It was open season on white bystanders in Charlotte, North Carolina last night.

Agitators attacked a white man walking through a parking garage on Wednesday.

Video shows a large group chasing him before surrounding him, knocking him down, kicking him and dragging across the ground and ripping off his pants.

They laughed as one shouted, “Oh, sh*t!” in delight.

Rioters attacked a photographer and attempted to throw his limp body into a fire burning in the middle of the street.

Police officers were forced to venture into the mob to retrieve his body.

Rioters are using the death of an armed black man as the predicate to attack, loot and burn downtown Charlotte.

As for the shooting incident, WCCB reports:

Police say a person was killed in an officer-involved shooting in the University area.

The shooting was reported Tuesday afternoon just before 4pm on Old Concord Road near Bonnie Lane and John Kirk Drive.

Police say officers with the Metro Division Crime Reduction Unit were searching for a suspect with an outstanding warrant on him at The Village at College Downs.

Officers say they saw a subject inside a vehicle in the apartment complex. The subject allegedly exited the vehicle armed with a firearm. Officers say the subject got back into the vehicle and then the officers started to approach the subject.

That’s when police say the subject got back out of the vehicle armed with a firearm and posed an imminent deadly threat to the officers who subsequently fired their weapon striking the subject. The officers immediately requested MEDIC and began performing CPR, according to a news release.

The subject was pronounced dead on the scene.

  • another_engineer

    And this surprises anyone ???

    • lostinnm

      The NWO, Globalists, .001% elite scum are up to their tricks again. Get the citizens divided easier to conquer that way. Open borders is also one of their methods…The Rothschild Zionists are what they are called, and they have been at this for a very long time. Read up on who these people are and get to know who the real enemy is. Even UTube has some good stuff on them.
      We can reject them, best part is they are few and we are many.

      • Logan Solo

        I live in Charlotte, NC. 22 years now. Came here from Miami, FL. And this is EXACTLY what is happening. “Divide and Conquer.” Only thing is: I know for a FACT that these Aryan Sympathizers and hardcore right-wingers are armed for BEAR. I have SEEN Aryan training camps in Texas thirty years ago. And these folks have been TRAINING for this for a LONG TIME. Their children can hit a bullseye with an AR-15 at 100 yards. Their women know counter-surveillance, small arms and in some cases demolition. “Race WAR?” This is starting to look like it will be a “Race SLAUGHTER” to me and Obama had NOTHING to do with this! We must NOT be tricked into a race war that EVERYONE will LOSE. But YES. This happens a LOT and now its happening HERE. Sad day to be a Carolinian I think. But seriously, I am starting to read his books now and Colin Flaherty is making a LOT of sense now…

        • Kennedy McGovern

          I doubt it.

          Listen, this whole “militia group” thing has been debunked for me. Forget the Klan and the racist groups…and look at the plain, freedom loving, regular, non race motivated Conservative groups. Don’t you remember, in the 1990s, how they were in the news almost daily? They were EVERYWHERE…just “getting ready” for someone tio try and take their freedom away. They talked a good game, I say to you that, if 8 years of the extreme left wing lunacy of Hussein Obama was not enough to get THOSE groups into action…then they were all talk from the beginning.

          Now, I wanted to start with the NON-racially motivated groups in order to paint a picture. Their numbers were HUGE. By comparison, the racist groups…are a drop in the ocean, and have not been rendered irrelevant since the 1970s. Not only are there scant few of them, but they won’t even have anyone on their side if they start a ruckus. The last time we heard from them was the summer when I moved here, when they were in Greensboro having their 1980 shootout with the Socialists.

          Sure, all of these groups are prepared to the hilt. But if they haven’t done anything while Obama was pushing his European Socialist agenda down the throats of the lay-down Republican Congress…what set of events WILL spring them into action? The answer is: none, as it does not get any worse than this.

          If it were up to me, we’d rent out a football stadium, supply arms, and let the left wing racists (Black Panthers, NAACP)and right wing racists (KKK, Aryan Nation) have at each other, put it on pay per view…and then shoot the survivors.

          But even the ones who were politically motivated and had an actual POINT…just let 8 years of “reason to” pass them by, and did nothing. This renders them just as pointless as the others.

  • Scott Allen

    Where is the National Guard. Why is this being allowed to grow and grow. Why isn’t law and order the primary focus – rather than waiting till this engulfs more and more areas ?

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    They had the nerve to be Trump supporters.

  • AlfalfaDoLittle

    These are not protesters.
    These are not rioters or disgruntled citizens.

    These are undomesticated Domestic Terrorists.

