“Hope and change,” Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign is not.

In the latest panicked email from Hillary for America, Campaign Manager Robby Mook says he is “worried” and “annoyed.”

News just broke that Bernie Sanders is outspending us on TV in Iowa and New Hampshire by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I’m worried, because last-minute ads could cost us this election. And I’m annoyed — because once again, they’re counting on this team staying on the sidelines. …

They’ve got more donors than we do, more contributions than we have, and if they keep up this pace on TV, they’ll be able to get their message out to more people than we can.

That’s a remarkable statement, given the fact that the Clinton campaign raised $100 million in 2015, CNN reports.

In a late December campaign email, Hillary promised she wouldn’t lose again.

I know what it’s like to be up in December of one year and lose in the spring of the next. I bet many of you might remember that feeling, too.

We aren’t going to let that happen again. I will work my heart out to make sure of that.

And in an email before that, she had already began raising the prospect that she may lose the early states:

The contests in Iowa and New Hampshire will be here faster than you can believe (or at least faster than I can!).

That means it’s time to be realistic about the resources we still need to be ready because right now, winning this nomination is no sure thing.

If we lose in Iowa or New Hampshire, we’re going to need to dig in and work that much harder to make sure we win the nomination.

“For Hillary to admit, this far in advance, that she might lose Iowa and/or New Hampshire, we can only speculate on what her private polls must be showing,” former Clinton advisor Dick Morris says.

  • Sanity&Reason

    No matter how corrupt Hillary is, SKADS of women and even men, will vote for her for ONE reason. Because she’s a woman. How sad is that?

  • Big__Nate

    The Hillary campaign is dead in the water. You guys just don’t know it yet – apparently. Why don’t you just quit and keep all the donations to pay your bills with (if you can keep donations)…’cuz you’re done. If you somehow win, it’d be total voter fraud. Where’s that stupid fork…

  • Floordoc808

    The power of prayer will keep Hillary out of the white house.

  • tweaver1945

    Robby, don’t believe the polls – it’s much worse than you think….

  • Ruth Kaempf

    She looks good in the color orange (see photo). I would like to see her wearing that color permanently or at least for ten years.

  • Golfendude




  • Senator Fecalhed

    “Maybe we could have, like, a task force to go to Area 51,” Shrillary Clintoon said. “I know all Americans want to know about UFOs and I’ll fight for your right to know this! “As proof of my willingness, I will reveal the secret of the red dot on the foreheads of Indian women. I got a huge donation for this for The Clintoon Crime Foundation from the Indian Mucky Mucks, so I am risking a lot by revealing this.”

  • Joe Castellana

    Mook has a tough job. he has to defend the indefensible and convince voters that the devil is really an angel. throw the white Bill Cosby into the mix and he can kiss the election good-bye.

  • JorL5150

    the official story from the clinton camp is that bernie has more support??

    1) if their lips are moving they are lying
    2) bernies job is to lose to make her look tough so that:
    3) the GOP nominates someone to lose to her

  • I’m thinking Biden may be re-thinking his decision to bow out.

    • debthater

      I don’t think he has to re-think. He may be drafted and win without having to do anything but attend the convention.

  • Lyman_Sweetwater

    The STENCH from Hellary’s BENCH always made Bill CLENCH….!

  • Reverend Jeremiah Wright


    • Lyman_Sweetwater

      Is there a smell? I’m too far…

    • Rob Roy

      Oh great another self upvoter. What a clown you are boy.

  • Lyman_Sweetwater

    Oh the pew from Hellary’s stink box…
    Bill’s nose knows of that STANK. Even Monica Goo-insky had a tad less odor than Hellary…

  • Lyman_Sweetwater

    How is any man attracted to another mans rear?
    They are severely mentally ill….!

  • William Parlier

    Gosh! After reading all these comments I was never aware that there was so much love out there for Shillary!

    • Lyman_Sweetwater

      Would you go downtown on her if you were paid a hundred dollars?

  • Lyman_Sweetwater

    What does Anthony “Carlos Danger” Wiener, Elliot Shitzer, Bob Filner, Woody Allen, Allen Ginsberg, Roman Polansky, & Al Goldstein have in common?
    They are all mentally ill, sick degenerate perverted MARXIST Hebrews….!

    • William Parlier

      Speaking of Wiener, did you here about the duo for Pres and VP the Dems are considering. Wiener/Holder.

      • Lyman_Sweetwater


  • Rob Roy

    One only needs to look at arkancide. to get the down and dirty on Hitlary.

  • CarlPheneger

    Hillary Clinton can’t possibly get elected the American public can’t be that stupid.

    • DD

      Have you noticed, the ‘American Public’ is not who or what they used to be!?

    • rightside100

      Yhey elected Obama, they will elect anyone.

  • Happybidr

    I despise Hillary Clinton as a woman with no character, a huge ego, self-absorbed and ambitious to the point of a willingness to lie, cheat or steal an election, BUT — this is just a tactic to raise more money from her donors. Nothing more. Those letters are written by professional fundraisers, not by the people who sign them. Dick “hooker” Morris knows better; he just likes to get his name in the media as much as possible.

  • cooldela1966

    I will admit that Hillary is vulnerable but the GOP has “nobody” to challenge her. The same GOP who gave us John McCain and Mittens knew all along that Hillary would win so they did not present us with an electable candidate. They have been caught out with Hillary’s recent woes and a credible GOP candidate could have made a serious run at her.

