During a speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Monday, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appeared to have something quite off about her appearance.

Check it out here:

Hillary’s eyes appeared not in-sync with one another, as the left eye looked to be cock-eyed and displaced, especially as she looked towards the left.

A montage of Hillary’s eye-catching moments before a small group of Temple University students can be seen below in footage by The American Mirror. 

Do you see Hillary’s cock-eyed moments?


  • FL_Stingray

    Come on. give her a break
    My eyes do that too… after about a fifth of 90 proof gin.

    • Sam

      I think that’s what they call “seeing double” at that point 8-/

  • AHZZ

    She’s George Soros’s NWO Robot….
    Short Circuiting AGAIN! LOOK-OUT!!!!

  • Andrew Jacobson

    WHAT.. her LEFT EYE… IT wonders all them time. SICK

    • heidisfine


  • VicT

    The way that a boxer or a fighter is checked for weapons, Trump at the Debates, should say “Before we get started, I’d like to show that I’m not wearing an earpiece, (Show His Ears), I don’t have a microphone, and I don’t have any medication on me.” Can we also see that my opponent does the same?”

    • Deplorable armymom

      I like it, perfect.

    • Jim (Deplorable Infidel)

      then turn on his pocket faraday cage….

  • Only Trump

    How many dollars am I holding up?

    • Special Agent Oso

      three I mean 2

  • American Patriot

    So embarrassing!



    • Jim (Deplorable Infidel)

      that is a packed house…. all for Jill Stein

    • nukethedems

      Indeed! Yesterday they had to cancel another rally in Canton.

      • Jim (Deplorable Infidel)

        she ought to ask Jeb for some energy tips..

  • Andrew Jacobson

    her LEFT EYE… IT wonders all them time. SICK

    • paevo


    • heidisfine


  • nukethedems

    William Jefferson Clinton = Jail Mrs Clinton Felon Wife

  • American Patriot
  • Scull

    and we thought only her policies were Cock-eyed!

  • Sam

    Hitlery at 3 A.M. …”damn I hit the wrong button.”

    • VicT

      Hillary at 3AM….”I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

    • nukethedems

      Yeah, only it’s her vibrator.

  • Wholy 1

    Suspect that the cocktail of BigPharma meds on which “it” is wigged-out is randomly short-circuiting the switch between the Soros-like and Reptilian states.

  • Only Trump

    She has a special contact on her left eye that is opaque, but is crafted to look normal in the lighting conditions she speaks, so that she doesn’t get double vision. It serves as an eye patch.

  • Sam

    OBVIOUSLY, the left eye doesn’t know what the right eye is doing….

    • nukethedems

      I’m just glad not her wandering thigh. That’s Huma’s department.

  • nukethedems

    MilitaryChickenCoup: Insert THIS!

  • Frankie D

    Soros will have her “wacked” if this health story ruins her chances and put someone else in – – –

  • Tin Foil Hat

    Cockeyed&Crooked falling down sick. But, everyone knows Trump did those bombings, frogs are racist, and Hillarys honest. Are you looking at us or over there Hillary?

  • George Dixon

    Hillary has had a concussion, a blood clot at the back of her brain (as a result of the concussive fall) and physical issues (eye, walking) since the concussion. All of the above plus months of therapy to attempt to overcome the result of the injury.

    Pre-concussion pictures and videos of Hillary show none of the eye crossing (or blank stares), her needing help walking up stairs, incontinence or anything similar to her collapse on 9/11).

    (BTW: The ‘Clinton/State Department’ (2012) explanation of Hillary’s fall cited a Viral Infection as cause.
    The ‘Hillary/Hillary-2016’ (2016) explanation of Hillary’s fall, which gave her the brain injury (clot), invoked Pneumonia as the cause.)

  • FL_Stingray

    she’s got… lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes

    my apologies to Quint

  • VicT

    Who was that little girl that she hugged last week on a sidewalk?

    What happened to the Media back story on this???

  • Sam

    The Clintonian Machine will claim that now due to her many drugs, she is over qualified and has an unfair advantage over Trump with her 360 degree vision…

  • American Patriot


    Hillary Clinton Campaign Steals Money from Her Poorest Donors! ( 4 minutes )


    • Sam

      That beeatch is Krazy as Hell.

  • Silence Dogood

    She is reading her internal teleprompter..

    • Sam

      I thought she was checking on her ear piece sliding out and couldn’t remember which ear it was in.

  • Silence Dogood

    Evil eye…

  • HoReeFook

    Sugar Kaine for President!…..cause you can’t spell tard without Hill-re!

