Hillary Clinton is very important, and she can’t be bogged down by pesky things such as boats or waiting.

The presidential candidate, who is endlessly trying to tell factory workers in Ohio and Pennsylvania that she’s one of them, jetted approximately 20 miles from Martha’s Vineyard — where she was last night partying with President Obama — to Nantucket for a fundraiser on Saturday.

Fox News aired footage of her stepping off her plane in the latter.

Here she is exiting the plane in her trademark burlap suit:

Cindy Adams of the New York Post reports:

On the 20th Hillary’s piggy bank gets a do at the de Rothschilds. As in Sir and Lady de Rothschild. As in Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild and his good-looking blond Ladyship wife, New Jersey’s Lynn Forester, whose previous second husband Andy Stein once tried for NYC mayor. This de Rothschild event’s eclectic, magnanimous, open to all — at $100,000 per.

Last night, she celebrated Bill Clinton’s 70th birthday on Martha’s Vineyard.

While Louisiana is still trying to dry out, it pays to have Clinton Privilege. Just ask the mainstream media.

  • Fariplay

    I have always been a fighter and have never given up when knowing I am right. However, the media is beating Trump. The more he fights back, the more they twist and use his words against him. Unless God intervenes, this terrible woman will be our next president. The lives of our children and grandchildren will be greatly harmed by her Supreme Court. There’s no escaping it, because the media has convinced America’s women that Trump just isn’t “nice” enough. These women will actually be foolishly voting to destroy their children’s lives. Between now and election day, the media will only step up their war on trump. That’s the REAL war, not the fictional “Trump war on women.” Though I do not give up, I will go down – go down fighting, but I am one against many. and according to Cokie Roberts, I am morally tainted because I choose Trump over “Saint Hillary.”

  • Dave Wollenberg

    Hillary and Obama don’t care ONE bit, about the flooding in Louisiana.

  • Destin Madison

    Nantucket is an island! It takes 2+ hours to get there by boat.

  • AnonymousCretin

    Yeah, the jokes on us huh?

  • Destin Madison

    Y’all need a geography lesson. Nantucket is an island. You can’t walk or drive.


      Yes, I saw you can take a ferry or boat. Says there’s a fast ferry.

  • chickief

    20 miles is less than my commute! She had to take the plane??

  • CaliforniaGirl2

    You people will find any stupid reason to pick on this woman. If you’re goal is to sound like a bunch of whiny babies, congratulations, you have accomplished it. SMH…

  • rs1123

    Next time, I say she should try using a catapult.

  • ktuncia

    Everything she is doing these days is to limit the amount of exposure she has in a public setting. She sure is acting like an elderly person dealing with health issues she doesn’t want anyone to know about. She phones it in when it comes to the flood that would have been great PR with a sympathetic democrat governor to hug and all. Her assistant has stated in writing that she is often confused. She has babbled incoherently on the campaign trail and I don’t mean the barking she did. She admitted her brain “short circuited”. A judge recently allowed her to testify in writing rather than have to attend a court hearing. Her campaign has spent big bucks retrofitting vehicles and event access to make it easier for her. She does appearances in ways that allow her to be secluded then briefly seen; such as exiting the private plane and walking a few feet to a car, where she is then secluded again. She hasn’t even so much as given a press conference this year. At her campaign rallies those few that are there get to watch her leaning against a chair the majority of the time while someone else speaks then she speaks briefly and is ushered out. Was this what happened with Bengahazi she couldn’t respond to any of the over 60 requests for extra security because she needed a nap?

  • Bill Peddie

    I know we are not supposed to question the motives of the selected ones. But, a jet for a 20 mile ride??
    Are you going to tell me people are not going to ask why??
    And, do you think the people will get an honest answer????

    I am betting she could not take the boat because she would have become sea sick.
    Probably cause her to have more medical problems.
    But, we lowly people are not allowed to speculate on the health of Hillary or Donald?

    I read a response by a liberal on another column, who said she looked up Hillary’s illnesses on the internet and she noted that NO mainstream media outlets had any comments what so ever about Hillary’s health.
    And, she concluded that all the concerns about Hillary’s health is the result of the right wing news media outlets????????

    That says it all.
    She did not think for one second WHY did the main stream media have nothing on Hillary’s health?????

    I just shook my head and said there it is.
    If the main stream media did not carry it, therefore it does not exist.

    Gives you an idea why this country is in such deep liberal trouble.

  • TeuTonic KNiGHT

    Where’s a terrorist when you need one,,,

  • plusaf

    That’s not enough time to raise and lower the landing gear!
    What a Bitch!

  • Mojo

    I guess Air force One wasn’t available, so she had to “slum it” for 20 miles.

  • Robert Yuskie

    Thank God the Donald takes the bus and train everywhere!

  • tek0801

    Can you even begin to imagine the vast carbon footprint her majesty has?

  • kwwrg

    Yep…just one of us.

  • Steve Powers

    Lying whore

  • Ron

    Or is it easier/safer for the secret service if she does not travel with the general public.

  • Dan

    Did she pay her share of carbon credits for all of the greenhouse gas she expelled?

  • Michael Steinberg

    Mrs. Clinton seeks a better life for all Americans.

  • Phil M. Kelley

    Princess Pelosi blazed this trail for Hildabeast.

  • Wayne Rizor

    If you think Hillary is bad because she took a flight from Martha’s Vineyard to Nantucket you must be crazy! What even further astounds me is that you’re for Trump. He’s the most anti-Christina individual I’ve ever heard of. He didn’t discover religion until he was told he would have to if he wanted to get any votes from the religious right. The only thing Trump has ever worshiped is the almighty dollar and his behavior in the past supports that claim. With over three thousand lawsuits against him during his career, it proves that his goal is to short change and cheat who ever he could and all of that was against “Christians” who were just trying to make a living. Hillary has more honesty and integrity in her little finger that there is in Trump and all of his gaggle of offspring by his various wives and mistresses.

  • LogicalThinker

    You people are smart enough to know that Nantucket is an Island. Can’t drive there or take a train. The only other option is to take a public ferry which isn’t going to happen for any candidate. The cheapest way is to fly. I’ve put on events there.

  • Patrick Driscoll

    I guess that is one of the reasons only less than 15% of the Clinton foundation money goes to charity!

  • Patrick Driscoll

    In what world dose such and ugly cow exist and now we get the honor of watching her decay .
    Just think…..as ugly as she is outside she is so much more ugly and corrupt on inside.
    In what dimension can a disgusting creature like this exist? Let’s not even get into Blow Job Bill!

  • Hugh

    Trump “University” was nothing but a scam that stole millions from the so called “little people” like you!

  • Morgan Husk

    I handled classified information overseas. I was told at the time if I allowed just one classified material to get out I would be placed in Ft. Levingworth Kansas. Why should I be punished and not Hillary?

  • Scott Stone

    What was that crap about Demoncrats being the “environmental” party?

  • Colleen

    We are supposed to believe as President this “royal First Lady” can understand the plight of the middle class not to mention the poor. Yet, she charters a private plane for a 20 mile flight. She could have donated the cost of the plane not to mention the festivities to the poor. Unfortunately those deeds would not get noticed or help her “win” votes for presidency.