Maxine Waters’s hit list of those worthy of impeachment is growing.

The California congresswoman took to MSNBC on Tuesday to demand the impeachment of Attorney General William Barr. She has repeatedly demanded the impeachment of President Trump, something House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has so far refused to take up.

“Everyone knows that I believe that this president should be impeached, should have been impeached,” Waters told Chris Hayes after she accused Trump of “obstruction of Congress.”

After acknowledging the public does not support those efforts, she said Barr should face an impeachment inquiry, too.

Hayes cited a tweet by presidential candidate Julian Castro demanding Barr’s impeachment, and Waters responded, “I think that Barr should resign and if he does not resign, he should be facing impeachment proceedings, also.”

She continued, “He has abdicated on his responsibility. He has lied. He has used the very words coming right out of the president’s mouth: ‘No collusion, no collusion, no collusion’ and made a decision that despite what the special counsel put into that report, about obstruction of justice, he said he made a decision that he had not obstructed justice. It is outrageous and he needs to go!”

Waters vowed that she’s not going to let Trump get away and said she’ll get the president’s bank records.

“If they fight us in court, we’re gonna fight them back,” she said.

“The president said he was going to fight us tooth-and-nail, we’re going to fight him tooth-and-nail. They won’t just get away with this. We’ve got to convince the public that this man is irresponsible, he’s dangerous with no respect for the Constitution or the Congress of the United States,” Waters said.

A poll from March showed public support was at an all-time low for impeachment.

Just over one-third of those polled supported the effort to oust Trump from office, and the survey found a 12-point drop in support among Democrats to 68 percent.

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