Bill Clinton is like the aging rocker who has gone from playing baseball stadiums to barely filling night clubs.

Only about 100 people turned out to see Clinton in Salem, New Hampshire Wednesday as he campaigned for his wife.

The event, hosted in Hillary’s campaign’s office, was a stark contrast to Republican rival Donald Trump’s crowds.

Clinton delivered a largely negative speech, attacking Republicans over the Benghazi investigation and their various plans to repair the damage created by the Obama administration.

WMUR reports Clinton “glossed over” Bernie Sanders’s current 27-point lead in the New Hampshire polls, calling it a “home field disadvantage.”

Clinton repeatedly called Hillary a “change maker.”

  • gil wambold

    Why are not the Clinton’s in prison? There is something wrong with this government and it needs major adjustment. It is time to get rid of these communists

  • Jim1937

    Many were there to see if he could walk without a walker.

  • Winchester1300

    Packed House?

    Clinton Rally Crowd…
    Trump Rally Crowd…
    For those who think the Dallas TX pic is a fake…
    Biloxi MS…
    Lowell MA…
    Pensacola FL…×405/local/-/media/2016/01/13/Pensacola/Pensacola/635883140786176427-webnew1.jpg

    Get on Board… Make America Great Again!

    This Ad Was Paid For By… The Committee to Elect Worthless Old Sows Who Have Spouses That Received Oral Pleasure From Naive Young Interns.

  • BillyBob Bob

    Nice combover. Looks like Hillary hit him on the forehead with a lamp, again. Or maybe it was Harry Reid’s mafia attackers?

  • stephen

    Read “The Clinton’s War on Women” to see just how SICK these people really are.

  • Mike E. Cooney

    Who in their right mind would want to listen to an ancient communist disbarred, impeached, rapist, lying heathen bastard ass hole ? Gimmerats wanting FREEBIES for Life, is all.

  • Bossman

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning even better I love smelling the Clinton’s crash and burning. GO HOME CLINTON’S and TAKE BUSHES WITH YOU!

  • An over the hill, washed up political hack glossed over by 60’s era hippies that never grew up. The lies and political rot have caught up with the Clinton’s.Hillary is more then burnt toast she is cow pies in the field.

  • Pepperspray137

    The voters who do not care how women are treated, those are the sexist democrats. For all their screams about a republican war on women, they sure enable rapists often.

  • Daniel Haney

    Overheard during the speech…
    “Where is the free buffet they promised me when they bused us in from the Retirement Center?”

    “I didn’t put my teeth in and take my adderol for nothing, did I?”
    “Short sales presentation my behind!!!”
    “Where is my gift card you promised?”

  • Mikey-Da-P

    Hillary hit Bill in the head with an ashtray again?

    Bill best watch his ash…

  • Mikey-Da-P

    Looks as if the whole crowd showed up on their way to stock up on bread, milk and toilet paper.

  • Daniel Haney

    “I did NOT have sex with that woman…..Errr….Oooops….Wrong lie”….

  • Mikey-Da-P

    The lunch room at the local Wal-mart…

  • Marks2Cents

    The Clinton Crime Family is toast. These sociopaths have stolen enough money to live comfortably. They can go away knowing they’ve accomplished their mission of selling our secrets, defrauding starving Haitian kids, and ordering the murder of Ambassador Stevens. Go away.

  • fedupMan

    Slick has lost a lot of mojo and Hillary has zero mojo. Only time will tell if the free stuff / goodies will buy her the election.

    • could be indicted any day now, she’s seriously screwed up now w/ these new TOP Secret mails…

      • fedupMan

        I hope you are right but “rule of law” ain’t what it used to be under 0dude.

  • LMAO, more people show up to see this Criminal sex fiend than to see the Felonious Criminal Presidential Candidate, Here’s your sign… Just drop out and take your punishment like a man ya Succubus POS, you’ve accomplished only Misery & Pain for people

  • gretchen

    Hard to believe that foreign governments payed hundreds of thousands just to hear him speak – while his wife was Secretary of State and he had access to the ultra top-secret government secrets on Hillary’s server. Anyone buying that?

  • corax

    Still wagging that bony finger at America.

  • Dennis Opihory

    next he’ll be doing meet and greets at the local auto dealer

    • olddog

      Wally World greeter..

  • RxRight

    Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

  • olddog

    LOL..looks awful “White privileged” to me..


    Even Bill has been brought down by the Hildabeast. Hopefully this rejection of the Clintons as political anything will also include Chelsea and we can be done with one of the most sordid chapters in Americas history. Lets hope the damage Barack did is enough to ensure not another single Obama can ever hold an elected or appointed office also.

  • Aunt Bee’s Pickles

    Where there any 14 year olds in the crowd?

    • RBS1


  • RBS1

    Remember Benghazi before voting…God bless those men and their families.

  • Penemuel

    lol at “packed house”…
    Yeah, sure it was… but really, look at how big that living room is… lol.