Hillary Clinton’s speech to the American Legion looked good for the cameras pointing towards the stage, but a crowd shot showed dozens of empty seats in the audience.

Check out this still image from a Fox News broadcast tweeted by Tammy Butler:

Hillary Clinton American Legion

This was not as they were waiting for Clinton. She’s at the podium and on the big screen. This is during her speech.


  • ADLoggy

    I would venture to say that even a good deal of those sitting there were not Vets but Hillary’s own “hire a crowd” that her campaign pays to show up to her events to help fill seats. To Hillary it’s all about optics and fooling the gullible. of which there appears to be many.

  • Yappie

    Perhaps they were sucked into the black hole in her head when she first opened her mouth.

  • BPatMann

    CNN Newsflash!: “HILLARY ALMOST PACKS GYM!!! Trump barely able to fill arena.”

  • BPatMann

    Maybe the Dems are afraid of Hillary’s spaz attacks.

  • C.C. Hiliner

    Don’t forget, She DESPISES the Military. When she was first lady married to President “I loathe the Military”, She didn’t like the Marines in the WH, and would often give them menial tasks like collecting empty glasses or serving food trays. Anything she could think of to humiliate them. She will PISS on the Military and starve it’s budget if she becomes President.

  • Cajun Robear

    Even though nothing like a Trump rally, I am shocked that there are that many vets at a Clinton function. WTF?

    • Phonics Monkey

      A $25 gift card and a catered lunch is why they were there.

    • RPVG

      You’re assuming they’re vets. They may be paid attendees.

  • Phonics Monkey

    I see more people standing in the ‘Returns’ line at Walmart!

  • Rock n Roll

    Lol A bunch of empty seats! Maybe 50 retirees in the room who probably went for the free food. lol

  • Frank

    And a majority of those who were in attendance are voting for Trump.

  • tasuja

    Most in the audience were shipped-in Hillary Staffers and street vagrants who were paid a dollar to sit and sleep.

  • iisac bartender

    Damn she can’t fill a high school gym with supporters.

    • Thrill22cl

      And shes always up in the polls

    • Herman Johnson

      People or jock straps?

  • Thrill22cl

    the radicals voting for Hillary hate the military. They hate cops. They hate the flag. They hate whites. They hate the very core of this country.

    They support revolution. they support killing cops. they support ISIS. they support GLOBALISM. They support Target and facebook. They support govt control over OUR children.

    Get ready people. Cause they are ready, heavily funded and heavily armed.

    • carlzilla

      Most of all – they hate themselves.

      • Thrill22cl

        Massive hate from these people. Massive.

  • tasuja

    Soon the democratic argument will be: “vote for Hillary even though she is a weak decrepit smelly old hag, because she will not be active in running the country anyway … Huma will be the shadow president”.

  • NWOslayer


  • LL lll


  • mrbill

    im a viet vet and would not attend ny function which had a democrat politician or a libturd as speaker i dont even want t be in the same room with democrats they are traitors for votes. “benghazi” as a Marine i know Marines were ready to help.

  • J Ca

    Nobody supports this liar. The media props her up like they did for Obama.

  • victorvictor

    Lock her up

  • Phonics Monkey

    If someone threw water on her she would start screaming “I’m Melting!”

    • Herman Johnson


      She’d have you wacked.

      • Phonics Monkey

        You are probably right, but I bet she would still melt!

  • Imperator Cydonius

    The ones sitting down aren’t veterans, they are actors off Craigslist paid $3 an hour to show up at these events

    • Herman Johnson

      You mean like her trolls that hang in these forums, such as “FUNKenSTEIN”, “nobody”, “alinla56”, and several other bedwetting Hillary blog trolls?

  • Dlanod P. Murt

    It looks like that dog that won world’s ugliest dog contest a couple of years back.