    • Michelle’s Tamale

      undomesticated DEMOCRAT Domestic Terrorists.

  • bannedbymotherjones✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    Yet another display of the true ideals of the left – one that the useful idiots who post on online forms will deny with their last breath because, narrative.

  • Nosmo King

    Nowhere Blacks live are they considered achievers. In fact they are universally viewed as unproductive and disruptive to society. Put Whites on an island and you get England. Put Asians on an island and you get Japan. Put Blacks on an island and you get Haiti.

    Show me any community, city or state that is predominantly inhabited and run by Blacks anywhere in the world that is equal or superior to a comparable White or Asian one. By their fruits ye shall know them. Show me the fruits of that intelligence.

    • Michelle’s Tamale

      You have just violated the First Commandment of Liberalism – truth telling.

    • stmaybe

      Well, you also get Liberia.

  • AlfalfaDoLittle

    In the very first video, that old homeless man hit hard. You can hear his skull crack st it hit the sidewalk. They should find the feral beast that did that, and file charges for attempted murder.

    • CowboyUp

      I think that was in the UK, there was a double decker bus in the background.

  • Skip Prof

    This is not a protest. This is rioting. They are not agitators. They are criminals that are not being called to justice but allowed to roam the streets and pillage and injure which could include murder. And this is not their first rodeo. How many of these criminals have a criminal record where they were released. This has NOTHING to do with the death of a black man killed by a black police officer telling him to put away his weapon. This is a party for thugs. And who is responsible for not having stopped this before it got out of control? The police chief? The mayor? The governor? They need to support their police officers and stop throwing them under the bus because they are afraid of the backlash of “community leaders” that incite violence. We all knew this was going to happen and yet little was done to stop it. The officials were even encouraging them to “protest respectfully” It’s like asking a match to play nice with a gallon of gasoline in the streets.

  • One With Shadows

    And if you believe the mainstream media these are peaceful protests. Can’t wait to see the National Guard roll in and ice these chumps.

  • Terry L Walker

    This only can happen when we ALLOW it! This Nation has the capability to stop this rioting and mayhem immediately. What we lack is the WILL to use our capability. Instead we stand by and watch as private property is destroyed, businesses looted and people are assaulted.
    Our tax dollar pays for this! Our Government seizes your hard earned money and funnels it into these inner-city Democrat Plantations. After years of looking the other way while this boil festers; America is finally seeing the results of accepting that entire population groups can’t or won’t work.

  • Browneigh

    Burn your neighbor down, LOL stupid IDIOTS. This is Obama’s legacy.

    • Circus

      Not this time. This time they were directed to go to an upscale area, which, I think, is the sign of the things to come unless BLM and other similar organizations funding is shut down. As for obama, that P0S should’ve never been allowed anywhere near the presidency. Busches were no prize either but this degenerate takes the cake.

  • 7.62×51

    troop of baboons

    • Circus

      7.62×54 is better. That extra 3 mm does the trick.

  • Circus

    This crap is all organized. Look at the videos you can easily spot the agitators…

  • Meanwhile, back at the Convalescent Home….. [prepare your ears — nails on a chalkboard!]…..

  • GrumpyOne

    The Constitution provides the basis for law and order as well as a path to redress grievances. What is happening in Charlotte reflects none of these attributes. In fact it fosters the reverse which is chaos.

    Trump’s mention of “stop and frisk” has been upheld by the Supreme Court. The security and well being of the nation comes first and all others follow.

    At the first sign of trouble, the National Guard should have been called out along with a strict curfew and a zero tolerance for those found to be looting or damaging property…

  • Subhuman Mongrel

    The Uncut footage of the American Feral Animals going wild.
    Sorry there’s no subtitles. It’s tough to understand the language of the ghetto ape.
    The Wigger in the video was lucky to get out of there without being raped or murdered
    Not one of these retards have jobs

  • Tommy Christopher

    Maybe Dylann Roof isn’t such a bad guy, after all?

  • Fully 51% of the American electorate, legal and illegal, voted for this by electing the first Halfrican-American President – you know, the community agitator from ChiTown who repeatedly promised “change”. That change was back to the 1960s. Congrats, Democrats, you sorry ******-*******. MAGA !!

  • Subhuman Mongrel
  • Herman Johnson
  • Sir Knight

    I’m sure Obama and Hillary will check on him.

  • Joe

    Double decker bus? London not charlotte!

  • Grant

    Just another night in Barry’s world. Probably smoking a blunt & playing golf as we speak.

  • Austexchili

    God damn animals

    • Nosmo King


  • Harmless Immigrant
  • Mace O’Leary

    Feral pack animals which barely resemble homo sapiens; attack the helpless, elderly, en mass. Such courage and character…..

