In an apparent embrace of free market economics, Bronx socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is demanding that employers pay workers “what they are worth.”

Ocasio-Cortez is backing the “Paycheck Fairness Act,” a bill that would ban the practice of paying employees based on what their pay has been in the past, and allows them to discuss their compensation with fellow employees.

“We implicitly recognize, as women, that the pay gap and the wage gap is an injustice that persists through secrecy and it’s an injustice that persists to the present day,” Ocasio-Cortez said at a press conference.

“And the only way that we can combat that is through organizing and our personal action ourselves,” she said.

The socialist says the “Paycheck Fairness Act” is good because it says “we cannot ask for salary history and pay people depending on their salary history anymore. Anymore,” she said to applause.

The intent of that, of course, is based on the idea that the employee wants to continue to grow financially, and the employer would like some idea of the employee’s personal financial goals.

“Because it is time that we pay people what they are worth,” she declared, seemingly embracing a free market approach to worker compensation, “and not how little they are desperate enough to accept. It is time to pay people what they are worth,” she repeated.

“And that has nothing to do with their history, it has everything to do with what they are worth today,” she said.

(So what happens when making a hamburger is not worth $15 an hour?)

“And the second thing is that it makes it legal and it makes it totally permissable to share your salary information at your workplace, and that’s incredibly important because for all of those who say the wage gap does not exist, and that it’s a myth, then they should have no problem proving that by allowing the disclosure of salaries in the workplace,” Ocasio-Cortez said. reports isn’t not currently against the law to discuss compensation with colleagues:

Your right to discuss your salary information with your coworkers is protected by the federal government. The National Labor Relations Act states that employers can’t ban the discussion of salary and working conditions among employees. This would prevent employees from organizing themselves effectively and give employers an unfair bargaining edge. However, this law doesn’t guarantee you access to salary information. Only your coworkers can tell you their salaries. You can’t force the human resources department to release this information.

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