The key to becoming more intelligent and productive in life is to wear the same pajamas every night.

That’s the mind-boggling advice from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who recently took to Instagram to spread her secrets to success.

In a video clip posted to Twitter on Sunday by user Joey Mannarino, Ocasio-Cortez informed her Instagram followers about how she believes a “lounge uniform” is the key to unlocking someone’s inner success.

“So people talk about having a work uniform, um, you have certain outfits that you can go to,” Ocasio-Cortez began. “That you can put on so that you so that you, uh…, don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about it.”

“If you want to spend your mental energy elsewhere, what does not get talked about is having a lounge uniform, of sorts,” she continued.

“So that you have something to wear while you’re working and you have a set thing that you wear when you are not working,” she added, with her face just inches from the screen.

She went on to admit that her own concept may seem “kind of strange,” but continued to advocate for it.

“When you come home and you are ready to change into this thing, it’s a signal for your brain, and, uh, you can, uh, having certain mental responses to help you relax and be more productive,” she concluded in the clip.

When Ocasio-Cortez isn’t arguing in favor of a “lounge uniform,” she’s complaining that her congressional duties have taken away from her time to do yoga.

While speaking to her supporters in an Instagram video, the New York socialist complained that her new life in Congress has resulted in her doing less yoga, eating more fast food, and falling asleep with her make-up on.

“I am starting a week of self-care where I am taking the week off and taking care of me. I don’t know how to do that, though, so I would appreciate any and all self-care tips,” she said.

Back in November, Ocasio-Cortez held another bizarre Instagram live session and took questions from her viewers on a variety of topics.

In between making black bean soup and randomly talking about only supporting the most progressive candidates in the country, Ocasio-Cortez was asked how to pay for the “Medicare for All” plan that she supports.

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“The same way we pay for bombs and for war,” she said in between tossing stuff in her crock pot.

“Y’all figured out a way to pay for a $2 trillion tax cut, so why don’t we just use that way,” she added, comparing a massive socialist redistribution plan to the government reducing taxes for a vast majority of the nation.

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