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Thanks Michelle Obama!

That’s what law enforcement and tourists are saying after an illegal immigration activist disrupted their July 4th holiday by scaling the Statue of Liberty, shutting down Liberty Island.

Therese Okoumou told reporters, “Michelle Obama, our beloved First Lady, who I care so much about, said, ‘When they go low, we go high,’ and I went as high as I could,” prompting cheers from on-lookers.

As she spoke to reporters, she wore a t-shirt that read, “White supremacy is terrorism.”

Lumen Student News captures the essence of Okoumou’s antics:

Around 3pm on Wednesday, a woman began climbing the Statue of Liberty to protest the U.S. immigration policy. Therese Okoumou climbed the base of the statue, forcing an evacuation of Liberty Island on its busiest week of the year.

Authorities said that they didn’t know if the woman was a threat, therefore the entire island had to be evacuated, disrupting the plans of countless tourists and many Americans as they tried to pay tribute to America’s Independence. Okoumou was not friendly with authorities as they attempted to coax her down from the statue and she even threatened to push their ladder off of the statue while they were on it.

After hours of persistence, authorities were able to apprehend Okumou and help her safely off of the statue. Earlier that same day, a anti-ICE protest had taken place at the Statue of Liberty and it was confirmed Okoumou was among them.

“Rise and Resist,” a pro-illegal immigration group Okoumou is involved with, distanced itself from her.

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