A Democratic primary poll released Friday shows things aren’t going that great in the Granite State for former vice president Joe Biden.

“Elizabeth Warren leads the New Hampshire Democratic primary, polling at 22%; Bernie Sanders follows closely behind at 20% and Joe Biden (19%) sits in third place. They are followed by Kamala Harris (15%), Pete Buttigieg (13%), and Tulsi Gabbard (3%). All other candidates poll at 1% or less,” Change Research reports.

The results come from a survey of 2,264 registered voters, including more than 1,000 Democrat primary voters, surveyed July 6-9.

“Sanders has a 16-point lead among 18-34 year-olds, polling at 39%; Warren follows at 23%. Warren leads among Democratic primary voters aged 35-49 and 50-64,” according to the pollster. “The race is close among 35-49 year-old voters: Warren leads at 23% but Biden (22%), and Sanders (20%) follow close behind. Biden leads among voters 65 and older at 26%, followed by Harris (20%).”

The poll shows Warren leading among women Democratic voters with 26%, compared to Biden with 19% and Sanders with 18%. Sanders leads in New Hampshire with men Democratic primary voters at 25%, followed by Biden with 18% and Warren with 16%.

The results show Biden’s support in New Hampshire has dropped drastically over the last month. In mid-June, a CBS News/YouGov poll put Biden’s support at 33%, followed by Sanders with 20% and Warren with 17%.

The month before that, just days after announcing his intent to take on Trump in 2020, Monmouth polling showed Biden leading the field with 36 percent, double Sanders’ 18%, his closest competition. Openly gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg took third in that poll with 9%, with Warren in fourth with 8%, according to Real Clear Politics.

The RCP average for all New Hampshire polls through June 12, which excludes the recent Change Research survey, is 29.7% for Biden, 16.7% for Sanders, 11% for Warren, followed by Buttigieg’s 10.3% and Harris at 6.3%.

The recent results in New Hampshire seem to mimic a national trend showing Biden’s support eroding since he announced his candidacy in April with 44% – a 33 percentage point advantage over his closest competitor, Bernie Sanders.

The national average for Democratic primary polls over the last two weeks puts Biden at 28.6%, with Sanders and Warren tied for second with 15.2 percent. Harris follows closely behind with 15% support, RCP reports.

Biden’s fading poll numbers follow a series of embarrassing stumbles in the first months of his campaign, from allegations of plagiarizing policy proposals, to a flip-flop on his support for the Hyde Amendment banning taxpayer-funded abortions, to glorifying his work with segregationists, to reports of the 76-year-old’s “tactile politics” with female constituents.

Harris also added to Biden’s problems in the last Democratic debate when she called the life-long politician out on his past support for segregated busing.

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Most recently, Biden slurred, stumbled, coughed and wheezed his way through a talk in New York on Thursday, when he left awkward pauses that went without applause and confused works like “process” and “progress” while reading from the teleprompter, The American Mirror reports.

Biden also struggled with “neglected” and bungled remarks on his plan to combat “climate change.”

“We’ll look, we’ll look for enforceable commitments that’ll produce emissions – reduce emissions,” Biden said.

After the speech, Biden stepped back from the microphone and looked dazed and confused.

The mic, still on, also caught him talking to himself.

“What am I doing?” he said.

Many folks watching the Democratic frontrunner’s slow implosion are undoubtedly wondering the same thing.

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