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Talk radio host Dr. Michael Savage’s new book, “Stop Mass Hysteria,” is out Tuesday, and he tells The American Mirror he believes the left’s violence is going to increase leading up to the November midterm elections.

Savage says what the Democrats did to Judge Brett Kavanaugh during the Senate confirmation process is a good example of mass hysteria.

“The man has gone through at least three FBI background checks to become a federal judge, and the vermin on the Democrat Party (side) very well know that he went through background checks,” he says.

In the early part of his book, Savage is critical of Antifa, and tells us he believes the far-left group should be deemed a domestic terrorist organization.

“They’re absolutely a domestic terrorist group, what else would anyone call them?” he asks.

Noting Antifa has said it is going to assassinate its political enemies, Savage says Homeland Security should “round up the leadership and arrest them. What else do you do, wait for them to kill people?”

Savage believes the left has in store “smearing and destroying anyone who stands in their way — first verbally and then physically.

“They are in a revolution,” he says, noting their motto is “by all means necessary.”

“They are absolutely on the warpath. There’s very little opposition,” he says.

Savage denounced the state of journalism, noting he has first-hand experience with how the media treats dissenters.

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“They never mention my name. It’s clearly like it was in the Soviet Union. First, you don’t mention the name of the opponent, therefore you make them nonexistent.

“And then if they really get in your way, you smear them,” he says.

“So more of us are going to be ruined over the next few months, unless we understand who our enemy is and fight back.”

He suggests stopping the attacks by “exposing the opponents for who they are, what they are and their own vulnerabilities,” he says.

Savage says he’s banned from “all conservative media.”

“There aren’t enough Kyles and American Mirrors out there,” he says. “There aren’t enough Drudge Reports out there.”

Savage called The American Mirror “one of the last holdouts for the flame of liberty.”

Order “Stop Mass Hysteria: America’s Insanity From the Salem Witch Trials to the Trump Witch Hunt” here.

Savage appears in the new film, “Dummycrats,” in theaters October 15. For ticket information, visit Fathom Events.

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