  • radioone

    Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton,
    who was described in college as a budding Leninist and led protests
    against the Vietnam War. In fact, Hillary even chaired a 1970 meeting at Yale Law School where students voted to unite in a national strike against the war.
    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/08/dynamite-war-story-explodes-on-your-tv/#rxsHpB3sqk4VItuv.99

  • Scott Anderson

    It is quite obvious that the local theater property department did not have enough VFW hats to hand out to democrat activists to fill all the seats in the arena.

  • Rick Steele

    I guess no one wanted to get to close to those huge Kankles. HUGE!

    • Sierra Dawson

      Yeah, they are quite distant from the stage. I don’t think it was the Kankles, they were more afraid of explosive diahrrea and the inherent malfunctions of the new bullet proof Depends she was wearing.

  • Phonics Monkey

    I bet those are ‘crisis actors’ because her campaign is in a Crisis! LOL! TRUMP 16!

  • Jim Zawalich

    Ya and the lying Media still saying she’s in the lead!! Trump Fill’s Stadiums and always has Overflow because some city’s don’t have large enough halls, building’s for his events!! Trump Landslide Don’t believe the Poll’s get out an Vote if you want to Save this Great Nation!!

  • Rev. Bob Celeste

    My seat was empty.

  • Rev. Bob Celeste

    Here is how a REAL Presidential candidate talks, acts, and behaves:


  • Ron Hussey

    Don’t worry, with the magic of their cameras, liberal media will make that dismal few hundred people. If that, look like thousands when they report that speech to you. Trump set a record the other day, with over 10,000 people at his rally.

  • Jeffrey Gee

    A close race huh, even though Trump packs all his events and has lines going down the street!

    • alinla56

      How long were those lines?

      Because Obama was reelected with 65 million votes.

      • Truth Squad

        Fewer than he got in 2008. I believe that is unprecedented.

        Clinton will get far fewer black votes than did Barry. (This is one of the reasons she’s toast.)

        • alinla56

          The dip in votes for Obama in his second election reflects the sense of contentment and satisfaction the American public were feeling.

          They knew Romney had no chance, just like Trump

          • Truth Squad

            So, by your logic, Clinton’s (ever-dwindling) supporters can content themselves with staying home on election day (as I know many black voters will do).

            You get paid for trolling this lunacy?

          • alinla56

            When did I say voters today have the same mindset as voters four years ago? I didn’t. of course. You just made that part up to suit your narrative.

            You butt must be sore from me kicking it so throughly.

      • Sierra Dawson

        So, all we got was a monkey and his gorilla in the White House. Now you want Fatty Pantsuit in there with her perv husband. He’s at the trails end, and so is she. Clot is one strobe light from room temperature.

        • alinla56

          You should have your own right wing hate radio program…maybe afternoon drive time i Tulsa or something.

          Watching scum like you get crashed is a hugely satisfying part of my job. .

  • Al Lupinacci

    That’s it!

    • alinla56

      Way to keep it classy…Just like Trump.

  • ItsTheTruth

    The poor woman. If only you selfish people would donate MORE MORE MORE to her campaign, maybe she could afford to hire more “supporters” for her rallies. Just like she did after ejecting Bernie Sanders delegates at the DNC!

    • alinla56

      Supporters don;t win elections.

      Voters do.

      I won’t go see Hillary speak, but I sure am going to vote for her.

  • Danceswithdachshunds

    After how she lied thru her teeth to the mother of KIA Benghazi defender Sean Smith, I would be surprised if any of the people there were combat veterans. (Maybe Harry Reid cloned a few dozen copies of Jesse MacBeth? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phony_soldiers_controversy )

    • Herman Johnson

      You may have a point!

  • Our Joint Chiefs have already alerted many govt agencies about Hillary’s gross negligence concerning national security and are making plans to arrest her once the Federal courts issue the guilty verdict in her pending litigation… over 38 civil lawsuits.

    • alinla56

      You be sure to stay on top of that and let us know when she is being frog marched in chains, will ya?

