National Baptist Convention organizers shrunk the room by one-third after fewer people turned out than expected to hear Hillary Clinton.

Frank Morris, national correspondent for KCUR, tweeted a photo showing a worker moving walls to shrink the meeting room in Kansas City.

“Workers cutting down the room by a third with lower than expected turnout for (Clinton in Kansas City) speech,” Morris reported.

A perhaps more brutal image shows a vast amount of empty seats during her speech.

Brian Abel of 41 Action News tweeted several photos showing the cavernous empty room.

Abel also reported organizers turned off lights in larger portions of the hall to make it look smaller:

KCTV’s Betsy Webster noticed the same thing. “Attendance less than planned,” she tweeted.

Abel noted there was only about 20% turnout for Clinton.

“Less than 1,000 of the (more than) 5,000 setup,” he reported.

  • needful

    only a few idiots showed up for the viewing.

  • larry

    So she now knows she CAN NOT take the Black vote for granted. After she engineered the assassination of Muammar Qaddafi, a true friend & one of our own, how can she ask for our vote with a straight face. It was her husband who told Qaddafi NO, after he offered the Black community $1 Billion for our economic development. WE can never forget nor forgive him for that.
    Mr. Trump has said our “wrongs will be made right” with him in charge. We owe him the opportunity to do that.
    The old lady has not said anything close to righting our wrongs and never will because she don’t intend to.

  • Jim Stone

    HILLERY has NO MESSAGE other than. She should be next