Now who’s being the child?

Conservative YouTube sensation CJ Pearson, a 13-year-old black middle schooler from Georgia, revealed today that he’s been blocked from following President Obama on Twitter. He’s also unable to view the president’s tweets.

“It’s an honor,” Pearson tells The American Mirror, insisting he did nothing to warrant being blocked, except his most recent video released last week.

In the video, he accuses the president of playing politics with the Texas student who was suspended for bringing a clock to school that appeared to be a bomb.

“He’s used this child as a political prop,” Pearson said. “This president has used this child to push his radical, leftward agenda. And I think it’s disgusting, and I think many, many people agree.”

Pearson’s video has been viewed over 1.8 million times on YouTube.

UPDATE — 10:23 p.m.:

CJ says the White House issued a statement saying the president didn’t block him on Twitter. CJ responds here:

My response to the White House calling me a liar.

Posted by CJ Pearson on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

  • Cipher’s Solution

    That’s hilarious. Prezzy Breezy’s gettin’ pis*y…….

  • FFF the DNC

    Hmm? Barring from twitter. Wouldn’t that be same as a 1st amendment violation?

  • John (magnum)


    • Hoosiers4ChristianConservative

      As always, love reading your comments….you are a Disqus Diety….nobody else has a 37:1 comment to up vote ratio….no one!

      Geesh, 22K comments and 850K up votes….once again proving that speaking the truth resonates with Americans.

      • John (magnum)

        And probably have just as many down votes if they kept track of those.

  • Dave LaSorte

    Obama is a gutless turd. We’ve known this for a long time.

  • person

    CJ is great….ignore the gay man-child pretending to be President…

  • Akello Rashid

    Good for you, Mr. President. You have enough haters as it is; you don’t need to hear from some misguided child that’s being propped up by his regressive handlers.

    • person


    • Blah Blah

      Good for you, CJ Pearson. You have enough liberal haters as it is; you don’t
      need to hear from some misguided president that’s being propped up by his
      regressive handlers.

      ( fixed it for you )

    • Arec Bardwin

      The president is so insecure, so afraid, and so weak that he blocks a 13 year old and you cheer him on? He is literally being man handled and embarrassed by a 13 year old…pathetic.
      Worst president ever.

      • Aaron Lee

        He’s pretty awful, but not for reasons the Drudge crowd thinks…

        Also… you know he very likely doesn’t manage his twitter account himself right? His staff almost certainly did the blocking.

        Semantics, I know…

        I think Dick Cheney was our worst President… by far.

        • Blah Blah

          Woodrow Wilson was the worst.

        • Arec Bardwin

          I can’t tell if you are being tongue in cheek. You know Cheney was never president right?

          • Aaron Lee


    • Republiker

      He earned all his haters Akjello

    • John Q. Public, Jr.

      Me thinks ye olde emperor has no pantaloons, or is just goin l00ney

  • Arec Bardwin

    It sure gives you an idea of what Obama thinks of people that think for themselves. If you are not swallowing Obama’s codswallop, or shouting leftist slogans, you will be blocked.
    The Potus really takes douchebaggery to another level.

  • HarveyMushman

    Seriously you couldn’t make this stuff up….it’s too bizarre…

  • Blah Blah

    What’s disturbing is the number of Obots calling this kid an uncle tom and worse on his videos.
    Just sickening hypocrites.

  • Republiker

    Has the kids house been looted yet?

  • Doug

    The President’s white half is racists.

  • CropGun

    Perhaps the WH would be more receptive if he built a clock?

  • Denise

    This ignorant kid just wants attention/clicks.

    • Republiker

      The young man is precisely correct and you resort to name calling. Typical democrat.

    • craziesRincharge

      Ignorant? Well, he got attention. Calling him ignorant is…..ignorant!

    • Ron Mexico

      You’re the only ignorant one on this post!

    • publius327

      Describe his ignorance.

    • Blah Blah

      Yes, the Clock Kid is an attention seeking little worm.

  • Reagan

    Typical BH0, do as I say…

  • Ron Mexico

    Here’s a new T.V. show. Are you smarter than the POTUS? This kid sure is!

