Every party has a party pooper and judging by this flyer, it’s Hillary Clinton.

Here’s an untouched flyer advertising a “Young Americans for Hillary”event for students, indicating there isn’t much energy for Hillary Clinton’s campaign among the youth in New Hampshire.

A photo of a flyer was posted on Twitter Friday for the party in Manchester, New Hampshire today.

Attendees are promised “young people, Hillary swag, Pizza, Political discussion, A good time.” And a photo of a young Hillary in garishly striped pants — what else could a college student possibly want?

Apparently a lot of things, as no one wants to be reminded about this “party.”

As Nancy points out:

The event is today at 1pm.

h/t Chicks on the Right

  • SaveOurNation


  • Reacher

    A pizza gag and puke party. Way to go demoncrats!

  • Bill

    If you are for Hillary you are for the rights of sex abusers and a host of other illegal and immoral activities to be protected.

    • John Doe

      Is that you Billy??

      • Bill

        Haha, sorry it took me so long to get back. I was at a private billionaires island molesting some underage sex slaves… I mean a meeting with respected gentlemen – Hillary will back up my story (just like she backed up her emails).

  • somebody email [email protected] and ask what he ended up doing with 25 pizza’s??…lol
    Nobody from 8 to 80 wants this felon near the White House

    • Steve Roberts

      Grubers do 🙁

      • is it Gruber season yet???

        • Steve Roberts

          You see ’em every day…sadly.

  • Steve Roberts

    You do know that Hillary is a lying manipulating hag?

  • heard the T-shirts weren’t doing so hot either 😉


    Maybe the youth of America do have some common sense or they are finally waking up to the LYING B**LS**T of politics

  • Heather Sharp

    Hillary swag sounds like an STD. Why would anyone purposely get it?

  • Gas_Passer


  • Phillip Exeterblue

    I wonder what the swag(lol) was??….maybe Hillarys old dildo or her nasty old striped pants? The possibilities are endless!

  • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

    America deserves a revolutionary leader. You now have one. Trump just needs to join me. The politicians can go fish for their credibility is nil.

  • schallb2157

    like santorum where one showed up . or cruz held in a college gym making it mandatory for the students to attend

  • vincehugh

    The youth are no longer as naïve as they were when they were drugged into the Obama magic. They learned and grew up. Those that are still caught in the far left bubble are into Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren and they are becoming less and less. The youth who were for example indoctrinated to not even watch Fox News in fear their peers may find out, are becoming enlightened at the issues discussed on Fox News.
    The USA is changing as shown in the last election with historic voting for republicans taking control of the Senate, House and governorship to historic levels.
    Hillary is relying on having the effect on women as Obama had on the youth. But many women are insulted that Hillary and the DNC thinks they are naïve enough to vote for someone just because of their gender as the youth voted for Obama because he was black and ‘cool’.
    The NY/Hollywood media have been the vehicle that let this happen, but now with Trump calling the media out, the media itself, for self-preservation, are beginning to not spin too far left and instead give the reasoning why the ‘right’ thinks the way they do. This could be a historic election cycle and a change back to the culture of family traditions and values that represents the heartland of America and made America the country it is.

  • Gas_Passer

    Is she right?

    • Mitch1056

      2 words …oink oink

  • Clifford clammy

    Have they figured out who sired Horseface Chelsea or is it still narrowed down to 11 dead guys?

    • Mike Hambuchen

      Look up Webb Hubbell, see the resemblance and the stories. Not her fault her mother is a whore.

  • Triggerpuller

    Hopefully the youth and minorities realize that the DNC offers nothing to them. Freedom, liberty and right to manage our own destiny is what we need. The whole victimization thing won’t work you either work, move forward and do your best or you are part of the problem. I was about 17 when I realized the whole DNC platform was garbage.

  • Dickens10

    The dems threw Hillary under the bus when they were dazzled by something better….a black man. Her time is passed. I hope she gets the nomination because she will be so easy to beat. She has SO much baggage and history and, of course, she would have to drag Bill the cheater out as well.

  • pillpoppinpuppy

    Obama tricked people into going by offering free beer. Maybe she should try that.

  • coexistYnot

    Watching Clinton and the media over the next few months will be like watching old people
    forced to have sex at gunpoint.

