In his waning days in office, President Obama is not only taking credit for motivating liberals, but his political opponents, too.

Appearing on “This Week” on Sunday, Obama called himself the “father of the Tea Party.”

At first struggling to articulate his greatness in a single sentence, the president claimed he helped to foment American “democracy”.

Quoting Clare Boothe Luce, George Stephanopoulos said, “The greater the man, the easier it is to describe him in a single sentence. What’s your sentence.”

“Uh,” Obama said, pausing for several moments. “I, I, I, I, I’d like to think that, uh, maybe the sentence is, um, President Obama, um, believed deeply in this democracy and the American people,” he responded.

He said he got people “who didn’t believe in the process to get engaged.”

He counted his detractors among them.

“I gather I’m the father of the Tea Party,” Obama said. “Um, I invigorated the grassroots in the Republican Party as well as the Democratic Party.”