  • Treadmarks

    Lemme just say this……If you’re one of these white folks that marches with these blm racist thuggs and condones this sort of horrific murderous behavior while you blindly chant stop killing black people, you better give yourself a serious reality check! The white cop killing blacks is such a tiny drop in the ocean compared the black on black murdering behavior that claimes tens of thousands of black AND white lives in America every year. Just wait until you or your loved ones are caught in the crossfire of daily shootings that claim more black lives in chicago than iraq and Afghanistan combined. Yes, thats right. The simple fact that you continue to stand with racist thuggs that openly say the only good white man, is a dead white man indicates that not only are you very confused and disturbed, but it also indicates that you are indeed part of the problem. Now go ahead and do what your new friends tell you to do, and hand over your famlies wealth and paychecks to help ease the guilt and suffering that makes you stupid enough to believe this shit before they just up and kill your white ass for general purpose!

  • Stinkweed

    That first video is from London, not Charlotte. This is reporting at its worst.

  • Dan Defoe

    Another example of a homeless man exercising his white privilege?

  • vincevv

    What is this terrorism by homegrown terrorists allowed to continue?

  • PiperScott1949

    Turns out the first video is from the London in the United Kingdom, not Charlotte — note the red, double-decker bus that drives by. Here’s a link to it from a British source:

    • bob loblaw

      Also the huge Underground sign in the background. What’s your point? I hope it’s not an attempt to quiet the rage of the silent majority posting comments currently.

      The more unsettling video – the (ahem) gentlemen dragging the other gentleman through the parking deck, laughing and kicking him, ripping off his pants, etc – is a place I know well. I have walked through the parking deck with my family.

      I have a CWP though.

      • PiperScott1949

        My point is that Charlotte is bad enough all on its own. There’s no need to post non-Charlotte videos and claim they’re from Charlotte, which only diminishes the credibility of the legitimate evidence. The truth stands on its own — it doesn’t need to be bolstered.

        • bob loblaw

          Understood and agreed.

      • ShlomoShunn

        Won’t the garage have a CCTV tape?

  • stmaybe

    Put the homeless man in touch with me and I will help him out. I will do what the president refuses to and care for true poor Americans.

  • bob loblaw
  • ShlomoShunn

    Scott “had a criminal record in three states… including felony assault with a deadly weapon…evading arrest with a vehicle…aggravated assault with a deadly weapon…contributing to the delinquency of a minor…misdemeanor assault conviction in North Carolina from 2004…driving while impaired in 2015.”

    • Nosmo King


  • Doug Wilson

    For those unable to obtain, or averse to the thought of carrying, a firearm, I’d highly recommend you look into mace/pepper spray options. For anyone who hasn’t trained for it, a surprise squirt to the face is instantly overwhelming. An individual could stand off a sizable group with the advantage of spray vs. anything short of firearms.

  • Vladimer Limbaugh

    Minorities have the exact same second amendment rights as low income republicans.

  • Nosmo King


    • Vladimer Limbaugh

      “Shall not be infringed” What part of that are you having trouble understanding?

  • dianecee

    These kind of people are as low on the totem pole as the muslims. Hyena-like…

  • freedomfighter

    Fuckin Niggers.

  • BROhemian Rhapsody

    These niggers are getting closer to encroaching on White neighborhoods. When they do, they’ll wish they hadn’t.

    • Vladimer Limbaugh

      More low income republican logic

      • BROhemian Rhapsody

        I make mo’ money doing what I do than you do trolling for (((George Soros)))

        • Vladimer Limbaugh

          We both no that you are a low income republican. Look at you paycheck and bank account. Look at the dump you live in

  • ryan

    They are clearly just misunderstood people….I mean this is completely normal behavior, isnt this what you do when someone with a gun gets shot by police? Blame whites and attack them duhhh….yall idiots to think otherwise. These folks in the video are upstanding, educated, hardworking citizens!!!!

  • frabn

    F’ing Nig*er savages

    This is your goddamn legacy, Barry. You’ve destroyed America. You’ve fostered the underlying racial hate, which never truly went away even though it was suppressed, and you let it boil and blow up. The Democratic party has created this race war, weakening the American public so that the personally funded muslim army of Barry and Hillary, known as ISIS or ISIL, whatever you want to call it, can march in and kill us all.

    Blacks will continue to assault, maim and kill whites and get away with it, while whites will be blamed for every single act of violence, whether black on black, black on white or whatever, for the foreseeable future. We are witnessing the end of America here.