A Huffington Post writer took to YouTube Sunday night to claim the leftwing site deleted two of his articles that analyzed the health status of Hillary Clinton.

“They have revoked my publishing access and they have deleted both of my articles that were published earlier over the weekend. Both of my articles have been pulled without notice of any kind, just completely deleted from the Internet,” David Seaman said.

“And both of those articles mentioned Hillary’s health,” he said, adding he posted a video that shows Clinton’s health is “quite poor.”

Seaman said he linked to a YouTube video showing Clinton’s bizarre behavior, including her head jerking back-and-forth while a reporter asked her a question.

Seanman’s post now shows this, according to Paul Joseph Watson:

Huffington Post ban

“Editor’s Note,” it reads, “This post is no longer available on the Huffington Post.”

The writer said he merely included the video, which has been viewed 3.5 million time because he saw it as “newsworthy.”

“I’ve written hundreds of stories, filed hundreds of stories over my years as a journalist and I’ve never had anything like this happen,” Seaman said.

“To me, this is extremely spooky,” he said, adding he’s never seen media companies behaving this way before this election cycle.

“It’s scary,” Seaman said.

Seaman insists he is not suicidal, is not “clumsy” — “I’m perfectly fine” — in an attempt to say if something happens to him, it was foul play.

“Now the story is they’re deleting and censoring commentary on her health. Why is that? Do they not want more people to watch that video on YouTube? Is that what’s going on here?

“Let’s figure it out. I don’t like mysteries of this sort,” Seaman said.

  • Kill Quint: Volume 1

    If she’s lyin’, she’s dyin’

    • rick

      **Obama turns “ICAN” over to the UN on September 30th 2016 – Internet freedom of speech ends on that day!!**


      • teapartyguardian

        Socialists rarely give up power peacefully…

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  • And yet, the Hillary camp demands to see Mr. Trump’s tax returns. Are you kidding me?
    Hillary Rodham Clinton is unfit for office … no matter the “office”.


    • rick

      **Obama turns “ICAN” over to the UN on September 30th 2016 – Internet freedom of speech ends on that day!!*

  • gaspar

    They are circling the wagons around the cankled (and badly dressed) grifting pig.
    She must REALLY be sick.

  • rostomic

    You are experiencing just the beginning of the real “dictatorship of the proletariat” .. You are experiencing communism … In communism and islamofascism you would be gone for ever and lucky if alive…. Wake up!!! …little scared … you better be!!!!!

  • JacksonPearson


  • Seamus

    Come on. Don’t you know that the Huffblo is part of the Obamanews org and Pravda?

  • KMAN

    I’ve never heard of you Mr. Seaman, but, where were you when this was happening to everyone else?

    Did you think the Clinton Machine motto “EVIL Spelled Backwards is LIVE” was a joke?

    IMHO, you dug your own grave Sir. But, if they thought you were a threat, you would’ve never known about your articles being deleted. These are BAD People, you should’ve opened your eyes before now.

  • enoughalready

    This is why she is not on the campaign trail, taking the weekend off, the week off and sending out surrogates. The NWO want HC elected as a placeholder–a marker–a conduit with which they can turn the switch on their one world government. It will be the final nail in the coffin for America–all sovereignty lost.