U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi can think of few things better than her connections to mega donors in the Democratic Party.

“May I just say, many honors are afforded a member of Congress, but being introduced by Donald Sussman is high among them,” Pelosi told her audience in a YouTube video of her Tuesday visit to the Center for American Progress. “Thank you Donald, for your kind words.”

“Where did he go? Did he leave?” she questioned with a laugh. “That’s an applause line, Donald Sussman, that’s an applause line!”

Sussman donated $11 million to Priorities USA Action – a super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton – during the 2016 elections, and his firm Paloma Partners was the largest single supporter of Clinton’s campaign last year at more than $21 million, according to Wikipedia.

But praising mega donors is only the latest in a long line of bizarre behavior from the Democratic leader in recent months.

In February during an appearance before Families USA, Pelosi revealed her obsession with “applause lines,” described John Kasich as the “governor of Illinois,” and repeatedly confused her words, The American Mirror previously reported.

At one point, after attendees didn’t clap when Pelosi heaped praise on Families USA for helping to ram through Obamacare, the San Francisco native quipped “When I said we could not have done it without Families USA, that was an applause line for you.”

Later in the talk she simply shouted out “Applause line!” whenever the audience failed to clap when she thought they should.

But at least Pelosi seems to be getting her words straight in the most recent Center for American Progress address.

In February, she flubbed Martin Luther King Jr.’s name as “Martin Luther Sing,” repeatedly used Medicaid when she meant Medicare, and misused other words like “recanting” when she meant “recounting.”

She also bungled a speech last week before an international audience on a visit with the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, North India, The American Mirror reported.

Pelosi was leading a Congressional delegation to visit with the Tibetan spiritual leader when she called China “Tina,” repeated words, stuttered, and failed miserably to deliver a joke that only Americans understood.

“So I understand that this beautiful song about His Holiness’s 80th birthday is a wish that he lives to be 113 years old,” she said. “I am sure that we all associate ourselves with that remark and I know it’s good news to the government of Beijing.”

The Dalai Lama was motionless as Pelosi delivered the joke, though some of her delegation apparently thought it was funny.