  • Michelezh

    The kid’s got SPUNK!! Good for him! And good for the U.S.A. to have more kids like him!

  • Isaiahdolan

    Our President is a Harvard trained lawyer, a winner of the Pulitzer Peace Prize and the leader of the democratic party. He is a gifted orator and has given every citizen in the country a wonderful health plan. What has this young man done?

    • Lol


      • me

        Harvard Trained lawyer? Funny, no one remembers him at Harvard. And the term “trained?” Is he a circus animal?

        Pulitzer Peace Price. I didn’t know they had one of them there things. Did you? I have heard of the Nobel Peace Price, which is given out to cronies such as Yassar Arafat and people with “a vision” such as 0bama.

        The leader of the DNC? Great accomplishment, so is Debbie Was-a-Man Schultz who I believe, based on her actions and appearances on TV, is related to Sgt Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes fame.

        I’m not even gonna go into 0bamacare.

        I see why you are ROTFLMFAO!

    • publius327

      He has dislpayed intellectual honesty. That’s something your NOBEL (that’s right, Nobel) Prize Winner hasn’t bothered with.


      http : // www


      • Isaiahdolan

        He’ll win the Pulitzer for writing soon enough.

        • publius327

          And single-handedly cure cancer.

  • calico_kitty

    CJ, good for you! you are very articulate and well-spoken and with your integrity and determination to place truth above agenda and politics, you will go far in life. God Bless you!

  • James Martin

    Obama should hang for treason.

  • Gas_Passer


  • FritzHead

    The Piece of Sh*t of the US is real brave with kids………………….

  • SSE

    Go CJ! I’d rather follow CJ on Twitter than Obama.

  • Kevin Snyder

    What a pissy little man-child. There’s no WAY those girls are his.

    • alanaforsyth

      Malia looks just like him.

  • Benderisgreat

    I can see this kid’s going to go far in life.

  • justaman

    So much for transparency.

  • publius327

    Police officers are being executed all over the country, and nary a peep from these guys.

    Afraid of the way it would make the White House look, trying to silence a young man, and they are all over that s***.

    These people are nowhere. Their supporters are, too.

  • alanaforsyth

    These comments have abandoned the subject of the article.

    • publius327

      As has yours, just now.

      Maybe it will all be OK anyway.

  • Gas_Passer


  • John Q. Public, Jr.

    Our ‘Commander” in Chief more like the fraidy kat in chief, blocks a 13 year old kid cause he does not like his ‘politics’ I thought the POTUS represented ALL the people, not just you chosen group(s)….POTUS shows more respect & luv to Iran, ISIS & Hamas then to this US citizen, Israel, the middle class & all of us realizing we are really, REALLY f’ed by Obamacare…..cant afford to go get treated, he switched all the expense to us…..but hey the Syrian refugees will get Soc Sec, free meical care, & welfare….ahh the joys of being a TAXPAYER… It was a Radio Shack clock, nothing this kid “made” but a load of poppycock……

  • Kevin

    LOL. He’s right. What an honor.
    This President is an embarrassing petulant child with anyone that disagrees with him.

  • Ugly and Angry

    Just goes to show that fruitcake America elected a grade school mind to be POTUS. Shameful.

  • Amos3

    As Ike said in answer to a question from a reporter about the status of USSR and American relations: “Things are more like they are now then they have ever been before.”

  • OdinsAcolyte

    Socialism is what the inept and emotive think is intelligent.

  • turmn8

    Baaraq, in my opinion, is being childish, blocking a child from Twitter. Shame on you Baaraq.

  • Ed Edgerton

    Man, look at all that salacious clickbait. What sort of “conservatism” is this?

  • JeffR

    As a Narcissist, Obama can’t deal with anyone that doesn’t totally love and agree with him.

  • Hitchhiker

    This young man will go far. Unless we keep electing democrats. Then, he might meet an untimely end. Be careful CJ. Speaking truth to power is great right up until they get too much power.

  • mewp12

    This man is so petty. He reminds me of Trump.

    • Woody

      At least Trump has a record he can brag about. 0bama…..not.

