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There are apparently so many Mexicans in California who can vote in Mexico, a presidential candidate found it necessary to campaign in the U.S. state.

Ricardo Anaya Cortez tweeted photos from his meeting with Janet Napolitano, president of the University of California system, and Secretary of Homeland Security for President Obama.

“Anaya said they ‘talked about the importance of supporting the Dreams and agreed that Mexican migrants deserve respect,” Fox News reports.

Curiously, Cortes didn’t called for those so-called Dreamers and other migrants to return home to be an asset to Mexico.

The candidate lavished praise on Mexicans who fled his country seeking a better life.

“I want to ask you, with my heart in my hand, that every time you hear an aggressive or denigrating expression, remember that there, in Mexico, you are the heroes of the country, the brave, the enterprising, the generous, those who dared to cross the border to give their family a better future,” he said, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

“Do not you forget that you are not alone … all of Mexico is with you and when I am President I will always be on your side.”

According to CIS, “It can be expected that over the next couple of months the presidential candidates will continue their appeals to Mexican migrants in the United States.”

“”At the right time I will say personally to the president of the United States, and I will say it in his language so there will be absolutely no confusion … Mexico will not pay a single cent for that wall,” Anaya told the audience in the United States.

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