      • Truth Squad

        We need someone who is demonstrably loyal to America as its president. We’ve seen over the last eight years what happens when we don’t have such a person in the office of the president.

        And we certainly don’t need grifter as president, who will sell the office for personal financial gain.

        Some people have no loyalty to the country, and no personal honor or integrity. I think you know the truth when you hear it, don’t you alinla?

        Pity you don’t seem able to comport yourself in a manner compatible with truth and virtue.

        • alinla56

          And you believe Trump comports HIS sorry racist ass “in a manner compatible with truth and virtue.” (Why not “Truth, justice and the American-way”?)


          • Truth Squad

            True racists are politicians who buy minority votes with promises of pie in the sky — but then do nothing for minorities (because it’s to their political advantage to maintain the largest possible cadre of poor and ill-educated voters, who look to government for their salvation, instead of relying on themselves and God Almighty).

            That, in a nutshell, describes the Democrat party, and its apologists.

            Time for you to embrace your inner racism, sonny boy.

          • alinla56

            You once again display your ignorance…and your willingness to swallow the alt-right narrative.

            Hate is not an ideology and fear is not a strategy. And that, my bitter angry friend, is why you will lose yet again.

          • Truth Squad

            You’re not good for much, punk — but you do know how to traffic in insipid slogans.

            Nobody on this board is impressed. The slogans you recite by rote are designed to make low-information, entitlement-receiving progressive voters — whose votes have been bought-and- paid-for — feel marginally less self-loathsome.

            Such voters aren’t on this board (with the exception, of course, of you).

          • alinla56

            You’re not good for much, sir — but you do know how to traffic in insipid name calling.

            Yes…Another proud trump supporter who is going to be very very sad on election night BELIEVE ME!!

          • Truth Squad
      • go troll somewhere else. Trump 2016.

        • alinla56

          Not until you say “Trump is toast.”

          • Trump is toasting a victory in November. Hillary is days away from being hand-cuffed.

  • losingusa

    If she wins it could be only from massive voter fraud. People know her criminal past for the last 40 years. I believe people are waking up.

    • alinla56

      Could it possibly be because more people will vote for Hillary than a temperamental preening narcissist with zero qualifications for the office he seeks?

      Of course not. If things don’t go your way, it must be because someone cheated.

  • mike reynold

    why would any vet support the military hating Deemoncrat party of Communists is beyond belief to me im a usaf vet you can see how the treat the vets dont you remember they said the va is like welfare for the vets i remember being yelled at at airports during vietnam for being in uniform thats why they started allowing us to wear street clothes

  • rgeno

    Why even so many? Are those sitting there a real veterans or just paid shills placeholders?

  • Alfonso Bergamo

    Trump For President !!!!

  • Bruce Wiseley

    WTF are there any Veteran’s attending this bitch’s bullshit speech???

    • alinla56

      These patriotic Vets invited Hilary because she is leading candidate for President. The wanted to hear what she had to say (something you, of course, have no interest in doing.)

      Not ever mind is as narrow and hateful as yours.

  • inquisitive

    Hillary is an empty suit with a heart of stone..

    • Truth Squad

      Almost empty. You forgot about the Foley bag.

  • redheart

    She’s headed into train wreck territory. She will be like a wounded animal, very dangerous.

  • PaC SGM (R)

    We need to make sure these are real vets and not homeless people paid to be there, real vets don’t support trash that has cost American lives and lied to the faces of their parents and blame a video.

  • gasden

    somehow shes leading in the polls
    more corruption and voting fraud to come

  • NCGeorgalis

    hillary could not afford to pay any more attendees – they all wanted too much money to attend.

  • Don Wayne

    But don’t worry people, Homeland Security is going to make sure that every vote you voted for, or really intended to vote for, Hillary is counted no less than once in November!

  • Jeff

    very disappointing the American Legion would let killery in their house.

  • Detroit refugee

    Same thing at the high school gym last week….they forced the students to fill the seats ……twelve people showed up….