In Democrat fantasy world, one of America’s long-time adversaries wanted the most pro-America presidential candidate to win.

And now, that adversary, Russian President Vladimir Putin, is criticizing the campaign slogan of Donald Trump, the candidate Democrats insist is a “hand puppet” for Putin.

Putin appeared on Japanese TV and criticized Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan and the idea of American Exceptionalism.

CNN aired quotes from Putin when he appeared on Nippon TV.

CNN’s Carol Costello reported Putin is “ready to meet America’s president-elect at any moment,” adding, Putin is “confused” by Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

Costello said Putin “objects” to American exceptionalism and quoted Putin as saying, “…the United States…[is] a great nation…nobody is arguing about that, but I think it is completely excessive and creates certain issues in interactions…”

The CNN anchor didn’t explain why the criticisms enforce the idea that Russia preferred such a pro-America, anti-globalist candidate.

Maybe, just maybe, because it didn’t?

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