Has Donald Trump shifted to general election mode?

Fresh off a clean sweep of Super Tuesday 2, the Republican front runner appeared on CNN via telephone and took aim at Hillary Clinton.

Host Chris Cuomo played a clip of Clinton lambasting Trump during her victory speech last night.

Among other things, she said, “Our commander-in-chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it.”

Trump promptly returned fire.

“I think she’s an embarrassment to our country. She’s under federal investigation. She doesn’t have the strength or the stamina to be president, frankly, as far as I’m concerned.

“She talks about ‘defeat our enemies.’ Where has she been the last year? We can’t even beat ISIS. She isn’t defeating our enemies. She wouldn’t know how to defeat the enemies.”

Trump believes voters are “tired of a country that can’t beat ISIS,” or “anybody on trade.”

  • John Brown

    ——————————> DOWN WITH THE GOP ESTABLISHMENT TRUMP 2016 <===================================

  • Daniel medlin

    If you look who is supporting Hillary in the background at her rallies nothing but filthy rapist filthy pedophiles filthy homosexuals filthy lesbians filthy thieves filthy crooked attorneys filthy crooked judges filthy crooked doctors filthy Satan worshippers filthy abortionist and the list goes on and on and on

  • Daniel medlin

    also grave robbers and filthy people that are cruel to animals

  • Daniel medlin

    So sorry I also forgot filthy races

  • MMinLamesa

    What are the odds he makes her cry during the debates?

  • WoodstoveBill

    I have one word for Shrillary. Benghazi. Her “diplomacy” led to four dead americans. Selling arms to our country’s enemies. And let’s not forget the e-mails. Hundreds of top secret e-mails sent over a home brewed server illegally. What was she hiding? Clinton Foundation? Too many questions with so little answers. Shrillary is a reflection of the worst President this country has ever witnessed. Disgraceful.

  • Christine Cuneo

    Cuomo bating #Trump into picking RINO Rubio as VP.

  • william g munson

    There is plenty more that he can bring out to the people that they don,t know about and the deaths and crooled deals she and Bill have made and the Clinton foundation Money Laudering too

  • ECwashr

    Killary is a total DISGRACE!! The fact that anyone in this nation would vote for the “Butcher of Benghazi” just shows how far in the gutter our nation has sunk morally!!

  • jsa

    don t forget bengazi

  • jsa


  • antidrudgereport

    wow! Look at all the misogynists who are threatened by a smart successful woman. One of the reasons why I am looking forward to seeing Hillary become President is how mad it makes ignorant hateful fucks like all the crazy right wingers posting on this thread.



  • Of course she stood by her husband, she would not have stayed if he hadn’t been President. She could be the first First Lady serial killer!

  • Cedrik Thibert

    That’s true 🙂

  • Cedrik Thibert

    And Trump becomes President.
    Obama said he had no chance, Hell it didn’t take 2 hours..

  • Richard Hennessy

    They’re both embarrassments. I hope I don’t have to choose between them in the general election. I just don’t know if I can hold my nose long enough to vote for either one of them. If that’s the choice, many conservatives will just not vote and Clinton will win, but it will be very hard to vote for a classless (not just not PC) candidate like Trump.

    • ChicoCDM

      If you are really bothered by things Trump has said you must REALLY be bothered by the things Obama has done and said. Let’s remember Obama giving McCain the middle finger during his campaign victory speech. The same Obama that told his followers to “Get in their faces!” When talking about the opposition. He also told them to “bring a gun if they bring a knife.” America is divided thanks to 8 years of Obama not a few months of Trump.

      • Richard Hennessy

        Of course, I’m bothered by Obama. What Obama has done makes me angry, but I don’t want to replace one arrogant egomaniac with another, regardless of what his positions, which I mistrust, are.

  • Allan Scott

    Hey, when is she going to get hung anyway?

  • Sherylynne

    When Hillary was dodging testifying at the Benghazi investigative hearing due to “health problems,” by January she had no choice but to show up. She showed up wearing big eye glasses. Her doctor, when interviewed by a reporter about her medical condition, he made a statement that “perhaps” Hillary suffered some brain condition. Well, I am sure she has, given the statements she has been making during during her run for the nomination. She is very, very scary and could really put us and country’s safety in harm’s way. Slick Willy, ignoring government business while getting his johnson worked on, embarrassed us our country. He had intel on 9/11 and did nothing. He left it his successor. Hillary’s dysfunctional brain and BIG MOUTH could be the end of us. The Clinton’s want the title, the prestige, the White House and staff and their names in history books. All about them. They are toxic for Americans and America.

  • Tickertapeguy

    Hacking Hillary would not be able to debate Donald Trump without coughing through it. Hope Trump brings attention to diseased Hillary when she starts her hacking and her coughing.

  • jane

    I just can’t believe all the people bashing Trump yet Hillary is under investigation by the FBI and her party stands behind her. Democrats are loyal.

  • She’d probably trip over her husbands legs passing his desk to answer the phone at 300am…

  • Kdee

    “She wouldn’t know how to defeat the enemies???” She DOES NOT WANT to defeat the enemy!!

  • Laurie Davis

    It is really difficult to see how what Trump says or does is any more and embarrassment than what Clinton did in the White House … in detail if you are so inclined and have a strong stomach. Now that is the definition of classless and disgusting.

  • Dan

    But yet the Kool Aid guzzling lemmings of the left somehow think this woman is god like….Totally ignoring the facts, these people would vote for her even if she were behind bars…..