An illegal immigrant was free a mere 30 minutes before police say he put a knife to a woman’s throat and ordered her out of her car.

Guaymar-R.-Cabrera-HernandezGuaymar Cabrera-Hernandez had just been released from Maryland’s Montgomery County Detention Center.

The 38-year-old woman tells police she was sitting in the parking lot of the Islamic Education Center Monday when she saw Hernandez.

Shortly after he disappeared, he was suddenly at her driver’s side window, which was rolled down. He was carrying “a knife and a brick,” Maryland Community Media reports.

According to police, Hernandez “put the knife to the victim’s throat and demanded she get out of the car.”

The victim says she got out of the car, and he threw the brick at her and drove away.

Police say Hernandez “left the detention center wearing clothing that matched the clothing description the victim gave” to them. She also IDed him from a photo.

Fox 5 reports Hernandez has been deported previously and it was his first of two alleged carjackings of the week.

Police say he approached a 68-year-old woman Wednesday at the Sibley Hospital Medical Office Building parking garage who still sitting in her Honda CRV. He “brandished” a green bottle and demanded her keys, which were still in the ignition.

Hernandez then “ran around the back of the car and got into her car by the unlocked passenger side,” according to the news station. He hit the woman on the arm with the bottle. The two struggled in the car, and the victim told police that he threw the bottle at her, which flew out the driver’s side window.

The elderly woman then able to escape the car.

He was apprehended in Washington, D.C., where he ran on foot after ditching the car. Police say he had the woman’s car key.

He was charged with armed carjacking, armed robbery, and first-degree assault.

  • eucanauba twist

    “The 38-year-old woman tells police she was sitting in the parking lot of the Islamic Education Center Monday when she saw Hernandez.”
    Hmmmm, so one enemy of our country (Islamist) is attacked by another enemy of our country (illegal alien thug). Sounds Karmic to me.


    And again was released.

  • gardenergardener

    Hernandez was held for 45 minutes by authorities before being released into the community again.

  • Simplicius1976

    I think he should be dragged out of the next car he jacks and then get thrown under the first transit bus or train available! Whichever is closer, don’t want to be an energy pig!

  • tmorro

    Do you think that the establishment has figured out yet that the grassroots’ top priority is illegal immigration? There is nothing that will destroy us more quickly or more certainly, short of nukes.

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    We have to wait until next year for President Trump but can vote for Smith & Wesson NOW.