A Pennsylvania state government leader wants American history revised to tell her preferred version of events.

Gettysburg Confederate flagState Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown (D-Philadelphia) doesn’t think the Confederate flag should be used during the re-enactment of bloody Gettysburg battle that occurred in early July 1863 during the Civil War — because organizers aren’t telling the story the way she wants it to be told.

“I’ve been to a lot of reenacting and the reenacting does not tell the stories accurately,” Brown claims, according to ABC 27.

Speaking about the Confederate battle flag, she added, “If they’re not going to tell the story properly, then they should not be displayed and they should not be reenacted unless they’re going to tell the truth.”

Brown said there “hasn’t been many that have really told the story about the oppression of the Confederate flag.”

The annual Gettysburg reenactment starts today and runs through Sunday — the same dates as the 1863 battle in which there were some 51,000 combined casualties.

It’s not the first time Brown has attempted to silence that part of American history.

When she saw the Confederate battle flag in an array of historical flags displayed in the Pennsylvania state capitol in mid-June, she tore it down. Literally.

“That flag represents hatred, murder, and oppression,” she declared after removing it without permission, WGAL reported. “It was important for me to take a stand to make sure the next generation of children are not taught hatred is okay.”

The flag was a part of about a dozen others assembled by the Hanover Area Historical Society for capitol visitors to see.

“It was stolen,” group spokeswoman Debra Markle said. “She had no right to put her hands on that collection.”

“It’s part of American history,” Markle told PennLive. “We can’t sugarcoat everything and it’s just a shame that one person’s opinion has to ruin [the display] for so many. But it seems that’s the way it’s going in this country.”

After Brown gave the flag to the House Speaker’s office, police seized it and rehung it in the display. Shortly after, the governor ordered it to be removed.

Last summer, the Gettysburg National Military Park bookstore stopped selling “items with the Confederate flag” upon the request of the National Park Service, WTAE reported.

  • gaspar

    This demidiot belongs in a rubber room.

  • KevTuck

    Better yet…lets ban guns from Gettysburg reenactments.

    • cb2000a

      Don’t give them any ideas…

  • KevTuck

    Texas should ban their revolutionary flag from San Jacinto reenactments on March 6 each year. Its pornographic.

    • USVoter

      Having been to the Alamo, I’m sure there are flags there that would offend Mexicans – should we ban that as well? I hate idiots that want to sanitize history because it offends them. Somebody tell this idiot that there is no constitutional right to not be offended — if the confederate flag offends you so profoundly I suggest you don’t go to reenactments where it is being displayed.

      • KevTuck

  • KevTuck

    Why stop there? Lets ban Confederate flags from books and movies as well. And if great grandpappy continues to pass on those ol’ stories from his grandpappy, well, lets ban him too.

  • KevTuck

    Representative Brown wants the story to be ‘told properly’. The properly told story notes that slavery flourished on this continent for decades under the Stars n’ Stripes. Shall we ban Old Glory as well?

    • Pamelaemaxwell3


    • SWDC

      Bravo finally someone finally understands what is being done to the USA.

      The Confederate flag never flew over any slave ship.

    • JacksonPearson

      Sadly, history is not black America’s best friend. Black slavery is still going on very strongly today, in the Middle East, but nary a peep out of our MSM, or Congressional Black Caucus. or Jesse, or Al.

  • Tollthis

    Pennsylvania has more than it’s share of liberal morons!

  • Charlotte Green

    Gotta love the idiots, they seem to be flourishing even more than usual.

  • Jd Wilson

    quit trying to erase true history and replace it with something that soothes the socialist liberalistic views.the hate is in your heart not in the confederate battle flag

    • Thomas Sparks Jr.

      Exactly right. A gun is only a threat, to law abiding citizens, in a criminal’s hands. The Battle Flag is only a racist, bigoted symbol, in the hands of a racist bigot. The fault is in the person, not the object.

  • danscalera1

    There is no doubt in my mind that Rep. Brown is a Black woman!! They want to change history to suit their distorted minds! What a disgrace!!!

  • Bobby Smith

    I say ban Libtard PC correct people from America!

  • FeedTheGrizzly!! $15!

    American Taliban strikes again.

  • Charles_Higley

    The reason why we have problems with creeping Communism, which is socialism run by a powerful gang (someone has to run it), is that, years ago we had the USSR and Red China in our faces during the Cold War, but now the USSR is gone and we do not teach the children about socialism and how it does not work. We do not teach that every socialist experiment, Venezuela being the most recent and Cuba the longest, has failed miserably. If we do not teach the kids about oppression, and even use the South as an example, they will not appreciate why we do not want it until they are indeed oppressed themselves.

