PART I of III — Sally Miller’s past makes her a danger to Hillary Clinton’s future.

As Bill Clinton’s former lover tells The American Mirror, Miller’s background in television and radio equips her to effectively critique the Democratic front runner for president — not to mention spill the secrets Bill told her during their three-month affair in 1983.

We recently spent several hours with Miller, where she talked about her time in Arkansas and she recounted the time she spent with Clinton when he was governor. Miller says Bill would come to the back door of her previous Little Rock home for their trysts, where he would wear her black nightie and play his saxophone while she played the piano.

And in the course of our discussion, she told us how the sitting governor would snort cocaine off her coffee table.

“I was the older woman,” she says. “I’m seven years older than Bill and I think that’s the reason he confided in me because, you see, his mother was the central part of his world, his life, and he didn’t ever really have a strong father figure.

“I think he felt like he could talk to me like he would talk to his mother.

“We laughed a lot and we had fun,” Miller recalls. “Of course, he didn’t need it, but I think it may have become a habit that he smoked marijuana and that he did coke,” Miller says, knocking on the coffee table sitting in front of her.

“I just realized this is the table. It’s funny just sitting here — all my furniture I’ve collected through the years, but this is the couch he sat on, and that’s the table.”

It was a stunning moment that flies in the face of what America knows about Bill Clinton’s drug use.

After all, much was made of Clinton’s admission in 1992 that he tried pot when he was studying at Oxford University and he didn’t like it — and “didn’t inhale.”

Miller proceeded to provide The American Mirror with a thorough account of the governor snorting cocaine off her furniture.

“When he did coke,” Miller says, “he brought a little — like a woman’s cosmetic case, that’s the only thing I can describe.

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“And he put it down here, pushed everything aside. And he rolled it out and there was this little mat and he sprinkled this white powder.

“I was sitting across the way and I was just fascinated because it had a little straw and he leaned over and — ” Miller says, bending over the table and pretending to injest, “you know, in each nostril.”

“He took a few big snorts and he felt better, I guess, because he had a big smile on his face.

“I asked him if he did coke because it was almost like a stimulant. He said it just made him feel better, gave him more power, made him feel courageous.

“I didn’t question it because everybody has different ways of getting high. I go running and I get a high,” Miller says, referring to her past days of regularly running to stay fit.

“If you ever saw pictures of Bill, he didn’t run much,” she says, smirking. “But he did do coke.”

A 1994 documentary titled, “The Clinton Chronicles,” deals extensively with allegations that Bill Clinton looked the other way as cocaine was trafficked through Mena, Arkansas.

“Dr. Suen, a doctor at the medical center here in Little Rock that’s taken care of Bill Clinton for his sinus problems, which may indeed be drug related to cocaine use, as they destroy the sinus passages,” Dr. Samuel Houston says in the film. “Gov. Bill Clinton was taken into the hospital, I believe it was the medical center, on at least one or two occasions, for cocaine abuse and overdosage, in which he actually had to be cared for at the hospital.”

A woman who said she provided cocaine for Clinton’s parties also appears in the film.

“I worked at a club called Le Bistro’s, and I met Roger Clinton there, Gov. Bill Clinton, a couple of his state troopers that went with him wherever he went,” Sharline Wilson says in “The Clinton Chronicles.”

“Roger Clinton had come up to me and he had asked me could I give him some coke, you know, and asked for my one-hitter, which a one-hitter is a very small silver device, O.K., that you stick up into your nose and you just squeeze it and a snort of cocaine will go up in there. And I watched Roger hand what I had given him to Governor Clinton, and he just kind of turned around and walked off. And that’s one specific.”

Coming soon: What does Miller think of Hillary Clinton as a woman and a mother?

  • AtlHarleyDave

    Ha! Snortin’ blow off a hooker’s ass! Proud of ya, slick willy!

  • John S

    He tried coke, but he didn’t inhale!

  • LibsAreNuts

    So the coke is the reason for the black vote?

