit dose not stink many Indian nations were completely wiped out But the American people think that was fine The Indians were the only true Americans We were not even good enough to be slaves so all you White Black Yellow Ect start being proud about what your ancestors have done our history can not be changed BUT OUR PRESENT DAY CAN FOR ALL

  • NellieJ

    Okay. Enough is enough. Time for ALL of us to call and visit City Hall and The Housing Authority and let them know what we think of this travesty! I AM SICK OF THIS COMMUNISM! LEAVE LA FAYETTE, GEORGIA ALONE! Stick your PC where the sun doesn’t shine!

  • JohnWalt

    Haley’s about to find out that she’s in the wrong party.

  • BadWhisky

    Political correctness will be the death of us all.

  • st8kout1 .

    You know, if they really want this to be about slavery, then why doesn’t the media ever mention that it was a Republican (Lincoln) who freed the slaves, and in retaliation, the democrats formed the KKK?

    Fact: The Republican Party was founded primarily to oppose slavery, and Republicans eventually abolished slavery. The Democratic Party fought them and tried to maintain and expand slavery. The 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery, passed in 1865 with 100% Republican support but only 23% Democrat support in congress.

    Fact: The 14th Amendment, giving full citizenship to freed slaves, passed in 1868 with 94% Republican support and 0% Democrat support in congress. The 15th Amendment, giving freed slaves the right to vote, passed in 1870 with 100% Republican support and 0% Democrat support in congress.

    Fact: The Ku Klux Klan was originally and primarily an arm of the Southern Democratic Party. Its mission was to terrorize freed slaves and “ni**er-loving” (their words) Republicans who sympathized with them.

    Some people might remember this was used during an election year:

    • Bingo

      Because for some odd reason Redumblicans are the only ones that stand in support of that piece of shite flag. Wise up . #Vote Democrat 4 Life

  • st8kout1 .

    It’s really crazy how easily the American public is duped.

  • Bingo

    Anyone that supports that piece of shite flag deserves to get their @ $ $ whipped. #Vote Democrat 4 Life

  • NoMoLies

    If you cannot see the war against the American people and the constitution by now then you are effectively dead. Our system has been assaulted from the inside and civil war is near.