Leftists are escalating their violent tactics against Republican front runner Donald Trump by beheading a Trump effigy look-alike in the streets of Salt Lake City.

Nicole Vowell of KSL 5 tweeted several videos of protesters standing on the steps of city hall on Friday.

In one, a man says, “I don’t like anything about Trump,” before taking a stick and beheading the effigy hung by a noose.

He then picks up the head and attempts to punt it like a football.

Another unhinged protester screamed into the microphone about Trump’s hair.

“How can Trump run a country when he can’t even do his hair right!” he yelled as the mob cheered. With a frenzied look in his eye, he beat the effigy and screamed. His Twitter profile says he’s a barista at Starbucks.

“Yes that’s me and I just led a revolution,” he tweeted.

Fox 13 reports protesters clashed with police after the protest. The news station adds rocks were thrown at Trump rally attendees as they exited the Infinity Event Center.

  • Sandra Borgen

    These are very strange “Americans”….

  • It is a shame that the Democratic Party has sunk to such a low state of ignorance and stupidity … I guess we should expect it, after all they support Hillary, a crook, liar and pure leftist … so naturally these people support her or Sanders who is a pure socialist … since when does any intelligent person want America to turn into a loser Socialist country and support the likes of some low life pestiferous person like Hillary Clinton? The inmates are trying to run the asylum … being aided by those such as Bill Ayers who hate America. Just look at the ranting of this young man; he sounds and looks possessed, wanting to let out the animal of sheer scrofulous manqué with his grandiose performance … and so typical of the other protesters … all with different agendas, none of which are beneficial to America.

    • FNLED

      You wouldn’t know what a “pure socialist” was if your life depended on it.

      • As an 80 year old Korean vet … kids like you have no idea of what a “pure socialist” is, you only think you do, because the media and the liberal educational system has provided you with a verisimilitude of socialist.

        • FNLED

          Like I said.
          You couldn’t speak to “pure” or any other Socialism if your life depended on it.

          Who do you think you’re kidding?

  • Frank Accettola

    Domestic terrosim ?

  • Jim Lawson

    There are some really sick people out there.

  • R M

    It is really beginning to look a lot like these people that are getting beat up and the ones doing the beating have been hired by someone, look at the guy from last night in the flag shirt not a mark on him even after the supposed punching and kicking he does have a nice Hitler mustache going under his nose. The problem is that most of these rubes are deleting and adding words to make the accusation sound real Donald Trump did say something about not letting Muslims into the USA but the key word that keeps getting left out is TEMPORARY. He has said nothing about throwing out legal citizens regardless of race, color, religion, national origin or any other reason, but maybe I’m the one that has missed something. As a matter of fact the Illegals that are now getting the paper work filed and obtaining citizenship should be thanking Donald Trump because if not for him all the organizations that are now working over time to get the paper work in for citizenship so they can vote would still be sitting on there butts waiting for Obama or HilBilly , if she/he wins , to hand out citizenships. As far as some of the other thing that have been said like he hates women or is a racist I am still trying to figure those out. Has he said bad things about certain women, yes, but then I bet that the people that are flaunting those facts have too. If he is such a women hater then why are so many women in the rally crowds? As for being a racist I have not heard or seen anything to that fact. But as I said earlier maybe I am missing something because I am still voting Donald J. Trump.

  • Colleen S Blanchard

    With all this violence we are already acting like a Third World country

  • Capt Bob

    Sounds like a bunch of ISIS to me.

  • Dannie Poe

    Violent protested are uncalled for. This country has forgetten that peaceful protest it fine, violent protest are not. When rioting in Ferguson were allowed to go unpunished now for some unknown reason violence is acceptable. Has this country gone mad. It is time for the people to take a stand against rioting, looting, and destructive behavior. Why is it that proclaimed Democrats seem to get a pass on the issue of rioting? Our President seems to think violent protest is OK. When this kind of violence happen our AG should be on the seine immediately. This nation is becoming a nation without law. We are slowly becoming a Socialist nation and losing our freedoms to the Liberals who are now the majority. Constitutional Law is replaced with Political Correct. Trump seems the be the victim here for actions he has never taken. He hasn’t even won the nomination or the Presidency yet he is portrayed as a Dictator. The facts be told, we already have a Dictator in office named Obama.

