No Donald Trump supporter is off limits to the leftists agitators — even a man in a wheelchair.

The Associated Press reports Trump supporters were “taunted” by the crowd outside the Albuquerque Convention Center on Tuesday evening.

Some protesters even threw water bottles and water at the Trump supporters as they walked along a sidewalk leading to the Albuquerque Convention Center.

Dereck Scott of Albuquerque was among those who were hit with a plastic bottle.

Scott, who is in a wheelchair, said the attack was unprovoked and unnecessary. He says he has a right to vote for the candidate he prefers.

According to the AP, protesters chanted “walk of shame” as the thousands of Trump supporters made their way into the rally.

Gabrielle Burkhart of KRQE tweeted two videos that appear to show the assault and the reaction of the man in the wheelchair:

“Where the f*ck are you?” the man yelled to a nearby police officer after the scuffle and water was thrown on him.

“They just assaulted us!” the man yelled at the officer who seemed completely indifferent.

“We didn’t do anything,” his companion told the officer before they continued into the rally.

  • hemingnut

    when Trump takes away their welfare these scum will go back to their shithole of a country

    • Get the GOP out

      maybe you’ll get a real job like picking cucumbers.

      • jas

        You have a point. Maybe if we make it harder to get welfare than it is to pick cucumbers, we’ll be some tzitziki eating mofos.

  • Federalist

    Trump has a really nice penis!

    • Get the GOP out

      So does his wife.

      • jas

        Heyo! Budum tiss.

  • Get the GOP out

    White boys are going down in 2016

    • M Aurelius

      Yes, we like to go down on each other!

      • Get the GOP out

        Thats what Trump’s wife also says.

  • cojar

    These anarchists should be sprayed down with bullets.

    • Noodle

      I was thinking flame thrower.

      But I’m flexible.

  • bucketnutz

    Those people aren’t protesters they are thugs and vandals who went to this event to disrupt and destroy. That is a criminal, not a protester. Protesters don’t wear a Mask or throw rocks at Police and their horses. Trump has a right to have a peaceful rally and to be heard. These Hillary supporters are Domestic Terrorists.

  • BG60093

    Mexico has excellent laws regarding both illegal and legal immigrants. Who could complain if we copy them? They imprison illegal immigrants for 2 years before deporting them. If you were not a Mexican citizen by birth, you will never be able to vote there.

  • Scooter Livingston

    But not a peep about the assaults by Trump supporters,,,,

    To Steve Hall from St. Petersburg who posted the link to this on his FB page. Thanks again for providing me with some laughs. BTW, Steve…that thing Pam does with her tongue….you’re welcome.

  • Thomas G.

    Looks like the Bernouts managed to get out of bed before 2 p.m. Impressive

  • Liberty Belle

    Make no mistake about it, these are hillary people. Let’s take her down at the polls!! Vote Trump please!!

  • Operator99

    True…but have you ever SEEN a public-school educated Millennial try to write a complete paragraph with no capitalization, punctuation, and virtually indecipherable spelling errors? They are among the 40% functional illiterates that must take remedial college classes just to attend the basic classes freshman classes.

    They belong with the savages…

  • Patriot101

    IDIOTS everyone of them. Can’t speak English, and break our laws. They need to LEAVE!

  • Jeff Campbell

    the next step from these left wingers will be guns used against us, so be careful at least carry a knife if your not allowed to carry a Gun.

  • Christopher Placak

    Recently there were some car bombings in Syria. Go to Google and type in “syria 23 may 2016 car bombings”. Look for the news story about the bombings that was provided by Al Jazeera and then start reading the postings are see how mindless some of the postings happen to be. Moderators/censors for Al Jeezera rejected the following posting. Read the following posting and ask yourselves why?

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    Islam is not a religion, it is a political system that is camouflaged or masquerading as a religion. They are a patriarchal society that desires to supplant or destroy other males and then take their land and resources for themselves, all in the name of Allah. It is nothing more than biological competition and they, as far as I am concerned, are INFERIOR!
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    There is something about Islam that turns people in to insane fanatics. The only way to deal with insane fanatics is to use neutron bombs or chemical weapons on them so that they are killed in huge numbers to make clear to them that the remainder of the world is NOT interested in submitting to the will of Allah, that we do not want to punish young boys for flying kites, (this is the Taliban in Afghanistan), clitorectomy for females, forced circumcisions when not desired, covering females with bags, hence bagheads, throwing acid on the faces of females for their desiring education, taking homosexuals, bisexuals and transgendered individuals and throwing them off the tops of buildings or doing anything else to bring significant physical harm to them, primitive Sharia law, etc., etc.
    I do not travel in Moslem countries.
    I have one last comment to make about the piece of filth that inhabits the White House, Imam Barack Hussein Obama. He is nothing more than an affirmative action boob, elected by a pathetically ill informed American electorate. At best he is an Islamophile and at worst he is a crypto Muslim. He is a disgusting piece of garbage. What other president ever made an announcement regarding Eid and Ramadan?

  • jim morrison

    what more would you expect from a bunch of low IQ animals

  • alinla56

    the leftists agitators

    With SO MANY Republicans rejecting Trump, is it really intellectually honest to simply assume every one who hate this man is a leftist.

  • les des

    There are no limits to how low and filthy these people will stoop.

  • EmperorK

    Die Die Die my Darling

  • Dee Dunbar

    morons that don’t even know what they are protesting against!

    • Funkenstein✓FunK verified


  • st8kout1 .

    The media is having a fit that they can’t stop Trump.

  • calm2chaos


  • Dwimby

    That’s where leftie slimedogs live, in a world where people in wheelchairs are assaulted for brain dead ideas.

  • asdcasdc asdcaec

    Trump supporters are pussies!

  • Andres Herrera

    poor baby was hit by a water bottle. waaaah waaaaah

  • Cipher’s Solution

    Lots of Brave Sir Robins in that anti-Trump group. Brats……

  • RansomsLegacy

    They get SO MAD when someone disagrees with their opinion, don’t they? They are the shining example of everything they claim to hate. Attacking a disabled person and horses? Wow, a new low, even for these scum-of-the-earth “protesters”. I think it’s HILARIOUS that they’re so angry over other peoples’ First Amendment rights!! Lmfao! Sucks for them!! Buy, hey they’re free to waste their unemployed hours however they want. Pathetic losers.

  • Bob Bob

    trump will win and we will see big things happen…………TRUMP 2016………

  • Bob Bob

    LONG TIME DEMOCRATS FOR *************** TRUMP *********** 2016***************

  • Bob Bob


  • Bob Bob


  • st8kout1 .

    Time for some major house cleaning of these scum.

  • DiscipleofYahushua

    heres an interview with him

  • Joel Bensonetti

    Killing police horses and assaulting wheelchair bound Trump supporters is what is called tolerance? The anti-Trump leftists are certainly showing they are nothing but a violent bunch of illiterate thugs. Hopefully the right’s voter base will not be complacent and we will ALL go to the polls this time around. It’s really time that the madness is stopped and we Make America Great Again under the leadership of Trump and a Republican Congress, not to mention a few great Constitutional Supreme Court Justices.

  • vision33r

    This is become very similar to how the Nazis rose to power. It’s bad that the opponents of Trump is giving them so much ammunition which is similar to how the Nazi propelled to power. I’m sure most of these people never read any history books because history will repeat itself.