In the mad dash to get Hillary Clinton away from the 9/11 memorial ceremonies, aides left her shoe on the curb.

Disturbing and shocking video has emerged from Hillary Clinton’s “medical episode” today in New York City.

Clinton reportedly left a 9/11 remembrance ceremony and was helped to her motorcade van.]

Video captured a listless Clinton nearly fall backwards.

She could be seen leaning against a security pillar — and being held up — as the van approached the curb.

She began stumbling and appeared to begin falling backwards.

Staffers and a Secret Service agents grabbed her by the arms as her knees buckled and she began to collapse. They forced her into the van.

Other agents and aides blocked the view as she was carried into the vehicle.

Former NYPD officer John Cardillo reported that Clinton “began to pass out and was caught by security detail. Went limp. Lost shoes. Put her in van head first.”

  • John (magnum)

    Besides being stoooopid, Lyin’ Crooked ‘Short Circuit’ Cankles is SICK both mentally and physically !!

  • jdahunt

    Here is another new video showing another issue she may have……when metal falls out of your pants then you just may have a big problem.

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  • overboosted ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    She lost her shoe because they had to drag her into the van. Something is wrong and the voting public has a right to know!


    • I agree! Whatever it is should be made known. Should have been revealed long ago if she’s had a condition, too.

    • SWDC

      Indeed neither one is looking healthy and able and please note this is a Getty photograph.

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      • Dian_Cecht

        Fifty years of dirty pussy, pounds of cocaine and no personal integrity have taken their toll.
        I suspect his johnson turned black, rotted and fell off years ago.
        He’s attempting to grow a new penis thru his nose.

  • Free People

    LYI’N MSM, DNC and her diabolical “donors” aka “owners” can’t hide the fact this demonic woman is dying right in front of our eyes. They deny and cover up for her as if we the people are dumb, deaf and blind. Get her OUT of there. She’s DONE!

    Deplorable FOR TRUMP/PENCE 2016!

  • cb2000a

    She is incapable of being President and the sooner the Democrats stop this charade the better.

  • lambwood

    It’s deplorable that the concubine of corruption would hijack the attention away from the 9-11 ceremony for her cheap theatrics. It’s seems to me the thousands of attendees faired the weather well.

  • ShadrachSmith

    Now taking bids on ebay…

  • AlfalfaDoLittle

    Cinderella she ain’t…………

  • Patricia Henry

    It was those damn shoes!! (nod to my favorite forensic files episode)

  • AlfalfaDoLittle

    This really is Weekend at Bernies.

  • RDLG

    Right Transverse Sinus Thrombosis

  • South40

    Not wanting to defend the witch but that’s not her shoe. It’s not even the same curb.
    This is the curb where the “episode” occured. Curb and sidewalk are monolithic and there is no brick in the gutter. The image above isn’t even the same location.

  • OutlawJoseyWales

    Two more videos with different angles have surfaced. I suggest going to Youtube for fullscreen.