  • Cash McCall

    Has the DNC considered holding a “Dead Americans for Hillary” event. I’ll be the campaign wouldn’t have to worry about awkward questions from that group.

  • potus/PATHETIC

    They are tired of anti-American, socialist pigs!!!

  • Dave Dk Kelly

    You can’t spell Hillary without LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ET

    What about a “Young Snatch for Hillary” party? Recruits could work “under” Hillary and Huma.

  • ET

    Volunteers wanted for two hour shifts changing Hillary’s soiled Depends Adult Diapers.

  • evoval

    Hillary…Tyrant in a pants suit!

  • Political Hostage

    Donald Trump will be the next Ronald Reagan.

  • joe_bob_gonzales

    its getting more and more clear that hillary-ious has passed her sell by date.

  • Joltin Joe

    I would love to go and ask about Vince Foster 🙂

  • Mike Hambuchen

    I would like to ask if she ever had sex with Webb Hubbell, and why.

    • Gas_Passer

      I’m not sure….but it looks like she did.

  • Tom Harris

    Look, Hillary’s so old she’s been on MediCare for years.
    How is some young dude going to get excited about a rich white old wrinkled face woman who lies to them all the time just to sucker their vote?

    Young kids arn’t completely brain dead.

  • Tom Harris

    Bill and Hill have made a lot of money for themselves. 2 Billion to be precise.
    They will live well and the rest of us will get by paying our bills well these two live the high life trying to sucker everyone’s vote into voting for them so they can turn around and screw the very people they suckered the vote from.
    Bill and Hill could care less about the average American. That’s reality.

  • Tom Harris

    Bill and Hill could care less about the average American. That’s reality.
    Their worth 2 Billion dollars for cryin out loud. You think they care about you? PLEASE.

    They’re in party mode.

  • whatitism

    hillary’s campaign is like a remake of the old movie “The Sting” and she is running the long con ,,,it’s hard to believe that someone like her can be so utterly detached from reality ,,,every move and motion is planned down to the number of steps she takes for cause and effect ,,,not an honest or genuine bone in her body .

  • RETUSAF1995

    “Young Americans for Hillary” is really young Americans for Obama.

  • moehammy

    Listening to her speak is boring, and torturous. Yikes!

  • trytoseeitmyway

    On the other hand, “Screechy Annoying Self-Righteous Corrupt Americans for Hillary” is adding membership big time.

  • Leftist_Stooge

    I saw Hillary in a movie recently, Jurassic World.

  • Joe Castellana

    call me crazy, but I think that the demoncrap party may just have lost a whole lot of voters age 18 and older. cowabunga!

  • ChasStevenson

    So now the event is over, where’s the description of it?
    Was it the flop her detractors were gloating about?
    Could you hear crickets at the party?
    I’m hearing crickets now.

  • Leonard P.

    Hillary is a NWO communist sociopath who belongs in prison, according to sources close to the Clintons. Her and Bill in stripes forever.


    You forgot stolen furniture from the white House but was made to give it

    Clintons Return White House Furniture – ABC News


    Feb 8, 2002 – Former President Clinton and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham
    Clinton, have sent $28,000 worth of household goods back to Washington after

    White House Cutlery Thief Bill Clinton Jokes About Stealing …

    The problem? Bill and Hillary Clinton did try. Upon leaving the White House in
    2001, the Clintons took more than $75,000 worth of china, cutlery, and
    furniture as …

    Clintons Will Return Any Gifts Found to Belong to White House

    The New York Times

    Feb 6, 2001 – Former President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
    received … certain household furnishings to their new homes as gifts but will
    return any … In the latest criticism over their departure from the White
    House, the …

    ‘Dead Broke’ Clintons Took White House Furnishings …

    Jun 10, 2014 – But perhaps that attitude explains taking White House
    furnishings which … Less than a week after leaving the White House, Bill and Hillary
    Clinton are … They even stole a Presidential seal dating from the Eisenhower

    Clintons Began Taking White House Property a Year Ago …

    Feb 10, 2001 – All the furnishings had been designated official White House
    property by the … GOP lawmakers and others criticized Hillary Rodham Clinton
    in …