  • Eleanor Cummings

    Following Trump’s wins on Tuesday in Mississippi and Michigan, Doug Wead laid out the following ways the GOP establishment will now attempt top stop him:
    Cruz, Rubio, Kasich and Romney will cooperate with each other to help block Trump outsiders at key County and State conventions.
    The RNC Rules Committee will likely change the rules back to a five state requirement needed to put a name in nomination at the Convention.
    Make sure that you have your own people chosen as delegates to the convention.
    The place of the caucus that selects the actual delegates who go to the district or state convention may suddenly change without your knowledge.
    The time of the meeting may suddenly change.
    The chairman may say “Ayes have it,” even if they don’t.
    Off duty police may arrest and detain your newly elected Donald Trump GOP officers.
    Precinct, County, State leaders may charge a last minute tax.
    If the Caucus Chairman is replaced or does not like the outcome of the vote they may suddenly declare the process invalid. For example, they may say that the new chairman is a Trump partisan and thus it is now a Trump event and the GOP insurance for the event is invalid and thus the meeting is ended.
    State Conventions will prepare ballots misspelling Trump and then later discount them in the voting for those pledged delegates.
    Here is the list of current federal and state GOP officials, former Republican officials, and private citizens who have formally endorsed Trump if anyone else is interested in joining me. – See more at: https://www.conservativereview.com/commentary/2016/03/blackballing-those-who-endorse-trump#sthash.AYbvq8wK.dpufmanda

    Fake ballots will be distributed listing establishment names as the official Trump delegates, confusing the voters.

    Counting the ballots at the various conventions will be an exhausting business with delays, postponements until the next day, seals broken on the voting boxes, and all kinds of chicanery.

    They may cancel the voting due to weather in a key precinct that is heavily Trump, throwing the State.

    At convention you may find hotel rooms cancelled. And other rooms may be bugged.

    When you leave the RNC don’t think it’s over.

    Don’t think these things can happen, read Doug’s article for all the sources where many of these things and more occurred to the Ron Paul campaign in 2012.

  • janhalt

    Even more reason to vote for Trump!!!! The “takers” are afraid of him as president.

  • Jamie Hanson-Quebedeaux

    Nothing but pure trashy thugs! Always Trump

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    I don’t think death threats are free speech, I may be wrong but it is time to test our laws and put some of these clowns in jail. Especially if they violate the space for his rallies

  • crazyfreddie


  • Gina

    Its really scary how f…n sick these people are. THAT scene should NOT even be allowed to take place on a street in the U.S. That is a terroristic threat and that guy should not get away with that or the sickies with him who encourage it. THEY ARE THE REAL HATERS AND MURDERERS. SEND THEIR ASSES to SYRIA!!!

  • Chris Sky

    you know why you don’t see any Trump supporters regardless if they are white, black, hispanic, asian, etc “rioting” or “protesting” or any of these other leftist tactics? …. it’s because they all have JOBS, FAMILIES and BRAINS.

    3 things, Bernie/Hilary supporters are lacking, but make up for in yelling and violence.

  • Joe

    Looks like the hatred values of the middle-east are now bestowed on us…by the media

  • Joe

    A funded video by the great puppeteer and Leftist Billionaire G. Soros a Saul Alihsky radical believer…

  • Kerry

    wait…. this is THE very definition of terrorism. Also… each and every single politician campaigning HAS ACTUAL blood ON THEIR HANDS!!!

  • Kerry

    if you look hard enough… you’ll see each and every person that has been at each and every “crisis” in the last 8 years.

  • Proteios

    ahhh…now I understand the leftists connection with islam. beheading opponents. I could never figure out the relationship as the diametrically opposed ideologies of progressives and islam. Womens rights, diversity, homosexuality, tolerance. All opposite…its the unifying force of beheading that unites them. Praise Allah, for his demonic hatred overcomes all.

  • stoney

    They should have been arrested, this is a crime.

  • Caliph Hussein

    What else could we expect from the leftist Sturmabteilung?

  • rocco

    Wow between this guy and that psycho woman’s viral video giving trump supporter the middle finger, I think trumps numbers will rise even more.