Documents from Nancy Pelosi’s computer were leaked by the Romanian hacker “Guccifer 2.0,” including a memo showing that the House Minority Leader knew the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about Benghazi and choose to hide those facts.

The memo states all talking points and background information about the Benghazi attacks and included in a bold font that UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s claims about an internet video were “later proved false.”

In the memo, Democrats also detail that her claim “contradicted some early reports” but they did not mention that Hillary Clinton also promoted that fabricated story about the internet video when she spoke at the transfer of remains ceremony to honor the four Americans killed.

E-mails released by the State Department proved that Clinton knowingly lied to the American public and corresponded with her daughter about the fact that the attacks were linked to a terrorist group.

Clinton later famously defended those remarks claiming “what difference does it make.”

Clearly it made a difference to Nancy Pelosi, who corrected the record in the memo.

Democrats were issued talking points in the memo to respond to the Benghazi attacks, they were basically as follows: call people who question it “conspiracy theorists,” attack Republicans for turning it into a witch hunt against Clinton, and blame the GOP for “voting against funding diplomacy and development.”

At no point in the talking points did they mention the fact that both Clinton and Rice lied to the American public about what caused the attacks.

Image via Guccifer 2.0

Image via Guccifer 2.0

  • getthemlibsout

    democrats are all the horrible things you ever heard about a government

    • MoBetta Jenkum

      “Globalism” is a crime against the diversity of humanity.

  • Matt


  • ADLoggy

    Demoncrats are disgusting. Hiding their party’s ineptness and corruption behind talking points to discredit anyone telling the truth or seeking to find it. Party over country. What a disgrace they are.

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      It’s arguably treasonous as it is in violations of their oaths….

  • MoBetta Jenkum

    “Globalists” are traitors and commit the ultimate-betrayal against every living soul throughout our planet’s beautiful diverse cultures. We must execute them before they infest your lands like termites. They betray our species’ form of representation and self-governance. They claim self-righteous “multiculturalism” even though their lying goal is ONE CULTURE. Execute prophets of globalism before it is too late; there is no turning back, because you only have ONE PLANET to try and not screw up!…
    …and don’t you find it weird how Assange and Snowden both took serious risks and ditched out willing to spend the rest of their lives sleeping on embassy floors after peeking behind the curtain?!?… They both had great jobs and lots of potential, but something they saw must have stabbed them in the heart!!

  • MicahStone

    “Obama, Clinton lied”
    —hard to believe —-****NOT**** !

    • alinla56

      Every CONservative knows that, right

      • JacksonPearson

        Yes but, liberalism is a unique sickness….:

      • Herman Johnson

        Feeble, like your mind, Hillary blog troll.

        YOU LOSE.

  • GeorgeRomero

    Democrats have lying down to a fine art , they have a whole army of professional lairs waiting for the next
    democRAT scandal to surface and scramble to send out talking points to their traitor rank and file.
    Disgusting pigs they are.

    • alinla56

      RepubliCLOWNS don’t lie?

      Not even a little?

      • kaley

        Yeah but libby tools like you don’t think and then defend these criminals and try to convince everyone that their whole party isn’t a farce that convinces lemmings like you that its in your best interest to believe everything they say as you march happily off the cliff while trying to drag the rest of us with you.

        • 19842011

          Excellent rebuttal comment, Kaley!

        • alinla56

          Sue, stew in your bitterness asshole BUT I believe in due process and the law.

          YOU believe in labeling you political adversary as a “criminal”

          YOU are the anti-American scumbag, not me!

          • john jones

            So when will all these democrats be brought up on charges and prosecuted???

          • alinla56

            Right after the war criminals Bush & Cheney are put in prison.

          • john jones

            Oh, you must mean the war that Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton voted for on three separate occasions because in their own words the evidence was overwhelming

          • alinla56

            Actually their support was conditional on the Bush people providing accurate and honest info. A condition not met.

            But you tell me where does the buck stop if not with the President?

          • john jones

            Exactly what I’ve been saying about Benghazi the entire time

          • alinla56


            Maybe the Republicans sold have yet another investigation and get to the bottom of this.

          • 19842011

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          • Kathleen Crouse-Bradley

            You are immature and your reply proves you’re just butthurt!

          • alinla56

            Why do most women so overwhelmingly hate Trump?

            Any theories?

      • 19842011

        It appears others see you as an asswipe, libretard, as well! Enjoy the redundancy, you gay faggot!

        • alinla56

          Is that YOU Mr. Trump?

          Sue sounds like the grown-up stuff you say.

          • 19842011

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      • JacksonPearson

        Nope, never, not even a little bit…..:

        • alinla56

          Yet YOU are the one who has to make shit up.

          Oh the irony.

      • Herman Johnson

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        You gonna cry when your biatch Hillary dies?

      • Nam Marine

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        • alinla56

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  • AlfalfaDoLittle

    This now implicates Pelosi.
    She is complicit.

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      ?? It’s not that she wasn’t ever…At worst, it is treason, at BEST, covering for her ‘party’ at the expense of the American People….

    • lostinnm

      Was a Dem for 40 years and no longer will I ever vote Dem. They did this to all of us and deserve everything coming their way. I’m disgusted at what has happened to our country and want these lying crooks locked up. The wars and killing and rule by FEAR makes me want to puke.

      • marylaforet

        I am proud of you!! I sure wish other Dems would wake up like you!!!

