U.S. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is above the law, as St. Helena, California residents learned last month.

Nancy Pelosi2Local Paul Smith wrote in to the St. Helena Star in June to describe Pelosi’s recent shoe shopping excursion at a fancy boutique, prompting a response from police chief Bill Imboden about the former House Speaker’s special status.

“Last Saturday afternoon (June 4) I’m standing on the west side of Main Street directly across from the Hunt Avenue intersection chatting with friends. Of course, traffic was heavy in both directions,” Smith wrote.

“A large perfectly polished and gleaming black SUV is attempting a left turn from Hunt onto southbound Main (not easy). Suddenly blue/red lights are flashing from the windshield area of the SUV (like you would see in an official fire/police vehicle),” he continued. “I said to my friends, I’ve never seen that before on a ‘regular’ vehicle and I’d think that’s illegal and dangerous. They agreed.”

That’s when the large black SUV jolted across two lanes of traffic, lights flashing, to park in front of a fire hydrant at the high end shoe boutique Footcandy.

“A St. Helena police car happens to be going northbound and pulls into the center lane and the officer starts shaking his arm and hollering at the driver of the SUV. While this goes on a man exits the SUV assisting a woman from the vehicle. She dashes off to Footcandy while he waits by the SUV in the red zone,” Smith explained.

The police officer then drove off without confronting the driver, he wrote.

“My friends and I are puzzled, say goodbye and I walk south on Main. As I approach Footcandy, Nancy Pelosi comes out with her shopping bags and the man assists her into the awaiting SUV. The SUV, with lights flashing, bursts back into southbound traffic,” Smith said.

“Wow! Privilege? Power? Whose SUV, taxpayers?” he questioned. “Say it ain’t so, Nancy.”

The Star contacted Imboden about the episode.

Imboden responded:

The St. Helena Police Department has received similar complaints in the past, and on occasion we come across a scenario like what is mentioned in the complaint. Unfortunately local law enforcement has no authority to prevent this type of activity. The U.S. Capitol Police and the U.S. Secret Service provide dignitary protection for certain high-ranking members of the Federal Government, and this protection comes with the discretion to violate some state and local laws (illegal U-turns, parking in a red zone) under the guise of providing the best possible protection to the dignitary. In the case of Congresswoman Pelosi, she receives her protection detail from the Capitol Police. As the Chief of Police in St. Helena I can assure you we don’t like or condone their behavior, but I can tell you from personal experience that while they sympathize with the position they put us in, they will not alter their tactics to appease us.

Anyone who wishes to lodge a complaint about Congresswoman Pelosi can email her at the following website: pelosi.house.gov.

You can also lodge a complaint with the protection agency at: U.S. Capitol Police Office of Professional Responsibility — [email protected].

“This didn’t look like any official business to me,” Smith told the San Francisco Chronicle, which confirmed the high security shopping trip with Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill.

Hammill, of course, insisted that Pelosi’s entourage “always complies with appropriate laws and regulations.”

Twitchy pointed out Tuesday that Pelosi’s special treatment is another example of “the double standard that benefits Democrat politicians to whom laws simply don’t apply” that’s similar to the recent decision by the FBI not to recommend criminal charges against former secretary of state Hillary Clinton over her use of a private unsecured email server for official government business.

Clinton is expected to escape criminal charges for her “extremely careless” handling of classified information, despite the fact that the Department of Justice has prosecuted military personnel for very similar, less critical, offenses, the Daily Caller reports.

  • joe owens

    More Democratic trash, no surprise there.

  • Jinro

    The corruptocrats have nothing but contempt for us.

  • Hiram D. Walker

    We have officially become the United Socialist States of Amerika. One set for the average citizen, and another set for the politically connected, politically connected and the elite.

    At the rate things are falling apart at the seams, it won’t be long until we start to see a real and earnest push for secession from the gun toting, Bible clinging Christians living in the flyover portion of the country to leave the elites on both liberal coasts to fend for themselves.

    • hytre64

      George Orwell got it right in Animal Farm:

      All Animals are Equal, but some Animals are more Equal than Others.

    • alinla56

      I take it you are refusing to pay taxes and have informed the IRS of your principled decision. Right?

  • Robert Ahrens

    Counter Globalist, did you skip history class your entire life? In ’48 were the Palestinians not offered the very same land deal as the Israelis? Did the 5 surrounding Muslim countries tell the Palestinians to “refuse the deal, leave the area and in two weeks you,( the Palestinians), will have it all”? Only thing is Israel, with a few worn out tanks some weapons and GOD defeated 5 countries on their own. You see CG, all of this was predicted over 6000 years ago but people like you want to believe MSNBC and the rest of the bomb throwers as nauseum. CG, go back and do your own research before you spout off some tin foil hat stupidity. I’m finished with you. Next?

  • Michael Morris

    It’s crazy that the local Police go along with this. Treat them like anyone else… arrest them, take them to jail… book them. If a judge later gives her a pass, nothing they can do about it. But they can and should refuse to just allow her to hold herself above the rest of us. The locals can say there is nothing they can do (I’m not buying it)… they can haul her ass in just like they would anyone else.

    Looking the other way and saying nothing I can do, is simply not accurate or honest… it’s a cop out… PUN intended.

  • Klaus Krauthammer

    I have never heard this idiot Pelosi construct and intelligible sentence ever. She is well known on the hill as a complete idiot. That says everything you need to know about her voting base or is it election fraud.

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    i hope she gets shot in her pointy little head.