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Is it possible to “copy and paste” a painted portrait?

President Obama unveiled his official portrait at the National Portrait Gallery and it was … unique.

Kehinde Wiley created the official work depicting the president sitting in a chairbeing slowly enveloped by leaves and flowers.

But eagle-eyed viewers are wondering if Wiley copied features of the painting in an act of laziness.

An visual analysis of the portrait posted on Reddit shows the artist appearing to simply duplicate aspects of the painting.

Here’s a closer look:

Notice the pattern similarities in the colored boxes.

The LA Times reports:

Kehinde Wiley created the official portrait of the president against a backdrop of lush flowers — and not just any flowers. They are “chrysanthemums (the official flower of Chicago), jasmine (symbolic of Hawaii where the president spent most of his childhood) and African blue lilies (alluding to the president’s late Kenyan father).”

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