        • lostinnm

          thank you, I would like to think I have morals and detest being lied to by anyone. I bailed after O’s 1st term…no looking back now.

    • Ron

      Pelosi is too stupid to breathe; just shows you what dimwits her district is!

      • B. W.

        The really stupid people are those who repeatedly voted her back into office when it became apparent how terminally dumb and partisan she was. The real straw that broke the camels back was her comment about passing Obamacare so you could see what was in the bill. Even a moron can tell that statement was terminally stupid and insane.

  • Hillary Clinton

    Why does everyone think Kim Jong-Un and I buy our outfit at the same store?

    • rick

      Nazi Piglosi made her choice, now prosecute her too!
      The BO administration has been nothing less than an attempted Coup d’état.
      Time to make arrests!

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    • Tin Foil Hat

      The Mao gowns are making a comeback, so slimming

  • alinla56

    What’s that you say?

    Questions about Benghazi?

    Maybe the Republicans in congress should have yet another investigation at tax payer expense to find out what the previous investigations failed to find out.

    We can only hope, right?

    • triplets


    • 19842011

      Why do your asshole comments keep showing up? With a name like alinla, could that be your gay faggot name? Maybe you’re a transgender? There were, also, drats on these committees! Riddle me that, asshole!

      • alinla56

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        What are you trying to say?

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

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    • Herman Johnson

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    • Nam Marine

      Someone should bitch slap your Mother for not aborting you !

      • alinla56

        Because you support abortion AND violence toward women.

        Very Trump like.

  • cp

    This is a very sad time in America when we have to rely on HACKERS to find out how dishonest our government really is! I’m sure Soro’s and his buddies are besides themselves. Ruining their master plan. We need to take America back!

  • AntiqueJenkum


  • ObjectiveSee

    The only reason to lie is if you have something to hide. So why did Clinton and Obama bother to lie? The only reason to lie is if they plan this attack themselves.

    • john jones

      The very group of anti-Qadaffi “extremist” that attacked and killed these men were the people Obama/Clinton backed and even sold arms to, to overthrow Qadaffi. Well once they turned on the very Government that empowered them, BO and Killary knew they had problems and that it would be very ugly for them if they didn’t do something.

      • ObjectiveSee

        …but they didn’t do something. The arms and groups involved were public knowledge at the time, there was no need for them to lie for this reason. Lies are told to conceal the truth but the criminal aspect is intent.

  • MoBetta Jenkum


  • Spanky

    It’s been them against us for a very long time. Hackers are just getting the proof…

  • GreggorytheGreat

    Pelosi needs to be sent to Gitmo and after a couple of sessions of waterboarding she’ll spill the beans on Hillary the Crook and the Muslim in Chief, Barack Obama.

  • Bob

    Intelligent people know that Hillary is a lying corrupt bitch. Now we have to educate the morons.

  • infidella

    wicked witch ain’t gonna break the ceiling she is banking on.

    • alinla56

      And his vote offsets YOURS.

      How much does THAT suck?

  • Tin Foil Hat

    Just never ends with these luciferian nut cakes. Just can’t help themselves. Now why would they want to seize control of the web? Looks to me like there has been way to much truth escaping.

  • Nam Marine


  • Walknot

    Stevens was running guns to ISI…illegally, and at the instructions of the State Department and the Obama Administration… The folks who died were just following orders and your moral compass on that may vary.

  • oldhippie

    Everyone in office lies at one point or the other. Never trust a politician or a lawyer. Muhahahahaha

  • wildbill2u

    I keep trying to remember anything remotely similar where Republicans joined in a conspiracy to lie to the public about a national security issue–and I can’t think of one. Watergate wasn’t a national security issue and it was the Republicans that investigated it to the point where they demanded that Nixon, a member of their party, to resign the Presidency.

    The Republicans in Congress of that era didn’t join in the conspiracy to hide the truth; instead they served the country honorably without excuses or fear of the consequences to their party.

    • alinla56

      So…you are pointing to Watergate to demonstrate the integrity of Republicans.

      What an interesting theory.

  • piccolohl

    How does this memo at all say what the article implies? Its giving a timeline of events, and since the dems don’t still claim it was caused by a video, “gave incorrect information on television” is a statement of fact, not in any way saying intent to lie, and it even says later on in it that it was not a lie and was based on information at the time (I am not making a judgement about whether they lied about the video, but just seems like this article is pulling its conclusion out of thin air)

  • john4637

    Guccifer 2.0 just received a 52 month sentence for hacking Clinton computer. Imprisoned for exposing misfeasance, malfeasance and possible treason! I will not bet on his chances of coming out of prison alive. It will be either a heart attack or a terrible onset of cancer!

  • craig

    Nancy Pelosi colluded with Obama administration officials? covered up a scandal? Called accusers “Conspiracy Theorists”? Lied? This is shocking! Shocking!

  • david craft

    The attack was carried out after the US was warned to stop supplying arms to anti Libyan rebels; who may have been the early ISSI….

  • CaptGene

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone. I do think the photo (below) would make a FANTASTIC campaign ad’, by the way.

  • Di

    One side blaming the other ..gosh the corporate media has done well. Both sides saying they can fix the problem when both sides created the problem. Both parties are corporate controlled except Grayson, Sanders and a few others. None of these congressmen represent the citizens of this country…none there is one thing the shadow government fears and that is critical long as one side is blaming the other they have you by the balls. the candidates are hand picked and if one does not fit he is eliminated such as now you have 2 establishment candidates to chose from..