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Jimmy Kimmel may not be funny, but he doesn’t have to worry about Nancy Pelosi taking his job away.

The House Minority Leader attempted to tell a joke to an environmental protest on Saturday, and it fell flat.

So flat, only one person laughed.

Addressing the “March for Science,” Pelosi said, “I like to tell the story about a little boy in first grade. The teacher says to him, ‘What is one and one?’ He says, ‘Two.’

“‘What is two and two?’ ‘Four,'” Pelosi said.

“Teacher says, ‘Good.’ He says, ‘Not good, perfect.'”

As the crowd chattered and seemingly ignored Pelosi, a single person laughed.

She went on to say decisions can’t be made until “we agree to a basis of fact” on so-called “global warming.”

As it turns out, there may be a reason only one person laughed: There weren’t that many more people on hand. Check out this video:

Another speaker attempted to elicit a response from the crowd and there was little — if any — reaction.

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