A lesbian supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is taking Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s gay campaign manager to task for his blatant hypocrisy.

Twitter’s “DeplorableCorgiGirl” posted a video Monday to chastise Mook over his involvement with Clinton, who has accepted millions of dollars from foreign Muslim nations that treat gays as subhuman.

In the segment, “Recording from my Basket – Robby MOOK,” “Deb” laid out exactly why she believes Mook is selling out gays.

“My message today … is to Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s manager,” she said. “You know, I’m 61 years old. I’ve been out of the closet for 40 years. And Mr. Mook is a gay person, just like me. …

“And it’s really flooring the hell out of me that he’s supporting a woman that took money from these countries, from these countries that would take him and his friends or his lover or his partner and throw them off a building and kill them,” she said.

“I’m floored over this,” the woman added. “I had my suspicions that he was, watching him, but before I come out on anybody I had to reup on him and he is (gay). What a freaking disgrace.”

DeplorableCorgiGirl, also known as @DebraMax on Twitter, donned a Trump for President 2016 shirt in the video. She explained that she lived through the worst of the aids epidemic and believes threats and acts of terrorism from radical Islamists that support Clinton present a far scarier situation.

“You know Mr. Mook, I got to tell you something. I was out of the closet during the time of AIDS … you’re 36 years old, you don’t know anything about that. And for me that was a very bad time. I lost a lot of friends then.

“And what I find now it’s not funny going into a gay club and having some terrorist from these Muslim countries coming to kill us,” she continued, referencing the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando. “And you should be ashamed of yourself for campaigning for that bitch. Unbelievable.

“And for me, this is a worse time now, worrying about ISIS killing us,” Deb said. “You don’t even know the time of AIDS, that was a bad time that I never thought in my life I would see another time that I would fear for me and my other gay friends. …

“But to know that you are a gay man, like us, and you’re her campaign manager,” she said. “How disgraceful, that you are out there in the public supporting somebody that is going to come here and will kill you for being a gay man.

“You are a disgrace, Robby Mook.”

In April, Out magazine described Mook as “the first openly gay man to manage a serious presidential campaign” in a profile outlining his political background, which started with organizing phone banks for the Clinton-Gore campaign as a 16-year-old in 1996 and evolved into work on campaigns for Howard Dean, John Kerry, Terry McAuliffe and others.

Politifact confirmed that the Clinton Foundation has received massive, multimillion dollar donations from numerous countries that treat gays and women with blatant hostility, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, and Morocco.

Those countries require women to gain approval from their “male guardian” to do everything, from go to school to divorce. In the United Arab Emirates, for example, it’s permissible for a husband to assault his wife and kids.

In Qatar, marital rape is allowed.

In Saudi Arabia, gay sex is punishable by death by stoning. In the United Arab Emirates “same-sex relations” also result in the death penalty, according to the site.

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    • Quilviov Super Genius ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      A lot more than half.

  • Nosmo King
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      • megajess

        He changed party affiliation. He’s a democrat now.

    • Quilviov Super Genius ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Patraeus shared classified information with his girlfriend. Snowden stole and then shared classified information with the world. Clinton shared classified information with members of the State Department.

      See the difference?

      • Wrabble

        Through the usage of an insecure, home-grown server, Clinton shared classified information with foreign powers via hackers.

    • megajess

      Sums it up nicely.

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  • Churbles

    She’s brave, the “progressive” lgbt community are as vicious as they are deranged at this point.
    It’s perverse that the most right wing and extreme religion is now the darling of the democrats, the left.
    Mohammed’s example permanently renders that religion as incompatible with western values because “what would mohammed do” has an answer, violence and theocracy as he did in his own time. There is no way around this fact, but the left wishes to pretend its the same as any other, and since the left have become filled with self hatred, they have found common cause with islam.
    It doesn’t surprise me when a second generation muslim mass murders us anymore, all they have to do to be convinced is to listen to a liberal professor, and simply agree. The west is evil, and so clearly we deserve to die.

  • Bags

    I like this chick.

  • DK1

    So she’s conveniently ignoring the extensive business deals Trump has with numerous Islamic nations.

  • Dev

    Not only to be killed but to be teased all over again. It’s why I could never understand why Anderson Cooper acts so cavalier about this as a popular GAY reporter. The legislation that allows freedom of speech will be the noose around his neck when that happens. The ideology of their religion, their culture doesn’t make provisions for being GAY, Lesbian or Trans Gender.

  • Donald Juggernaut Trump

    I’m actually on Mookie’s side on this one. Playing the hom0 bouncing game is ok with me. It’s quicker than aids and any other disgusting, drug resistant, mutating disease they are brewing up in their rancid their bowels to release on the general public. ISIS is actually performing a much needed public service in this case. Why do you think they aren’t allowed to donate blood to the general public? Because they are walking bio-hazards, keep your distance from any of their deadly fluids. Even the specatotrs stand way back when they burst open on the ground below. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/32ae27b4e40349322e1e198ba874789a4b2d824f7a370b5e7d26d0c123a9ea25.jpg

  • Deplorable Sparkle Plenty

    Not only gays should be outraged but all women should too! Not only does the Hildebeast take millions from countries that fling gays off tall buildings, they treat women worse than dogs. And yet all the stupid Libs will tout her as a champion for women and womens rights? Smarten up all you braindead who are still supporting the lying, murderous, criminal witch. She cares about no one but herself!! #FollowTheMoney #NeverHillary

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    The Democratic Party is a hodgepodge of unlikely partners for sure. Gays, Sharia loving Muslims, Welfare Cases, religious Latinos, straight whites with overboard altruism and a tendency to enable, lots of adults without children, the young and naive, and just plain losers and lost souls. Peace has come to mean you hoard and never clean house.

    • Wrabble

      Add: Business leaders who like to buy influence.

  • flicker66

    I have nothing but disdain for Robby Mook.

  • Liz

    Donating to the work of the Clinton Foundation is not the same as donating money to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. She is not the Clinton Foundation, she a politician, not a charity.