  • Kathleen3

    Why is it the media and Party bosses denigrate Trump for retaliating via tweets yet not one word about the President of the world’s most powerful country taking the time to do the same to an adolescent boy?

  • surrounded_by_idiots

    If there was ever a young man that Barry could use his my son nonsense, it’s this kid. The problem is that if he were his son, the son has more intelligence than the father. What an embarrassment Obama is for our country.

  • Valar Morghulis

    At least Donald Trump would spend time blasting him online and wouldnt block him hahaha


    When his term is over Obama will be re-joining ISIS.

    • Woody

      Joining??? 0bama already secretly sits on the ISIS Board of Directors.

    • Toitchynuts

      I disagree, that implies he left in the first place.

  • Rich

    CJ. This a a little trick you can try. Go to restaurant or any place that has wifi other than your own home. Go to twitter & create a new account. Log in with the new account and you should be able to see the dictators tweets. Go back home and see if you can still access it with your new account. If you can all is good. If you are now blocked again then you are being block by your internet ip address wich is provided by your isp. If this is the case hire a lawyer & sue both the isp & the dictator in chief.

  • texas1

    Show you how narcissist Obama is. Can’t take a little criticism from a 13 year old kid. Maybe the kid should be President and not the fool that is in there now.

  • booboo

    Obama, the petulant child throws a twitter tantrum.

  • politically incorrect

    This kid continuously one ups our sorry a$$ POTUS

  • Justice Leaguer

    Late 30’s to have a child? I had 5 before I was 31. Lol

    • Josey

      heh, me too…so funny

  • Toitchynuts

    I guess if Obama had a son it wouldn’t be him

    • Lilian187

      Correct..he wouldn’t be a liar and a whiny little b1tch.

      • Cipher’s Solution

        So, you DEFINITELY wouldn’t be his daughter…..

        • THEJOKER

          stay under the rock. it’s safe for you.

      • Toitchynuts

        Yea that is a prerequisite for an obama son lol

        • Lilian187

          YOu’re here b1tching and lying about Obama aren’t you?

          • Toitchynuts

            Oh, my bad. I mistook you for someone who isn’t a cunt.

          • Lilian187

            You call your mommy that while living in her basement and throwing hotpockets against the wall?

          • Toitchynuts

            No, she’s nothing like you so why would I?

          • Lilian187

            So you admit that you live in your mommy’s basement. Thanks for your honesty.

          • Toitchynuts

            And I’m at work right now (unlike obama sons) so don’t forget to accuse me of stealing from my employer for being online right now.

      • Woody

        Your take doesn’t fit. Any “if 0bama had a son” guys were killed during the commision of a violent felony. CJ Pearson still lives. Not him.

        • Lilian187

          CJ is going to get profiled by a racist cop one day and is going to get a beat down of his life when he spouts off about the Constitution.

          • Woody

            If CJ were to take the cop’s gun and kill him, THEN he’ll fit the Obama son profile.

          • Lilian187

            Little bootlicker will be crying and sh1tting his pants.

          • Woody

            CJ A$$kicker had 0bama crying and sh1tting his pantalones.
            That’s the whole point of this story.

          • Lilian187

            Obama will still be POTUS and living in HIS White House while CJ will be whining on Youtube in his mommy’s basement. Obama doesn’t even know that this little 5hit exists

          • Woody

            You can see on the video it was made in the dining room. If 0bama doesn’t know the kid exists, then why did he block CJ on Twitter.
            Why do you lie so much? Oh wait, you’ve an 0bama supporter, It’s pathological. Do you enjoy causing the deaths of millions of people, also like 0bama?

  • Lilian187

    The lying whiny boy needs a good role model in his life. Obama should invite him to HIS White House.

  • Daniel Ramos

    In a debate between this kid and obama, the kid would annihilate the muslim dumbass in the WH right now.

    I didn’t see a teleprompter that the kid was reading from…and given that obama’ needs one even for sex, i seriously doubt he would be any kind of intellectual match for Pearson.

    On a related note, who wants to see a FOX debate between CJ Pearson and Ahmed Mohamed?

    My goodness…that would be “pay per view” quality right there 🙂