  • krafty12

    It isnt parkinson disease. She is demonstrating a cranial nerve dysfunction. I believe she has myasthenia gravis which can cause weakness, chewing and swallowing problems resulting in her cough

  • Sam


  • Brad

    No wonder she thinks there’s a big audience, she’s seeing double! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2f10d503ddf12a313d15ba8dbe7748fa6c2cf86eaf09d981cc9587412e9efc9d.jpg

  • American Patriot



  • Proud_to_be_American
    • I wish my name was Fred

      That’s awesome lol.

  • Jon Hammond7


    Hillary Rodham Clinton is mostly cold-blooded reptilian, so like a common chameleon, she can move her eyes independently before extending her tongue to grab her prey. 😉

  • Nohiros

    LOL Looks like an old 1920 comedy routine. Might be fun to dub some words on top of it… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b18a336b538edb81071fd13f0719e757bb033a82375a2e75327c0c9dbd266c61.jpg

  • lucifer

    That was in that fantastic rally she made at Temple, that only 200 students showed for speech? While in Estero, Florida Trump had a rally that did fill to capacity an auditorium of 7500 seats, and people still outside. Quite a difference, still you don’t get that info,,, in the national nets? Thank You.

  • paulmax7

    She seems to be seeing things. Like all the people she had murdered are haunting her or whatever.

  • JHan

    I just wasted precious moments of my life watching her eyes.. and for nothing.

    Are you people serious? Who is the moron who came up with this crap? How stupid do you have to be to even come up with this?

    • Buttercup

      Not like you have a job or anything better to do.

      • JHan

        I have a great job!

  • nancinger

    Trump should use the clip where Hill barks like a dog.

  • Jose Israel Martinez

    Only John McCain was too sick to be president, as Liberals hypocrites accused him, even not he was in perfect health with just prisoner of war wounds on his arms.

    But the bafoon of Hillary is perfectly fine as Democrats tell themselves.

    And Ronald Reagan was “too old” to be president, Democrats told themselves, while now rallyng for Bernie Sanders!! HYPOCRITES!!!

  • Brian

    This Alt Right web site is such a reliable source. Go ahead and comment tools.

  • FLAT stationary Earth

    They’re going to replace her with Michael Robinson I mean Michelle Obama BAPHOMET.. unisex tranny Queen of the United Nations. Queen despot of the world (evil laugh) hahahaha


    How on earth does she plan on not malfunctioning during the first debate? They’ve got to bring a lot of juice

  • David Kidd

    Where did this content come from? Who shot the video?
    Why can’t I find another video to support this activity?

    • June Smith

      If you knew how to do internet searches, you would find several videos of Hillary’s “wonky eyes” — and her need for assistance to walk up FOUR STEPS

      Hillary is telling everyone that she’s taking off the week to prep for the debates … only a Lib would fall for that – the woman is prone to these “medical episodes” and she knows if she has another one, her political career is over.

      There is rumor that she is feigning her Pneumonia is back and she may have to pass on the debate

  • Chris Renegar



    …Bunch of bull…..kinda figured this was a right-wing site….Hillary lying in a coma would be better than the tangerine hitler ruining this Country.

  • Parkinson’s causes all sorts of ocular problems, including issues with saccadic eye movements (the scanning movements of the eye, such as when reading text across a page), pursuit movements (following a moving object), and yes, strabismus (misaligned eyes).

  • LegalDementia

    Every time her eyes start to move…she nods her head up and down to cover the involuntary movement. She makes believe she’s validating what she said with the head nod or a loud laugh…but it really looks like she’s trying to cover a physical problem she can’t control. Aside from being the most corrupt candidate ever to run for president…she simply is not physically up to the job!

    • June Smith

      Dr. Drew’s successful, 5-year, prime time TV show was abruptly cancelled by CNN – aka: Clinton News Network – because he spoke out about Hillary’s brain damage.

      Dr. Noel created a documentary video of each of Hillary’s public “medical episodes” – Does Hillary Have Parkinson’s? – none of these episodes have been disputed and creating a shadow over Hillary and her “doctor,” as they struggle to try to link then all to “allergies, overheating, dehydration and pneumonia.” http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/09/does_hillary_have_parkinsons_disease.html

      Now, even Obama’s former Doctor is entering the discussion – arguing that a note from Hillary’s doctor is not enough – that she needs a thorough neurological examination in 2016, adding, “We know what happens to football players who have had concussions, how they begin to lose some of their cognitive ability.”

  • Whatever
  • Richard French


  • David Maynard

    What the hell is this? Look I despise Clinton more than the average person, but let’s keep attacks legitimate. At best this is a reach and at worse just click bait. Crap like this just energizes her supporters and gives them ammunition by saying, in this case accurately, that the attacks on her have no merit.

    Rerun the Hillary Bobble Head video from 9/11 but this is not even worthy of conspiracy theory.