It may be time for Maxine Waters to take a long vacation.

During anti-Trump rant on MSNBC Wednesday, the California Congresswoman stuttered and suffered a brain glitch.

Claiming Trump is attempting to get his subordinates to “protect” him from the Mueller investigation, Waters said, “It’s clear that he’s obstructed justice. I think that the more we delve into it, the more we see not only signs of it, but actually efforts by this president to get them to basically protect him from the fact that he has colluded with Russia.

“And that’s it. And you can call it any way you’d like to call it. But the fact of the matter is that we see the evidence of it. We see what he said, uh, you know, to Jeff Sessions. And the way that he’s treating Jeff Sessions because Jeff Sessions said, listen, I’m recusing myself. I’m not lying for you.

“I’m, I, I, I, I’m scared of this stuff,” Waters claimed, stuttering through her statement, “And I’m not about to get myself in a position where I can be indicted.”

It’s not the first time Waters has short circuited on live television.

Last year, Waters was speaking to MSNBC’s Katy Tur when she had a verbal malfunction.

Waters was once again slamming President Trump and spinning her Russia conspiracy theories when she questioned the patriotism of Trump supporters and said, “I just don’t understand why they don’t call it like it is and recognize that evidence is pouring in and it’s growing, or what— is matt— what, what is wrong with them, I just don’t quite understand,” she struggled to say.

That same year, the 79-year-old congresswoman suffered a brain freeze during another interview.

Speaking with Yahoo News, Waters was talking about China’s role in containing North Korea, and momentarily appeared confused about what she was discussing.

“Those in China have a great trading relationship, they sell an awful lot of stuff to North Korea,” she said.

“And so (the Chinese) president is warning Trump, ‘okay, don’t start talking about preemptive strikes. We want a diplomatic solution,'” Waters said, speculating about China’s conversations with Trump.

She continued, “‘We do not want war in, uh, uh, uh, North Korea — North, uh, um, um, Korea at all,'” struggling to complete her thought.

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