  • bronx61

    This revelation of Bubba snorting coke is characterized as a “shock.” No, it isn’t.

  • Ringo7

    Liberalism at its finest. These filthy democrats will do anything. Now they want to label people who don’t want males, disguised as women, sex perverts i.e. to be in the women’s restrooms. This is the kind of people they are and they continue to support people who are obvious sex deviants and weirdos. The party of filth so aptly describes them.

  • gessiewtf

    Puh-leeze. I’d believe a lot of things about Ole’ Bill, but not that he wore a black negligee while “playing the saxaphone during our trysts.” Not buying the Jenner wardrobe and not buying that he would go there and make a ton of racket with his saxophone during a secret rendezvous. Nice try lady, and I am a Republican.

  • Brawnde

    Didn’t Obama and George Bush both admit to snorting coke in the past. I bet it is more common in Congress than the public knows about.

    • disqus_A7m6jzM4Z0

      Apparently Bus was a drug addiction. Just a druggie.

  • LtJoeBookman

    Just look at Bill’s nose today. DEFINITIVE signs of coke use….

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    Bill Clinton, add drug addict to his rapist and molesting women resume.

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    I snorted, but I didn’t inhale.

    • Bimu

      Depends on what the definition of snorted and inhale “ARE”.

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    I’m not shocked or repulsed Bill snorted illegal drugs or raped and abused women that were looking for something if not crude sex. I’m am shocked and repulsed that he was the best America could do then and we’re willing to give Hillary, with only what we know for sure, the same pass. She’s not the best, by far, Democrats can do either. Are we just moths to a flame or what? She’s famous, not talented or capable. There’s a difference but we ignore it. Why?

  • GreggorytheGreat

    Hillary Clinton also does Coke her lesbian girlfriend. It numb her pain from all her abortions.

  • Alan Greenspan

    One of Clinton’s contacts was Barry Seale and when Barry was arrested he had a phone book in his trunk that had a direct phone line to George H. W. Bush. Mena, AK may be a distant memory nowadays but the drugs that went through there to support the Contra’s were real.

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    wow, they should call this site “The Bottom Feeder” …and you geniuses can’t understand why a republican cant get elected president.

  • hmmm, Sally Miller will end up in a swamp somewhere…

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    Kiss and tell ho? So what? Bill was a much better prez that GWB. GW invaded a major mid east country for no real reason. 500,000 innocent civies died and the entire mid east is a mess thanks to GW…Saddam would not allow terrorists in Iraq and had nothing to do with 911 and had no weapons of mass destruction!

    They hung the wrong dude…

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    You ignorant bullshit believing dumbasses. Line up the list of whores that banged Bill and let’s nor forget Hillary’s 1st child had the numbers ‘666’ on his choad. You dumbasses need your voting cards taken away. You’re too stupid to cast a vote without having somebody telling you what to vote.

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    DemocRATs just can’t stand the truth.

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    Miller is the cousin of a friend and I was told the whole family knew of the affair, the drugs and his antics as gov. The clintons are and always have been LOW LIFES

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    Roger Clinton was under investigation for trafficking coke. It was believed that narcotics were being shipped into Arkansas through a well built airport, out in the middle of nowhere. Probably where Bill got his drugs from.

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    If the repudlican party could field a candidate they would. Pathetic. I’ve seen Trump eat minority babies!!

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    Were those the state troopers who “killed” themselves?

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    Where do we find these sick people, and why are people so gullible?

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    This is why we don’t need another President who didn’t have a father figure! Look at how Clinton and ole’ Barry turned out! One running from one bathhouse to the other. Old men bathhouse’s mind you! The other running from Lincoln’s bedroom to the Oval Office and who know what he did in-between stops!

  • Behind every blade of glass!

    “We The People” need to demand random, disinterested third party physician’s drug test them! This is not only dangerous that we don’t have something like this in place, it’s crazy that we don’t!!