Hillary Clinton received a brutal reception from Latinos in Los Angeles on Thursday.

In addition to being driven from the overflow stage after speaking less than one minute, Clinton was confronted by a man holding a banner along the rope line of the rally inside.

While much of what he was yelling was unintelligible, he could be heard calling her a “murderer.”

Hillary campaign staff and supporters could be seen pulling down his sign and pushing him away from the rope line.

He was elbowed before being bear hugged and led away.


    Trump hasn’t even warmed up, yet! Trump!

  • rlc14433

    Hi LIAR y Benghazi Clinton’s new battle cry…”Sure, I’m a compulsive lying, gender baiting, self-serving prostitute and a shameless career politician who has hoarded hundreds of millions of dollars from ‘speeches and appearance fees’ from foreign governments, large corporations and universities (in exchange for political favors) …but if you don’t vote for me, you’re SEXIST!”

    TRUMP 2016!!!

  • Martin Meaders

    I did not catch who she was supposed to have murdered? Which time? Was it the ones mysteriously dying in Arkansas, in Ft. Marcy Park, In Benghazi, on the border?
    Our population is rapidly be depleted thanks to her.

    • JethroSnoddy

      Political power is paramount. In a short term situation such as Benghazi, Hillary will lie about the events and her own incompetence if the truth is not convenient for her politically. In the long term, such as since 1921 when democrats have run Chicago, the lives of black men are secondary to the political power to be won in Chicago. It is really disturbing to think of Barack Obama with a gun to the forehead of a young black man in Chicago.

      • billybatson

        I’d pay to see that!

    • Chantal

      Berta Caceres .Berta was recently murdered in Honduras related to the actions of former Secretary Hillary Clinton .

  • rlc14433

    #NeverHi LIAR yBenghaziClinton

    • billybatson

      Looks like she is in desperate need of an exorcism!

  • thecleaner45

    Oh Hilarious hates it when the truth is shoved in her face. She is all that is wrong for America. Only crooks would vote for a crook. That’s why Trump is laughing at Graham and the other bought out politicians because he doesn’t want corruption backing him!
    Trump 2016

  • CC1980

    Notice they never draw the camera back at her rallies, they don’t want people to see the feeble size of the crowds.

    • Trollpatroll

      And what scummy low life type losers the Clinton supporters are….

    • billybatson

      She couldn’t get very many in a book store for her book signing, come to think of it, she couldn’t/didn’t sell many books.

  • arcsinice

    Thank you protester!!!!!!!!!

  • rlc14433

    These two traitors belong in front of a U.S. Firing Squad for their treason and espionage against Americans!
    TRUMP 2016!!!

    • T Keern

      Not just for being traitors, but for making millions of American physically ill just by that picture alone.

    • billybatson

      I will donate my gun if they let me do the firing. I promise not to miss.

  • Its You

    Michelle Fields better stay away from the Hillary campaign. She might file attempted murder charges.

  • Bossman

    Why is it that Trump can say things about Hill-Kill or the proven liar Elizabeth Warren and it is a war on women, but Warren or Hiil-Kill can say vile things about Trump and they are never called on being a War on MEN. If these two women want to be in politics then they need to put on their big boy panties and quit whining about what Trump said.

    BTW nobody ever complained when Trump hit his other male competitors as a war on men, it is just women. If women can’t take it then get the heck off stage.

    Their Minions just love being victims.

    • JethroSnoddy

      I noticed that Elizabeth Warren and Paul Krugman endorse proven failed economic policy, but are admired by the left. Anyway, Warren’s positions should be examined…………..how ? ………….simple. Just by examining them. I think Elizabeth Warren is infirm.

      • Bossman

        Never will happen. The last time anyone examined her they found she lied about being Native American. Oh but never mind she is a demoncrat so it’s cool she lied because she had good intentions

        • JethroSnoddy

          ………..they examined her ………….. how ?

          • billybatson

            Are you too young to remember…….or too old?
            She claimed to be “Native American” so that she could get preferential treatment when presenting her application to one of those ‘elite’ ivy colleges.

        • DD

          But she doesn’t have good intentions, these anti-America Progressives have very evil intentions.

      • Trollpatroll

        Of course she is “infirm”
        She is nuttier than a Squirrel Fart.

    • billybatson

      Neither one can win without the ‘women’s vote’.
      But then, they say that about the black vote, the Hispanic vote, Gay vote, and the college ‘young vote’.
      What they seem to be overlooking is the vast majority of voters that are correctly called, the “Silent Majority”!

  • Stagin’

    Has his family seen him yet?

  • GabbaGabba

    A brown person got ushered the F out and the media doesn’t report it? Hmmmm…….

    • DD

      Because ALL brown people are full out for HRC, in their view.

  • Rock Hall of Fame

    President and Mrs. Stainmaker are a team.

    He sexually preys on women. And when his victims complain, she attacks them all over again.

    Together they wage their War On Women.

  • john Diamond

    you drag a million dollars through a gated community and you never know what you’ll get!

  • Tazz2293

    HilLIARY Clinton – The Butcher of Benghazi

  • David Harrison
    • JethroSnoddy

      Thanks David. The tough thing for me is when I’m on these websites with all these pics. I see the pretty girls, then I scroll back up and have to look at a picture of that horse.

      • DD

        I only see a horse’s ass.

      • And now you know why bill went and continues to go off the reservation.

  • TAK1

    Want a chill up your spine? Look up Clinton Chronicles on Youtube. Its a fairly old documentary about their trail of destruction. The message is “Don’t cross them”.

  • billybatson

    It has been reported that a long time lesbian ‘friend’ of Hillary said she (Hillary) made a deal with her husband, that she wouldn’t betray his confidence that he is a serial rapist, if he didn’t betray her confidence that she is an active lesbian…….And the National Enquirer for one, is holding an expose’ that will burst (with a large farting sound) the Clinton mafia balloon.

  • tymwltl

    Not one mention of the assault on this guy just out exercising his first amendment right of free speech. Just wait till the SJC is loaded with left wing moonbats and your Constitution is torn to shreds. I hope the left enjoys the noose they place around their own necks from supporting this evil woman.

  • They can’t be too Hispanic if they can’t use the word murder in Spanish. It looks a lot more sinister and intentional. “asesinato” Hillary es ASESINATA!

  • lambwood

    Another peasant off the reservation, doesn’t he know about the free stuff?

  • It’s time for Hillary to drop out of the race to concentrate on her legal defense for her upcoming Federal Trial.


    I think Hillary’s next term could be 10-15 years,,,at Leavanworth.

  • Kim Rardon

    Hillary = The B*tch of Buchenwald