    Also, how about teaching about the history of slavery? “Slave” comes from Slav because so many slaves back in ancient times were Slavic and, for that matter, over history there have been many more white slaves than there have been black slaves. It was only during one period of history in the US (or the world) that blacks were the preferred slave race, but few people know that there were indeed many white slaves at the same time and that about half of the slave-owning plantations in the South were owned by blacks.

    Also, why not mention that it was mainly Muslims who raided black villages in Africa for slaves to ship to North America and that some black tribes would help by raiding their enemy tribes and sell them to the Muslims. Most of the black slaves in the South could credit other blacks and Muslims for being slaves in the first place.

    To be fair, there were many plantations that were run very nicely and humanely, such that when the slaves were liberated they did not want to leave and instead stayed on as hired laborers. The need for cheap labor for the cotton industry came from the advent of the cotton gin which vastly improved the efficiency of cleaning cotton.

    It is estimated that there are more slaves today than at any time in history, as slaves are allowed under Islam and there is a black market slave trade going on in many countries. Oppression is out there and the more ways we can teach kids of its various evil forms the better.

    We need to keep the Confederate flag in our culture to remind ourselves of things we do not want and also to honor the fact that even though the North disagreed with their beliefs, there were many brave Americans/Southerners who were honorable enough to risk and give their lives for what they believed in.

    • KevTuck

      Don’t you realize we’re too busy rewriting history to pay attention to your facts.

  • Steve Scott

    “That flag represents hatred, murder, and oppression,” American Indians and native Hawaiians could say that about the US flag — people in foreign lands — such as Iraq — feel that way. Colonists in North American 240 years ago could say that about the Union Jack. What is new here?

    • KevTuck

      Many more slaves labored and died under the Stars n’ Stripes than under the Stars n’ Bars.

  • capers2

    Communism, Socialism, Marxism…PC-ism run amok…It is the ultimate stupefication of America by the Idiocracy…

  • Frank_PA

    let’s pretend Brown has a brain and thinks if she wishes the Confederate flag away, the Civil War never happened and she is now a slave.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Replace it with the ISIS or Rainbow flag to show solidarity with the demoncrat party.

  • Infidel51

    The world is on fire and they are worried about this bs. Blah blah blah stfu.

  • Jorge Watsonton

    Blacks were inslaving blacks long before there was a Confederate flag.

    • Jorge Watsonton

      So lets make black culture Persona non Grata

    • slick willie


  • WeirOnlyHuman

    How about the true history of black slave traders in Africa that sold their people into bondage?

  • Bill McHann

    Why don’t they say she has been indicted for bribery charges and is claiming racism.They don’t mention that.It is all a smoke screen for her to get out of stealing and divert attention.Piss poor reporting.

  • James Ritchie

    Let’s change the name of Washington, Dc. Old George had slaves. Push the Jefferson Memorial into the Potomac. And on and on and on. The whole thing makes me sick. There are so many IDIOTS in this world.

  • James Ritchie

    and another thing. How did Lincoln get a memorial? That war monger killed more Americans than Hitler. Anything Lincoln offends me.

  • TheTruthMatters

    Again, the right of free speech is taken away by the left. They think that only their speech matters. Whenever they feel offended, they think they have the right to do whatever they want. Pretty sick……….

  • Kurt Cook

    And just what are confederate re-enactors supposed to carry? Panty hose on a stick?

  • heyheymama51

    State Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown (D-Philadelphia)should SHUT UP, read some history and realize NO ONE alive is responsible for the past. Personal responsibility for your own welfare is the ONLY answer. STOP THE BLAME GAME DAMN IT.

  • James Grimes

    This is what happens when women get into government positions.

  • Daisy Chain

    There’s plenty of flags flying out there today that represent ” hatred, murder, and oppression”, the Union Jack for one. Just ask India, Ireland, South Africa, Zimbabwe to name but a few. History is history, we can but learn from it and move on, but you can’t erase it, nor should you.

  • Democrats are doing what ISIS is doing in the Middle East, destroying historical landmarks, art, structures, wiping out the history that they don’t like. Blacks have been doing this to Southern history for quite some time now, especially since the publicity of all of these shootings by cops of gangbanging thugs. Liberals are fascists and ISIS was created by Imam Obama and Crooked Hillary’s State Dept.