    As it is now she & Bill will stroll back into the White House to the smiles of Ryan and Mitch.

    • rightside100

      Really? This is the most diverse field in memory. Who is your perfect candidate?

      • unkyjack

        ………………………………………………….Donald J. Trump……………only 1 chance.

  • Self_Destruction

    X is outspending Y and we could lose that election. WTF. I took out the names to show you just how stupid this has risen to. Honestly, money out of politics. It used to be a quiet bride here or there. Now it is protected and approved bribes.

    • DD

      The corruption and slimy dealings are obscene, but ‘The People’ allowed the ‘fundamental transformation’ to begin long ago and ramp up to this! Hope it’s not too late, but like you said, they have created a system of ‘protection’ for themselves.

  • waldo

    “Hillary for prison 2016”

  • DTS623

    Anyone who would vote for Hillary because she is a woman would also eat a turd because it looks like a tootsie-roll

    • lib_erator

      I hear Tootsie Rolls are becoming popular with some folks. Thanks for the laugh. Loved it.

  • Chris Renegar

    She will not be hard to beat and will never be president.

  • Kevind0824

    It’s a sad reality when millions of the populace would even consider voting for Hillary let alone do the dirty deed of pulling the voting lever for her. One can only surmise the deliterious impact of our public education is responsible.

  • bobthemoronsp

    Hillary for Prison 2016

  • BigBadFish

    Just think of it. The extremist left is offering America two stellar choices:

    Hillary – a $$corrupt$$, lying, say-anything politician who deep down is no friend to women, minorities or the average American Joe and who deserves to be brought up on changes by the so-called Justice Department; and,

    Bernie – a coo-coo old-bag-of-bones socialist who thinks Greece is the economic model of America’s future.


    • unkyjack

      I don’t think Bernie is considered as an offering………..he’s a Communist, too.

  • SaveTheWorld

    She will lose because no one trusts or likes her.

    • unkyjack

      I can’t she has the balls to put Chelsea out on fund raisers. They have NO SHAME. Poor girl, she didn’t ask to be born into this filthy family.

  • Lurch47

    I guess she realizes NOW that putting Monica’a boyfriend out on the campaign trail was a BIG UH OH! =0)

  • reddog

    I have serious reservations about whether or not some 30% of the public is even smart enough to vote today. The left hasn’t had an honorable candidate since ………… my memory only goes back so far.

  • Hillary is the Titanic in a pant suit. Boy, Boy!

  • Brian Duffy

    “I will work my heart out to make sure of that.” Well, there’s the problem! Hillary has no heart!

  • John Howard

    So buying the election is his objective. Winning on values and ability is a lost cause.

  • Megan

    Hillary Clinton…just eww.

  • Goldmonger

    What is hiding in Hillary’s pantys?

    • unkyjack

      Cheryl’s hand.

  • SumtingItink

    Hillary and Bill Clinton should be in jail. Hillary’s whole campaign revolves around the votes of low in formation voters, people who live off free government subsidies and the top 1% of the super rich Gore, Kerry, Bill Gates , Warren Buffett , George Soros , Jeff Bezoes , Hollywood elite . To these people Hiliary being a criminal is a good trait.

  • ThinkAboutIt

    Ms Fat Fannie Pantsuit is as ugly on the inside as she is outside. Orange clothing suits her. Sew the suit to the pants into a jumpsuit, then couple that with a nice prison cell and the world will be right. Her wearing orange is a sublimital message that she admits to belonging in jail.

  • ThinkAboutIt

    Ms Fat Fannie Pantsuit is as ugly on the inside as she is outside. Orange clothing suits her. Sew the suit to the pants into a jumpsuit, then couple that with a nice prison cell and the world will be right. Her wearing orange is a sublimital message that she admits to belonging in jail.

  • Ken Snyder

    Maybe Mook should have a swig or two of Granny Clinton’s “relaxation juice”. That would calm him right down. Of course then he has to worry about head trauma from being blind drunk but hey what difference, at this point, does it make?

  • rem123

    I’ve always thought the Clinton’s will not make it to the finals. Different times. New technology and the media can’t cover for them. No place to hide.

    • unkyjack

      Yes there is, there is the United States Justice Department, headed up by Loretta Lynch as Attorney General.

  • IHC

    This twisted, greedy and power hungry ice queen has many millions in their family bank account and she should use some of that ill gained money if she’s that hard up for cash.
    What an utterly slime bucket!

  • madamepresident2016

    When America wake up on the 9 Nov, they will realize that history has been made.
    President Hillary Rodham Clinton has arrived.

    Hillary has withstood 30 years of Hillary bashing so whats new?
    Enough of the female and Hillary bashing already.

    Hillary will win the Democrat Primary and go on and become Americas FIRST WOMAN president and there is nothing and i mean NADA the republicans and Hillary haters can do about that.

    Benghazi conspiracy has been put to rest and the email Republican conspiracy bull crap will be put to rest too so move along.

    Here’s something for you right wingers to mull over – Hillary/Democrat 318 electoral votes – Ya Better Believe it!!!!!

  • madamepresident2016

    President Hillary rocks!!!!

  • Pepeboy1

    Robby Mook is a DUMBASS goes perfectly with Clinton the HIPPOASS!