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Former President Barack Obama believes that Fox News viewers live in an “entirely different reality” than those who read the New York Times.

During an event on Tuesday night at Rice University, Obama argued that the current media structure doesn’t allow Americans “to agree on a common set of facts.”

“In 1981, your news cycle was still governed by the stories that were going to be filed by the AP, Washington Post, maybe New York Times, and the three broadcast stations,” Obama said.

“Whether people got their news from Walter Cronkite or David Brinkley, they tended to agree on a common set of facts. That set a baseline around which both parties had to adapt and respond to,” he continued.

“By the time I take office,” Obama said, smirking as if he was excited to unveil his insulting remark. “What you increasingly have is a media environment in which, if you are a Fox News viewer, you have an entirely different reality than if you are a New York Times reader.”

When he wasn’t trashing Fox News viewers and implying that they aren’t as informed as the uppity liberals who read the Times, he was taking credit for the United States oil boom.

“You wouldn’t always know it but it went up every year I was president,” Obama said, referring to U.S. oil and gas production. “That whole, suddenly America’s like the biggest oil producer and the biggest gas — that was me, people.”

Between 2009 and 2016, oil production in the U.S. did nearly double. However, as The Daily Caller points out, an overwhelming majority of the oil production in America during that time occurred at the state and local level.

The Obama administration had little to no control of this, meaning states and owners of private land took it upon themselves to increase oil production.

More importantly, oil production in America has hit new records since President Donald Trump took office.

In November, the U.S. produced a record-setting 11.7 million barrels per day. Since Trump took office, America has also become the world’s largest oil-producing nation, outpacing both Saudi Arabia and Russia this year.

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Of course, Obama failed to mention any of that during his speech because he was too busy taking credit for Trump’s accomplishments.

Later in the event, the former president also said America has had a history of “great smugness” when it comes to wealth and status.

“So, part of what’s happened is that when people feel their status is being jostled and threatened, they react. What I would agree with is that the Washington consensus, whatever you want to call it,” Obama said, referring to identity politics while stuttering several times to finish his sentence.

“We got a little too comfortable with — they are looking at GDP numbers and looking at the Internet and everything is looking pretty great, particularly after the Cold War. After what you guys engineered, you had this period of great smugness on the part of America and American elites thinking, We got this figured out. … That came back to bite us,” he said.

Obama spent most of the night bloviating about himself and trashing Republicans and the president.

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