Not even actress Eva Longoria could fill the seats at Hillary Clinton’s final rally before the Nevada caucuses Saturday.

Photos show a small crowd at the Clark County Government Center Amphitheater in Las Vegas Friday night.

Jennifer Jacobs, a reporter for the Des Moines Register, pegged the crowd at about 400 people. Jacobs’s photo appears to show the crowd only about 10 people deep.

In addition to Longoria, actress America Ferrera joined Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton on stage.

Longoria read from note cards as she introduced Clinton and admitted she hears a lot that many aren’t moved by Clinton’s campaign.

“As I’ve been talking to so many people across the nation, I keep hearing, ‘I’m just not inspired by Hillary. I’m not inspired. She doesn’t inspire me.’

“If Hillary doesn’t inspire you, you aren’t paying attention,” she said.

The Nevada caucuses will be held at 11 a.m. PST Saturday, according to the Nevada Democratic Party website.

  • William Devan

    You’re right. I do not listen to perpetual liars

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s aging, infirm, lying, pear-shaped wife’s email administrator for President!

  • The GOOSE

    Hillary Clinton has received millions and millions of dollars from Wall Street banks and investment firms, but she’s going to FIGHT them to the bitter end.

    These Democrat morons actually believe her.

  • jtns

    secstate is #3 in potus succession and clinton failed as secstate. since when do we promote failures?

  • Comment

    1/3 of the crowd showed up for the free shrimp cocktail

  • royw

    Who the hell is Eva Longoria? And why should I care what she thinks?

    • Dave

      Cuz she has a great ass!

      • Roywil

        I have a great ass and nobody cares what I think!

  • Danny

    I see the Burger King drive-thru is getting more people in 20 seconds than Hillary can muster in her pathetic rallies.

  • sammy4231

    Did they all sign loyalty pledges before entering?

  • CenCalDevil

    Its ok. Hitlery still has the (in no particular order);dead vote,illegals,bused in people,those that vote under multiple aliases and the SEIU(who run the election machines).

    Hitelry will win by any means necessary.

  • locha

    Ohh ohh a real devil… Really!!!

  • royw

    I always assumed the “us” in her “Fighting for us” slogan referred to herself and Bill.

    • calchick

      It does! And don’t forget Chelsea!

  • Tim Z

    She will do anything to win. What I find funny is Bernie talks about redistribution from those who earned it to those who did not earn it. Hillary didn’t earn the in NH, but yet she ends up with more super delegates than Bernie…hmmmm……

    • GWiii

      Bought and paid for. Bernie is a thorn in the DNC’s side.

  • Littleredtop

    Who? America what?

  • GWiii

    Hillary is the least inspirational person on this planet. Her shrill voice alone is like finger nails on a chalk board. Barking like a dog was insane not inspirational. Oh boy!

    • calchick

      I always thought they should have used her voice on a recording loop as a means of severe torture at Guantanamo. That would have made them talk!

  • Fubar

    The old hag or the old commie…either way not much of a choice

  • Oboy_must_go

    How can they run another Bush or Clinton again? We’ve had enough of both families. We need someone new who will run things differently. We need to make America great again!

  • Thomas Taylor

    To claim the State Department released emails to the public yesterday, is a bald face lie. All the UN-classified’s with any substance, has been redacted out. Only the office butt kissing, was posted in their entirety. Complete,paragraphs, and pages– have been B-5 and B-6 away to the nether world . Don’t take my word for it— check for yourselves. at least 50% of the posts, are unreadable. I never found any, deals made with business, banks, companies, or countries, that were not redacted out. Yes, I did say unclassified.

  • Jejediah

    How a serial liar and a criminal is still viable for the Presidency is beyond me.

  • jim1965

    Eva Longoria is brain dead. If she didn’t have sex appeal, she would be on minimum wage.

  • Betsy Smith

    She should take heart.
    A lack of interest and enthusiasm didn’t prevent Obama from winning in 2012.

    • Dave

      The voter fraud in key states sure helped him though.

      • Betsy Smith

        No doubt.

  • Gerg

    Yes, Hillary inspires me. She inspires me to keep pressing to make sure she ends up in jail for her crimes.

  • Crapola

    And then there’s Bernie!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dave

      Yes the man who was a BUM until the age of 40 when he got his first job collecting a govt. check….He has been a total failure and waste of space his entire life.

  • algonquinmatt

    Eva Longoria: “..“As I’ve been talking to so many people across the nation, I keep hearing, ‘I’m just not inspired by Hillary. I’m not inspired. She doesn’t inspire me.’“If Hillary doesn’t inspire you, you aren’t paying attention,”

    Did she really think that was gonna help Hillary? ‘as i’ve been talking to so many people….i’m just not that inspired by Hillary’ What a fool.

  • Geepa

    I’d like to fill Eva Longoria’s seat, if you know what I mean.

  • Mook

    Hillary is disliked by many here and having Harry Reid aid her is not helping much. Harry is in a niche called Hendertucky but the rest of the state pretty much dislikes hm.

    • wiseman

      Agreed. Upvoted your honest observations.

      Dislike is not the right word to use. I would call it a rational concern that Hillary maybe a criminal.

      Reality is getting really strange when Hillary can completely ignore that she and her collaborators are being investigated by the FBI for abusing classified information, while publicly saying it wasn’t labelled and it was sexist to doubt her.

      Does that sound odd to you?

      Why are the following four questions completely ignored by MSM?

      1. Why can’t we see Hillary’s transcripts to the speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs so that the public can determine for themselves if she lied about stating they wanted nothing in return?

      2. Is it possible that Hillary used an unclassified private email server located in the basement of her house to deliberately store Top Secret information to sell to donors using her foundation to launder the money?

      3. If she used a more secure government email account, is it likely she would have raised far less than the more than $2 billion dollars she raised using her foundation and a private email server to conduct State Department business?

      4. Is the foundation a slush fund for political payoffs?

      • Mook

        Should Hillary use gamesmanship or cronyism or fakery to get the nomination she is not assured of being voted in. The 30 somethings I know will probably quit politics and refuse to vote for Hillary in protest.

        • wiseman

          LOL, she will use all of the above and ways we are not aware of. Upvoted you.
          Joke: Is Hillary honest or does she just forever try?

          I’m suspicious of her and believe that it is important that the Nevada vote be recounted and that those who voted vetted as US citizens with a legal right to vote to include investigating the voting methods as being fair.

          There better not be any more coin tosses and other forms of gambling or the world will laugh at us for a long time.

  • Crapola

    The best thing I can say about Burnie is that at least he admits what he is. A socialist. So, who do you think would be the easiest to beat?

  • Harold Howe

    Serious Clinton Derangement Syndrome here.


  • Kristendkeefe2

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